Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stooges and Pop Rocks

We finally got our taxes done!!  WOOHOO!!!!

Yep, the King and Queen of Procrastination struck again.  But at least we had one more day to do them since today is actually tax day.  Heh

So yeah, I completed them last night just after 10pm.  And the really bad thing about waiting so long to do them?  We always, I mean always, get a refund so there is no reason not to do them earlier.  Every year we say we're going to do them and every year we're doing them at the last minute.


On Saturday while we were just hanging out trying to catch up on the dvr'd stuff Jim sent a text to HDT asking if we'd like to go see The Three Stooges with him and Pat.  We knew we wanted to see it but the big question was, did we want to see it with those two.  Well, mainly Pat.  Pat is very hyper critical.  Especially about stuff that he really likes.  So we were both a little hesitant on seeing it with them.  But decided to go ahead anyway.

Very glad we did.  We all four enjoyed it very much.  All three guys nailed their parts perfectly.  HDT and I love Will Sasso in everything he does so were very happy that he did so well.  And we both agree that Sophia Vergara must be just about the most sexiest woman out there.  The only other woman that I can think of that still beats her is Halle Berry.  I don't know that any woman would ever beat her out for most sexy in my book.

After the movie we took Pat home and he invited us in so we went.  He cooked up some brats, HDT and I ran to the store to pick up some sides and soda and we had a good dinner while hanging out.

After dinner we watched a Sherlock Holmes show from the BBC on Netflix that Pat really likes.  He wanted us to see a more accurate depiction of what Holmes is really like compared to the Hollywood Robert Downey Jr movies.  No where near as flamboyant that's for sure.  But still enjoyable.

Sunday was his niece's birthday party.  We hadn't gotten her gift yet so we ran to Toys R Us before heading to the party.  Got her a couple of games and as we're entering the checkout lane I notice Pop Rocks and grab some for myself.  HDT asked if I was getting them for her. I said no because I wasn't sure about age limits.  So we looked, nothing is mentioned so we got her some as well.

Unfortunately Jess didn't leave enough time between the start of the party and the time she chose for swimming to allow presents to be opened while we were all there.  So she took them home to be opened.  But she did call us at least right after she opened our gift which she was very happy to see.  We got her a box of 5 Disney puzzles in 3D and a Happy Feet Ice block game.  She was trying the Pop Rocks when Jess called.  I can't remember now what she said her tongue was doing but I do recall it was funny.  She liked them though so that's good. 

I keep forgetting mine in the car.  Luckily it's been cool out these last few days so they're not spoiling at least.

Media quote of the day:

Those 3 idiots are here! - Lydia
The Kardashian sisters? - Mac  - The Three Stooges

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lemon cake - good

So we had a nice weekend with his family.  At least most of the weekend was with his family.

Friday was his niece's birthday so we went over to grandma's for dinner and cake.  His sister provided the pizza and his mom made the cake.  The cake was a panda which is his sister's favorite animal.  I had the ears and they were yummy.

Saturday we hung out catching up on dvr'd shows while he also played Star Wars.  At some point Jim sent a text to HDT asking if we'd like to see a movie.  So he came over, they went out and picked up dinner and after eating we headed out to watch Wrath of the Titans in 3D.  I enjoyed it.  There were times the 3D was annoying but for the most part it was just part of the movie.

On the way home I decided to run by a grocery store that I can only get my caffeine free dew.  And while there we decided to also pick up a pizza for later.  And then while discussing what pizza to get HDT mentioned we had steaks that needed cooking so Jim bought himself one.  We got a few other groceries and then headed home. 

By the time we got the replacement kerosene tank and prepared the food it was almost midnight when we sat down to eat. 

No long after I was just too tired to stay up so went to bed.  Jim was planning on leaving then but apparently stuck around.  HDT finally crawled in to bed around 4:30-5:00 and said that Jim had left only about a half hour before.  Silly men.

Sunday morning I was up by 9:30 and decided to mow the lawn since it was needing it pretty badly. I was done by 11.  I heard HDT's alarm going off when I walked in the back door so figured he'd be getting up soon but he just kept hitting the snooze.  I decided to lay down on the bed while waiting for him to get up reading my twitter timeline.  He finally did around 11:30.

I made a turkey sandwich to eat along with a yogurt to tied me over until we went to his grandma's for Easter dinner.  As we were getting ready to leave he got a text from his mom asking if we were on the way since dinner was ready.  When we got there they were still preparing stuff - so - not quite ready.  But that was good since it takes about 15 minutes to get there from our house.

Dinner went well.  Desert was another cake his mom made.  A lemon one in the shape of a butterfly this time.  It was really good.  I just may have to make a lemon cake at some point.

HDT decided to fly his kite so we two, his niece and Poydras went to the field just down from the house.  We were out there for about 15-20 minutes.  Kylie was interested for the first few minutes but then decided whatever Poydras was wanting to get was way more interesting.  But that's ok, HDT and I had a good time.

After going back inside we visited for a little while longer then his sis and niece left.  We stuck around for another hour or so then finally headed home ourselves.

Watched some shows then headed to bed.  Over all a nice visiting weekend. 

Media quote of the day:

We may not be gods. But we do what people say can't be done, we hope when there isn't any... whatever odds we face, we prevail. - Andromeda - Wrath of the Titans