Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nothing much to say but I'm gonna say it anyway.

I hate when I think of ideas for a post but by the time I get home they're all long forgotten. Sucks that I can't update at work.

My poor baby girl (Whiskers) is sick. She's got a cold. She's been sneezing for the last 4 days and her eyes are all watery. But other then that she's fine. She's still eating normally and her bathroom trips are normal. I wanted H Ditty to take her to the vet and get her checked out but since she's just sneezing he decided not to. So we're keeping our eyes on her until Friday which is his next day off. If she's better great, if she's worse he'll take her in.

I've lost a reader. My most steady reader for many many months was someone from Jacksonville, Florida. She/he would stop by every morning but the weekends between 5:30 and 6:30. I figured they'd stop by when having their morning coffee or when they first got to work. Anyway, when I hit the second week with the very long breaks in between posting they quit coming by. Oh well, maybe they'll come back one day. I have no idea who it was since they never commented.

Statcounter, it's a good thing and a bad thing. I've become addicted to it and now you can label the IP addresses so you don't have to remember who people are. I like it.

I love seeing how people get here from the searches. Most people end up here by the media quotes I do. But every now and then someone gets here by searching something that deals with a peanut head. There was one person who put this in "Peanut heart and abyssinian" which seems pretty weird, I was the 2nd site on the list. Then there's "peanut head bug" and this one "what does a peanut-head bug eat". I mean, what the hell is a peanut head bug anyway? And I love this one "a peanut on a piece of wood". What the hell is that all about? Goofy stuff I tell you.

We still haven't seen Reno 911 - Miami yet. There's no telling now when we'll get to see it. There's no way tonight, HD's not even home yet and we'll both be too tired to go anywhere. The same'll happen tomorrow. Friday our friends, Jim and Amy, will be coming by to bring our birthday presents/cards over and to hang out. I'm sure they'll be bringing their kids too so no movie then. Saturday we'll be heading to the city in the evening to go see Caged Dames. Then Sunday I have a feeling we'll either be going to one of his parent's homes or one of them will be coming over here for my B-day. Or we'll stay home and rest. In case you're wondering my family doesn't get together for birthdays unless they're milestones. The last one my brothers and parents came over for was my 30th. The next will be my 40th. We of course get together for all the kids' days, just not the adults' days.

Media quote of the day: [performing an anti-crystal meth song for a class of kids] You can monkey with a gibbon, You can fiddle with a bow / But before you snort that crystal meth, there's some things that you should know / Meth is made from antihistamines, in basement labs it's cooked / And possession is a felony, which means that you'll get booked / With a snort it zips right up your nose, and eats away your brain / It kills your sense of good and evil, and it makes you go insane / Here we go... / So don't meth with meth, Beth / Don't meth with meth, Seth / Don't meth with meth... Gwyneth / Don't meth with crystal meth! [pause]

Any questions? We do have about 45 minutes left... any requests? I know some Rush... a little bit of Floyd. - Lt. Jim Dangle - Reno 911 (the tv show, not the movie)

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Oscars

So, we watched The 79th Annual Academy Awards last night. For the most part I was pleased. Loved The Departed so I was happy to see it win the top honors. But as far as I'm concerned Pan's Labyrinth was robbed! Robbed blind I tell ya!! Yes, yes I didn't see any of the other foreign nominees. But that doesn't matter, Pan's should've won, that's all there is to it. In fact, they should've won every category they were in as far as I'm concerned. And if you still haven't seen it yet shame on you. It's as good as I've been saying if not better. Isn't that right Natalie? You weren't disappointed at all in going to see it were you? So go on and get, all of you.

Now here's the thing that pisses me off. Well, annoys would be a better way of saying it. It annoys the ever loving shit out of me. When there's multiple people winning for a category everyone needs to make their speech short, very short, to give the others time to say what they'd like to say. There were so many people this year, hell, every year there's so many people, that are standing back just itching to get their time at the mic and almost as soon as they walk up the music starts up and they can't say a damn thing. I don't remember who it was or what they won for but in one of the groups the 1st guy to start talking was going so damn slow. He wasn't even trying to get through what he had to say to let the other guy talk. I think they even started the music on him at the end, if it wasn't right then it was right after he stepped back. I was practically yelling at the guy to just shut the fuck up already and let the other guy talk. But nope, no chance in hell for him. And if you're too damn selfish to move it along then you get with the others and make one speech for all of you and you damn well better make sure you leave enough time to get their loved ones in too, not just your own before the music starts up.

