Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My home away from home for 6 years

So I go to my Statcounter every few days to see who's stopped by and from where.  I have a few people that come by on a semi regular basis.  Hey there people - *waves*.  Most get here through google searches of Douglas Ketcham and Brendan Dolan who I did the 9/11 tribute posts to.  Or just doing the navigation from blog to blog.

Yesterday someone did the navigation way and wouldn't you know it, they are out of Gonzales, Louisiana.  That's the town we moved to back in 1985 when my mom married the asshole and I had to move from Illinois to there because I was only 16.  Other than about 9 months or so when I lived in Baton Rouge that's were I was for 6 years until I was able to move back home to Illinois.

Although I have no desire to ever live in Louisiana again I love going to New Orleans for vacations and to see my Saints play.  One of our trips down I took HDT to Gonzales to show him where we lived.  It hadn't changed much in the 7 years or so from the time I left till then.  I wonder what it's like now 20 years later.  Next time we get down to New Orleans maybe we'll swing through again to see.  As long as we're there long enough and not just there to see a game.

And for anyone from Louisiana that may see this post.  I love the state, obviously or I wouldn't keep going back and telling everyone I know they need to at the very least go to New Orleans once in their lives.  No, the reason I don't ever want to live there again is the weather.  I hate the heat and humidity.  It's bad enough here in the far north of Illinois.  And there's no "real" winters there.  I love me some snow.  And although it did snow a couple times in my 6 years it didn't stick around.  So yeah, it's the weather, no other reason.

no media quote today, got a migraine and don't feel like thinking beyond what I already did to do this post.  heh