Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's been happening around the homestead or rather, what's not been happening around the homestead

So the last chick that was hired back in May in my department has now been fired. We're down to two people in my department again, just me and bosslady. And now I find out that I'll be moving down one cubicle to be right next to her. I don't understand why it's important for that to happen, makes no sense to me. Especially if they eventually hire another person it would make more sense for them to be right next to her. Sucks big time.

This Thursday I'll be freezing my ass off at the Saints/Bears game. Right now they're calling for the temperature to only be around 15 degrees with a 30% chance of snow. UGH!! Hopefully that'll change and it'll just be cold. Or if we're lucky we'll be under the second tier again and out of most of the elements. But even so, I can't wait to be there. One of these years the Saints luck will have to change and they'll go back to beating the Bears. Or maybe it's our fault and we should quit going and then maybe they'll win. Naaa, that ain't gonna happen. As long as they keep coming to Chicago we'll be there.

Other than those items it's pretty much been the same old thing all over again in the peanuthead household. The puppy is coming along in his house training. He's had a couple accidents since we've been back from vacation that's about it. Luckily he's never gone poo in the house, just piddling. The two boy cats will play with him from time to time but Whiskers still won't have anything to do with him.

Bowling still goes up and down with how well we all do. But we're close to worst there, luckily we haven't ever ended up in last place but there's times we're close to it. But we're having fun and that's the whole point.

That's about it for now. Now you see why I haven't been updating much. I'll try to do better but I can't promise anything. Hell, not only have I not been updating I haven't been visiting anyone's site either. I'll try to be better about that too. But not today, I've got too much crap to do.

Media quote of the day: And yet you're too busy to polish the candlesticks? You're fired. - Lucille - Arrested Development

Sorry, I'm a little too busy saving the world right now. - Peter Petrelli - Heroes