Nope, pissed, pissed was the correct language to use to describe what I am about this situation.

And once again, quit your damn clapping at the dead people. It's impolite on so many levels. But the main one is that the ones you don't know or barely anyone knows hardly get any claps. They're like, "oooh, no ones clapping, let's clap just to be nice" type claps. And then the ones like Palance and Boyle get loud claps. Yeah I know, everyone loves 'em, so do I, but everyone else deserves just as much recognition as those two. So dang it, hold your applause until the very end. Or better yet no clapping at all, have the moment of silence last throughout the whole damn picture showing time and the whole time after as they're heading into commercial.

Ok, I'm done bitching now. Had to get that off my chest.

Media quote of the day: My name is Ofelia. Who are you? - Ofelia
Me? I've had so many names. Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am... I am a faun. Your most humble servant, Your Highness. - Pan

[Referring to Costello] Do you want him to chop me up and feed me to the poor, huh, is that what you want? - Billy Costigan - The Departed

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Damn, I had a productive day today, proud of myself I am

Well, no Reno 911 for us this weekend. He decided he didn't want to go anywhere last night. He was tired after working all day and the weather wasn't the best either. And we can't go tonight because the Academy Awards are on and the weather isn't the greatest again. So maybe we'll go tomorrow or Tuesday, we'll just have to wait and see.

Today was another early rising day for me. I woke up around 7:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. I snuggled with Cry Baby for a little while deciding on what I wanted to do and when. I knew I had to go do some grocery shopping but really didn't feel like it. Especially since we were supposed to be getting 2-3 inches of snow. Then I figured it'd be better to get up and get going now before all the asshats got on the roads and caused accidents. So that's what I did. I was up and out of the house and at the first store by 8:40. What I really needed was the pet friendly ice melter so I headed to PetSmart first but they don't open until 9 on Sundays. So I headed over to Target in the hopes that they might be open so I could wander around until 9. They were so that's what I did and ended up spending more than I should have. Shhh, don't tell H Ditty. But it was all stuff we needed of course. And when I thought about it I only needed a few staples from the grocery store and Target had what I needed so I got the stuff there. Ran over to the pet store and got a couple containers of the ice melters and headed home. I was back here before 10.

For those of you with pets and don't know about this stuff it's Simple Solution's Ice Melting Pellets. It's safe for paws and kids. It's also environmentally friendly and it's also 100% salt free so it's non-irritating and non-corrosive. Great stuff go out and get it. Hell, even if you don't have pets or kids it's still better than the salt shit that's out there. It's not cheaper though, I will say that. But it's completely worth it. It was a good thing I decided to get more of the stuff rather than blow it off like I was planning to before I ever left the house because while I was in Target it decided to start raining icy rain down all over the damn place. So I sprinkled almost a whole container down on the sidewalk and some on the driveway as soon as I got home.

After shopping I came on here and went to all the other sites I read that I never got around to adding to my list. But I finally did today. Hi Natalie and Dan you're over there now. Also added W, HDW and Fyrchk. Go check 'em out if you haven't before.

Then I played some poker online while catching up on my Dr. Phil. Don't judge, he's entertaining and as annoying as he can be sometimes he's usually right, not always mind you, but usually.

Yesterday I thought for sure I'd get tired and need a nap but that never happened. It did today though, I laid down (or is it lied down? I never can remember) around 3:30 and got up close to 4:30. I never really slept but I did doze and that felt good. Then I was a good girl and did some straightening up around the basement. Took the garbage and recycling out and put some more pellets down because the stuff I did when I first got home was all melted and gone and there was more snow coming down. I only did our stoop, steps and a little of the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps though.

So now I have to go pay some bills and think about what we'll have for dinner. I'm thinking Pizza, we haven't had that since Wed. night and I'm kinda jonesing for it.

I'm outta here.

