Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Attack of the candy

OK, so I believe he downloaded all the photos. Problem is, he did it to the laptop, not the main computer. He takes the laptop with him to work. On his nights off, when we're both at home he's on the computer almost the whole time. I hate the laptop, I want to do it on the desk computer. When the hell am I supposed to do a post with photos of our most excellent vacation? Hmmm?

Wednesday is bowling night so I know it won't get done then either. So the earliest will be Thursday night but I have a feeling I won't do it then. More than likely I'll have to do it over the weekend sometime. Either during the day when he's sleeping or at night and he just won't be able to take the laptop.

Even though Halloween isn't until this Friday our town did their trick-or-treating last Sunday. Usually we get around 100 kids, if not more. This year we got maybe, maybe 25. I sat upstairs missing the game, HDiTty yelling up updates to me, for maybe 25 kids in two hours. I was not pleased. The times for T or Ting are 1 - 4. I was up there about 5 minutes before just in case the kids from next door showed up right away. My first kid knocked on the door at 1:40. My last kid at 2:40. It was very weird. From 2:40 to 3:00 I watched around 6 or 7 groups of kids going to the house across the street but not bothering to come over to my house.

Our friend Jim came by with his two little girls. Found out from him that the two houses to the North of us (one of them having kids) had big signs saying they didn't have any candy. And the house to the South of us is empty and you can tell. So yeah, why bother to come to our side for one house, essentially anyway. So at 3:00 I called it quits and went back downstairs to finish watching the game. Luckily there was still a little over 5 minutes left.

Never heard another kid knock. Well, I didn't anyway. The girls and I were in the backyard with Poydras when a group of kids came to the front door a little after 4:00. HD heard so he went up to hand out some candy.

We had so much left over it wasn't funny. I usually over do it because, of course I want some left over for us too don'tcha know. But this time there was barely a dent in the basket, even after Jim's kids took a bunch of it. And that didn't include the grocery bag completely full of it. So I brought that bag to work plus a handful or two from the basket and everyone has been going through it for the last several days. I figured if I'm gonna get fat eating the left overs then I'm gonna have my coworkers come along with me. They're very grateful. At least right now they are, we'll see how they'll be after they have their leftovers to go through.

Media quote of the day: I haven't even finished eating all of my Halloween candy. - Sally Brown - Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Now that's a kid that either doesn't gobble it all like most or she got so friggin much it's lasting a month despite eating some every day.

I could sure use a piece of candy right about now. - Bubbles - The Powerpuff Girls Ah, I miss the powerpuff girls, they were so much fun to watch. Bubbles was my favorite.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're back. Unfortunately

Thanks Saintseester for checking in. The vacation went really well, not long enough as most. I'll write up a post about it as soon as HD downloads the photos and I can put some up. Last week we were both busy getting back into work and not doing much on our time off. Hopefully by the weekend if not before he'll be able to get them downloaded.

As far as what's been going on since we got back it's been the same old stuff. Work is work and I wish I didn't have to go but I do. On the Sunday before going back I told the puppy in front of HD that I was going to go into work the next morning, collect all my personal belongings and then quit. Yeah, HD didn't like the sound of that, lucky for him I was just kidding.

HD is still going back and forth on getting a new vehicle. Although I think as of right now he's agreed to keep the truck he has. He just had a few more things fixed, didn't cost very much, so he's content again for awhile.

I thought it'd be almost like starting over with the puppy and the cats when we got back from vacation. But luckily it wasn't. Crybaby actually seems to be playing with him. It's not full on yet and Crybaby will run away quick enough but he certainly tolerates him a lot more than he used to. Pretty Boy is getting there also but he'll take off a lot more quickly. And Whiskers, well, I don't think she'll ever come around. You can tell she knows he can't/won't really do anything to her but she still doesn't want him near her.