Media quote of the day: No, Pop-pop does not get a treat, I just brought you a fucking pizza. - Michael - Arrested Development. One of the best shows ever that was canceled because the networks are a bunch of money grubbing asshats!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Wednesday was H Ditty's mom's birthday. He and I took her out to dinner at a really nice steakhouse. She and I both had the surf and turf. The turf was wonderful as usual but my surf wasn't so great. The 1st lobster tail was pretty good but the 2nd one wasn't cooked all the way. I was only able to eat half of it and the last two bites I actually had to sip water with it to make it go down. Before I sipped the water I'd try to swallow and my gag reflex kicked in and made it come right back up into my mouth. The 2nd time I tried to swallow it did it again and I thought I was going to upchuck right there at the table. I should have just lifted my napkin and spit it out but it was a cloth napkin and I still had the rest of my steak and potatoes to eat and I wanted the use of it still. So that's when I sipped the water to make it go down. The 1st bite that happened with I just figured was a fluke but when it happened with the next one I was done with it.

When I told H Ditty a little later he asked if I was feeling ok, thought that maybe it'd make me sick. But I was fine then and fine the next day too. So it was just an unpleasant experience rather than a sickly experience. I asked his mom how hers was since she ate both and she said they were just fine, cooked all the way. So that's good, I would've hated it if she'd have gotten the plate with the uncooked lobster since it was for her birthday and all.

While we were finishing up our dinner a band struck up some music in the bar. We decided to go over and see them and have another drink while watching 'em. It was a 3 man band. They weren't bad, all cover songs though. Apparently they're there every Wednesday night. The singer looks kind of creepy though. While singing he's got this grin on his face and it's just sort of off putting.

Thursday HD called his two sisters and grandma to see if they'd like to get together and go over to his mom's house for birthday cake. They did so we bought some pizzas and an ice cream cake and took it over to her house that evening.

I love those women, I really do, but when they get together it turns into such a drama show. Every one of them needs to loosen up, not take what the other one says so seriously and literally. The youngest needs to grow up (she's the one having the baby) and show some respect to their mother. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Last night was a stay at home and relax night. Although we were supposed to go see Reno 911 but he didn't get home from work until 7:40 so we stayed home. I was able to get on here and catch up on a couple sites and start in on a third before HD got home. Then he made us dinner - spaghetti. It was really good. Even better since I didn't have to make it. Watched a few comedy shows from Thursday night and then he went to bed. I came back on here and finished up the one site, read two posts on two other sites and then went to bed myself.

This morning he called at 7:40am and woke me up because he forgot two of the containers of spaghetti hanging in a bag on the kitchen door. He wanted to make sure they got back into the fridge. Since I was up I opted to stay up, figured if I got sleepy later I'd just take a nap. I read my email that I've also been (mostly) neglecting for two weeks. Double checked that my Ticketmaster emailed tickets for Caged Dames were there, they are. And then came here to finally update.

My birthday is Sunday the 4th and we're going to see Caged Dames the night before for my present. Not sure if we'll go to dinner around here of some place in Chicago near the theatre. I'm kind of hoping it'll be there. Dirk talked about this play last year and said how great it was and it made me want to go see it but we couldn't at that time. Then he brought it up again back in January I think it was and that was that. I went to check out dates and the last showing is the 10pm show on the 3rd and that was just karma working in my favor right there. I told HD about it and he was up for it so I bought the tickets and I'm really looking forward to going.

Well, I'm done rambling now. If you read this far thanks for sticking around I know it wasn't all that interesting of a post but it's what I felt like talking about, so thanks again.

Media quote of the day: Oh, my God! I just gagged and vomited at the same time. I gavomited. - Dr Cox - Scrubs

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Workin' My Ass Off!

So, boss lady has been out of the office since 10:30am Friday. When she's gone, hell even when she's there but really busy, they have me do some of her work to help her out. So I've been doing her billings, her change orders, her end of day reports, her certified payroll, helping new guy out, etc., etc, etc. Friday I didn't get out of there until 5:50, yesterday and today was around 5:40. But because of this I don't always get my own work done, at least not as much as should be done. But also because of this I definitely should be getting a damn good raise after my review.

I like how busy it keeps me but sometimes, like Friday, I feel like I'm a chicken with it's head cut off.

One good thing though is that I'm tired by the end of the day so I don't want to stay up late which mean I go to bed at a decent time which mean I get some pretty decent sleep. I was in bed by 10:30 last night. That's damn early for me. But I'm getting used to this early bed shit. Eventually I'll get it as early as 10:00, well, maybe I will, that's sorta pushing it.

Well, that's it, short and sweet tonight. I'm hungry and still have to make something to eat so I'm outta here.

Media quote of the day: What am I supposed to do with that mess? I'm outta here. - Homestar Runner - Everything Else, Volume 2 (2006)

I gotta get outta here. I think I'm gonna lose it. - Peter Gibbons - Office Space

Monday, February 19, 2007

Keep your mind wide open

I was going to apologize again for not updating but I think you all know why it's not happening so often and I hope you're ok with it and not upset with me. So from now on when I go for long stretches like this know that the first thing on my mind is to say I'm sorry even though you're not reading it.

Ok now that that's done, on with what's been going on.

Thursday night I had a candle party to go to. I had mixed feelings about going. It was for one of my coworkers and being new I wasn't sure if I wanted to go somewhere that I didn't know anyone or at least not very well. But on the other hand I really like the chick that was throwing it and I love candles. So I went. I had a blast, mainly because of another chick we work with. She was just completely giddy and was cracking jokes the whole night. I haven't ordered anything yet because I want way to much. So tonight or tomorrow I'll have to add everything up that I want and then start deleting items. I'm sure the initial cost is going to be several hundred dollars.

Friday night we went to see Bridge of Terabithia with HD's dad, stepmom, her sister and HD's nephew. It's a very good movie but don't let those ads fool you. They all talk about how "heartwarming" it is. Weeell, it's not a complete lie. It is heartwarming up until they rip your heart out of you near the end. I had tears just streaming down my face so did the other ladies and HD was all choked up too. But it is a good movie though, well worth watching.

Saturday we were supposed to go shopping for HD's youngest sister's baby shower on Sunday. I did the grocery shopping while he was supposed to be getting himself ready to go do the gift shopping with me afterward. I got home and he wasn't ready to go, he was still on the computer. Several hours later I say that if we're going we should leave now. But another hour passes and we still haven't left yet. So we blew it off to do Sunday morning. So Saturday we did the same as we did on Valentine's Day. Lazed around catching up on tv shows.

Sunday we got our asses out of bed to do the shopping. I went to Babies R Us for her gift and then stopped off at Barnes & Noble for a really cool Scrabble game. He was working on a poem that his mom created that she wanted us to print on some fancy paper so she could frame it when we got to the party. So he had to run out and get the fancy paper. He went to Hallmark while I went to B.R.US. We were a little late to the party but not much. Yep, you read that right, WE were a little late. His sister had a coed party. About 7 guys were there to about 21 girls. She got a shit load of stuff, we figured close to two thousand dollars worth of shit.

Sunday night we got home and vegged in front of the tv again. Why yes, we are home bodies, we watch way way way too much tv. But then, we did also watch Barnyard. It wasn't even 3 minutes into the movie when I paused to say that I was glad we didn't buy it. Got it through our Netflix. I mean it wasn't bad, had some pretty funny parts, but nowhere near as good as some of the other kids movies that are out there.

I told him that tonight I get to have the computer for at least a couple hours to be able to come on here and update and go read a site or two. I think we're going to have to come up with some kind of timeshare. It makes the most sense for me to be able to get on the 1st part of the evening and then him the 2nd half. Mainly because every couple of days he doesn't have to get up in the morning to go to work so he can stay up later than I can. Who knows what'll happen but something has too. I get a little antsy when I can't get on. And I feel horrible that I'm not keeping up with my favorite sites. I know I'm losing out on some pretty good posts. So now I'm off to at least read one of them.

Media quote of the day: Just close your eyes, but keep your mind wide open. - Leslie Burke - Bridge to Terabithia

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

We're not big celebrators of the holiday. Every now and then he'll have some roses sent to my place of employment. A couple years I got a gift. I've gotten him flowers before and a stuffed animal or two. But usually it's just cards and maybe he'll get me a rose or a few that I get directly from him at home. This year was the same. I got him two cards (as I mentioned before I get one funny and one mushy). He got me a card along with some chocolates and a single red rose. He also gave me a pretty thing for my desk at work. It's a bunch of tiny roses in the shape of a heart inside some glass framed by wood. I know the perfect place for it, right next to my monitor.

Right now I've got Pretty Boy snuggled between my arms with his head resting on my left arm. He's very warm and it feels really good. I thought I had a picture of him to be able to put up but apparently I don't. I'll have to get one up soon along with one of Whiskers.