HD has for the last two early mornings brought him into the bed with us when he's come to bed. Tuesday morning he came in at 4:30, an hour before my alarm would be going off. That's a big no no since I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. Or even if I did it would take awhile and then the alarm would be going off right after. It wasn't until close to 5:10 that everyone was settled down finally. And sure enough as I was finally starting to doze my alarm went off. This morning at least he came in earlier than that. And all of them were pretty darn tired so everyone settled pretty quickly and I was able to actually fall asleep again.

I don't let the puppy back in the bed when I'm leaving for work, that's just too risky, so he goes back into his kennel. He seems content enough to do so so I don't feel too bad about it. Especially since on Sunday he discovered the litter boxes and while I was preparing stew he comes walking in the kitchen with a piece of poo in his mouth. He did that twice. At least he's not actually eating it; he's just holding it there. He did that with HD the other day too. We really need to break him of that habit ASAP.

And on that note I think I'll wrap this up.

Media quote of the day: If there's one thing I've learned at this hospital, it's to never antagonize your boss or the people who makes the food, because you end up eating poo. - Elliot - Scrubs

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We're off

So today is the day. We'll be leaving soon, hopefully. I have a little shopping to do and unfortunately we still have to pack but other than that I think we'll be good to go.

We'll be taking the puppy with us. HDiTty's other friend that he asked to take him didn't say no but he had to talk to his wife. In the meantime HD called the 2nd place that was open to make sure they still were and to clarify a rule they had about bringing a dog. They were still open, the rule was good (it sounded like every time we'd leave the cabin he'd have to come with) as long as he's in his crate when we leave it's all good. Which is what we'd do anyway.

He called the original place and she was gracious enough to let us out of our deposit. He let her know we'd definitely keep them in mind for the next time.

I'm anxious to get going so I'm going to end this here. Since there's no Internet access in this cabin, unlike the 1st one, I don't know if I'll be able to make it on line much if at all. So I probably won't be updating while away so I'll be seeing ya'll in week!

Media quote of the day:

We're off to see the Wizard
The wonderful Wizard of Oz

I think we all know where this is from

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're all booked

So we finally booked a place the other day. Just an hour later we finally received an email from one of the other places that accepts pets and they're available with the last Saturday also. But the deposit for the 1st place in nonrefundable.

As it turns out the chick that said she'd watch Poydras has an issue with the fact that he's not fully house trained yet. She has her house up for sale and is worried he'll have an accident that won't get cleaned up and then potential buyers will come in. From what it sounds like she has an adversion to him being in a crate also while her dogs are out and about. She doesn't think it's fair or something of the like. Yet he's in his crate for several hours at a time while our cats are roaming free, what's the difference. She didn't say she wouldn't do it, just that she has these issues. Well we don't want to impose on anyone that has misgivings. We're not worried she'd be cruel or anything of the like towards him, nothing like that. But if she's not willing to crate him when he should be (i.e. when she's gone or sleeping) then she's taking a chance on him having an accident. And we certainly don't want that, for either one of them.

So HD was going to be calling another friend of his who has a lot more free time (out of work with an injury) who has another dog and a couple kids. And also isn't adverse to the crate. He'll see if he'll take him: either just take him for us or if the place we're going isn't willing to make an exception for us (with a deposit of course). We shall see. If we can't find a place for him then we'll have to eat the deposit we've already put down and try and see if the 2nd and only other place that contacted us is still available. It's more money all the way around but we really don't want to leave him at a boarding place.

We shall see.

Media quote of the day: It's a responsibility to take care of somebody's pet like that. Do you know what responsibility means? It's a big word. But the first part of it, response, is like "answer". You know, when someone says hello to you, you answer that person and you say hello back to them. But when you're taking care of a dog, you need to answer, or respond when the dog is hungry and needs to go pee-pee or poo-poo. It's your responsibility to answer to the dog's needs. I like Barney, but before I said I'd take care of him, I had to think about the responsibility. And I wanna ask Mrs. Rogers if she thinks it's all right too. - Mr. Rogers - Mr. Rogers Neighborhood