So back to the holiday. We also never go out to eat on this day. It's just not worth it. So we ordered some Chili's takeout and came back to the best seat in the house - right on the couch in front of the tv. First we watched Bones, and for those of you who don't watch it (yes, I'm looking at you Natalie) well you're missing a great show. It's funny, dramatic and gross. Check it out.

Afterward we debated on what to watch next. Was it going to be Battlestar Galactica (his choice) or Lost (my choice). We both like both shows but we each had our preference this night. So we decided to play rock/paper/scissors for it. We decided we'd play 2 out 3. We count: 1... 2... 3 - scissors are thrown. We go again: 1... 2... 3 - I throw a rock (not literally, although I did say "I don't have a rock to throw though." before we started) he throws paper. One down. 1... 2... 3 - scissors are thrown again. 1... 2... 3 - Scissors. Are. Thrown. Again. I got the giggles, said we can't do this, we think too much alike. But we go again after I make myself stop giggling. 1... 2... 3 - I do paper, he does scissors. He won, boo on him.

So I go over to Battlestar, we watch the "previously on" portion and realize somehow, someway we missed a show. I got my way anyway, yay me. So Lost it was.

So that was our big Valentine's night. That's the best way, snuggled up in your own home with your honey.

For his birthday on Sunday I took him to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and then he wanted to go see a movie so we went to see Epic Movie. That was just plain ridiculous. But it was funny in parts. If it hadn't been so late I might've been able to convince him to see Pan's Labyrinth again. But it was so we saw Epic Movie instead.

And for those of you haven't gone to see Pan's Labyrinth yet...what are you waiting for? Hmmm? You need to see this movie, I am not kidding, go, go now. Yes, right now. Stop what you're doing and go already!

That is all. See you soon I hope.

Media quote of the day:
We're Scully and Mulder. - Special Agent Seeley Booth
I don't know what that means. - Dr. Temperance Brennan

Booth and Bones from Bones

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Birthday Wishes


Today is H Ditty's birthday; he turns 36. We'll be the same age for 20 days, until March 4th, when I turn 37. Yep, I'm robbing the cradle, but not by much.

Poor thing is working right now, until 6:00 tonight. Normally he takes the day off but he didn't this time. Not sure if we'll do anything tonight when he gets home. He's usually pretty tired. Hell, who wouldn't be after working 12 hours. His dad called yesterday wanting to get together either tonight or tomorrow, I think I'll call him and tell him it'll have to be tomorrow.

I tried to find a present for him yesterday but the mall I went to didn't have anything at all of interest for him. Except for his cards, I got those. I always get two cards, one funny and one mushy. Got his Valentine's Day cards too. So I'll probably make myself presentable in a couple hours and go to another mall or to the dreaded B.B. electronics store.

I was going to go all mushy here but decided I'd keep that between us for right now. So I'll just say it again.


Media quote of the day: When I get older losing my hair many years from now Will you still be sending me a valentine, Birthday greetings, bottle of wine? - A couple lines of Sixty-Four by The Beatles

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Absolutely repulsive

So this is Crybaby. And as much as I love him, he can be the most disgusting, repulsive, nauseating, ghastly and any other synonym you can come up with cat.

We're assuming that when he was fixed they didn't quite clean him out completely. Every now and then he squirts out the most sickening fluids. Its not urine, it's thicker and sort of milky and clear at the same time and the smell lasts forever. He usually does it when he's completely engrossed with something and someone or something freaks him out. Or when he gets really excited from too much loving. If it gets on clothes or a blanket or any other cloth it has to be washed before you can use the item again. If you don't you'll be smelling that odor for a long time to come. If it gets on your skin you have to wash and rinse a few times before it'll come out.

This happened to me tonight although nothing was done to make him do it. At least not anything that makes sense. He was snuggled with me on the couch when he got a whiff of blueberry. I had a blueberry muffin as my dessert and the crumbs were wrapped in a paper towel sitting on a tv tray. He stands up sniffing at it trying to get to the crumbs. I reach over and grab the towel and that's that. He didn't even flinch, just kept on sniffing.

Next thing I know I feel this wetness on my blanket and then the odor hits me. I have it on both my hands before I know what's happening. The odor is getting stronger and stronger. I go to the bathroom to wash my hands off and and glance at myself in the mirror and on my headband are three more drops. The rat bastard got it on my head. It's now in my hair. I had to take a shower and wash my hair for it to come out. I never take showers at night, I only take baths. And I certainly never wash my hair at night. It takes too long to dry. It's a good thing I wasn't going to bed right away though. Gotta watch Grey's Anatomy ya know.

After the shower I come back downstairs to watch Grey's and the smell odor is permeating the whole damn room and he's laying on the couch as if nothing ever happened. I swear that cat needs a whole new neutering.

Usually I have some sort of quote in my mind from something that I know, be it a song, movie, tv show, what have you that I want to use for my media quotes. But sometimes I have no clue where to even begin. So that's usually when I go to and stick a word or phrase in and choose quotes and search. This was completely too cool. It was the first quote that came up and it incorporates two of the things I mentioned. And, I remember this episode, so I of course had to use it.

Media quote of the day: Look, I fantasized about you. About the woman in this photo, whoever she is. I'm not proud of it, but it's a fact. Do you know what they're gonna do to me today? I have cancer. And they're gonna lift up my legs and expose me to the world, and cut out my prostate, and my nerves. Effectively neuter me. So is it so hard to understand that I don't want the woman who is in that photo to witness... my emasculation? - Mr Humphrey in Grey's Anatomy (from 2005)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

From a trainee's point of view

Ok, this is for all you trainers out there.

When you're having a bad day, whether it's because you don't feel good or because there's shit going on in your life, it's not fair to your trainees when you go around all mopey or bad moody. Bosslady, as mentioned last night, had yesterday off. She had a 3 day weekend to rest up. She came in today in what seemed like a grumpy mood. She wasn't mean or anything but was kind of snappy to everyone when they asked her a question or for something to be done. Not until lunch time did she finally start to calm down but even then she wasn't her usual self.

When you're like that as a trainer your trainee doesn't want to ask you anything. They (I) feel highly uncomfortable and intrusive and bothersome. But they (I) need to ask you things. They (I) need to know how to do something and since they (I) don't know how that means you're the one they (I) ask. But they (I) don't do it and therefore their (my) work doesn't get done and that's not a good thing.

So, in other words, fake it.

Media quote of the day:

Are you in a bad mood?
Don't you wanna talk about it?
Did I say somethin' rude?
You don't have to cry about it.
Aren't you feelin' okay?
Would you like a little company?
Or did you have a bad day?
Are you mad at me? -let it show
Don't tell me nothing - I don't wanna know.

portion of 'Nothing' by EDIE BRICKELL

Monday, February 5, 2007

My boring week

Damn, and I apologized for missing just a few days the other week. This time I didn't get on here for a full week. I didn't even get on to read anyone else's blog/journal. I am way, way behind.

So let's see. What's been going on in my world lately. I've been kicking ass at work. Helping the hell out of the guy that was hired the same time as me. But it doesn't bother me. I rather like helping him. By helping him I'm helping myself since it's clarifying what I know or think I know. It should also help at the end of March when it's time for my 3 month review and how much I should get for a raise. If it doesn't then they're pretty bogus.

Friday we decided to have a tailgate party all day. We worked of course but a lot of us brought in food so most people ate all day. The company provided lunch as usual, small ham sandwiches and chili. But people who brought food brought in donuts, cupcakes, meatballs, nachos and salsa, cookies, cheese dip and crackers and I brought in my Blueberry Fluff. Bosslady and I decorated the lunch room and kitchen with pictures that dealt with the Bears. Just about everyone wore something Bears related. Good times.

Saturday H Ditty and I sat around catching up on all the shows from the week that we had missed. Nothing much else.

Sunday was one freezing ass cold day. I went out to the store to pick up a few things. It was only zero out there. Unreal, there's no global warming going on right now. Heh

We decided not to have people over for the game. The only person that came over was his best friend, Jim. He was for Indianapolis, soooo not a Bears fan. It was a good game for the most part but every now and then the Bears made me think of the Keystone cops. Bossman called 'em The Three Stooges today when we were talking about it.

Many of the commercials kicked ass as usual. Love the Coke commercials. The Bud ones were pretty good too, especially the puppy one.

Today bosslady took a day off so I had to help new guy even more than usual but it was actually a pretty good one for a Monday.

So that was my boring week. You guys didn't miss much. But I am sorry for not updating sooner. Damn, I really need to get my own computer again.

Media quote of the day: Help me... help you. Help me, help you. - Jerry Maguire in Jerry Maguire