Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend update 5/20-22/11

So this was a pretty boring weekend overall really.  Friday night after getting home from work HDT and I had a long back and forth about what we would do for dinner and whether we'd be going over to his grandma's for dinner with her and his mom.  And also to go see a movie or not.  The only movie we'd be able to make after eating would be a late one and we were both pretty tired and just didn't feel like doing that.  And finally we decided we'd just hang out at home rather than going out anywhere.  So he texted his mom to let her know we were staying home.

So we just made some dinner and watched recorded shows that we've been behind on because of watching Doctor Who and Ally McBeal so much.  Since he had a dentist appointment at 9am the next day we went to bed at a decent hour.

When he left for his appointment in the morning I went to the grocery store and he made it home just before I did.  We were both starving so I threw a frozen pizza in the oven for our brunch and then watched one of the recorded Mentalist shows.  After it was done I asked him if he was ready to go do the shopping/returning of items he was wanting to do, he wasn't and wouldn't be any time soon.  So I decided to go out and mow the lawn. 

By the time I got to the back yard it started to misty rain but I figured since it's not such a big yard I decided to just continue on.  By the time I was half way through it started to actually rain but I continued on still.  At one point I had to ask HDT to come out and help me to empty the bagger into the bag.  I had used up all the garbage cans and now had to use bags.  The first one I used the first time dumping into it half of the grass fell out.  So with the second bag I decided to have his help. 

He ended up staying out with me while I finished up which was a good thing because we filled a few more bags.  The rain kept going between misty and actual rain so as the grass kept getting wetter and wetter it was obviously getting heavier and heavier.  It got to where I could only do two swipes before I had to empty the bagger.

After I was done mowing he got out the hose and hosed it all off and made it nice and clean for me.  Then he hosed and I swept off the concrete/deck like area.  After all that I was pretty well worn but took a shower since we had those plans to do the shopping. 

But he decided he didn't really want to go do any shopping/returning of items so we just ended up hanging out for the rest of the day/evening doing a bunch of nothing.  Oh wait, I had my dentist appointment at 3:00 so I did that.  That lasted just under an hour so I got home just after 4:00.  Then we did nothing much for the rest of the day.

Sunday I made us breakfast: eggs, bacon and biscuits.  After I let that settle for a bit I got on the elliptical for 15 minutes then did some weight lifting for a few reps then got back on the elliptical for another 25 minutes.

Hopped in the tub and after a little while he decided he wanted to finally go do the shopping/returning.  So I finished reading my chapter and then we got ready and headed out.  We returned his ear piece that just wouldn't sit quite right on his ear.  He also has been wanting to get another electric toothbrush so we looked at those.  We ended up going to three stores but couldn't find the one we wanted for the price we wanted. 

I was so worn out and hungry by the 3rd store that I put my throbbing foot down and said I couldn't go anywhere else.  Although we did end up going to Dairy Queen to pick up a couple blizzards and then to a local burger joint to pick up an order of fries (they're pretty damn good) and went home and heated up a couple burgers that I had cooked up on Saturday along with the left over bacon from the morning for dinner.

We again watched some recorded shows and then a couple Buffy's until it was time for bed.  So it was a good weekend for me for my workouts that I've been wanting to get back into (I include mowing the lawn as a workout) but a pretty typical boring one overall.  Although the eating of the food wasn't the best I didn't eat a lot so I believe I was still pretty much in the calorie range needed.

Media quote of the day:  From Dinosaurs - The Son Also Rises.  My goodness how I loved this show, we even bought the DVD's but haven't watched them yet.  Shame on us, we should do that soon.

I thought I told you to mow the lawn. - Earl Sinclair

I told you, the lawn mower is broken. - Robbie Sinclair
Scissors. Cut it with scissors. - Earl
Oh come on. - Robbie
Geez you kids have it too easy. When I was your age we didn't have lawn mowers, we didn't have scissors, we had to get down on all fours and graze like a cow. - Earl
Dad. - Robbie
Mooooo - Earl

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking into the house

So, I have to tell you what happened Sunday night.  I didn't do it in the weekend update because it was already getting long and this deserves it's own entry.

It was late, going on 11pm, and I was getting ready to head to bed but then remembered the garbage, recycle and lawn clippings still needed to go out to the curb.  So I ask HDT to come help me and I step out onto the back porch and he comes out behind me and shuts the wooden door. 
And with his hand still on the knob and a sheepish grin on his face he says, "I just locked us out." 
I said, "No you didn't." 
He said, "Yes I did."
I said, "No you didn't, you're just trying to trick me."
He said, "No I'm not, I locked us out."
I said, "You're kidding me right, you didn't really lock us out."
He said, "Yes, I did, I'm not kidding."
So I reached forward and tried the knob and sure enough it was locked.  We have the kind of knob that even when it's locked it'll turn like normal on the inside but of course is locked from the outside.

I can't believe it.  I ask him why he would shut that door when we're just taking out the garbage but he didn't think about it, just did it.  And what's even weirder is that usually when we're leaving to go somewhere before he shuts the door he'll ask if I have the keys or he'll check his pockets/hand to make sure he has his.  Maybe because it was so late and he was getting tired himself that it just didn't cross his mind to do so.  Who knows.

At any rate, we were locked out of the house.  Luckily he had grabbed a flashlight because we were going to take one large item out of the garage to put at the curb as well and our garage doesn't have electricity right now.  So he asks if all the windows are closed and locked.  I wasn't sure so we started looking at the ones to the kitchen with the flashlight and luckily enough the large one on the side was shut but not locked. 

So we grabbed the ladder out of the garage and he took off the screen and was able to slide open the storm window and inside window.  All the while he's worried that someone will think we're breaking in but I wasn't worried at all.  Besides, as I told him, it's a good thing he works for our police department, so even if someone did call the cops they'd know us as soon as they saw us.  We determined that I'd be the one crawling through it so we switched places on the ladder.

I grabbed the garbage can that sits under the window and pulled it closer to me.  It's a nice big square wooden can with a flat top/lid.  Love that can.  Anyway, the ladder only went up so far so the step was still well below the window that I couldn't just stick a foot/leg in and "walk" through the window.  I had to go in head first with my belly on the sill and the can under my chest.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to finish getting in when the can started to lean forward and I started to go to the floor head first.  I yelled for HDT to grab my legs and steady me. 

And in the meantime Poydras is standing on his hind legs doing a little dance all excited to see me crawling through the window pretty much under me or in my way.

So HDT grabs my ankles and helped me to "walk/slide" in using the can far enough until I could bend my knee and step down onto the floor still using the garbage can as support.  It wasn't all that easy either since I was laughing and trying to make sure Poydras and the cats were out the way.

I teased that I was going to leave him outside but of course didn't do so.  But I definitely teased when he came walking around the corner of the house, pointing at the doors, "See, this is how you do it.  Keep the big door open and shut the screen door."

I let him know that I'd be writing about this and would have to tell at least one person (probably my coworker, which I did) if not others.

On Monday morning when I was getting ready for work I see a bruise just above my right knee and couldn't figure out how I'd gotten it.  Then later in the morning when I went to the bathroom and see it again it dawns on me that it's from crawling through the window.  I also have a tender spot on my left forearm but no actual discoloration so that's good.

So that was a fun end to my weekend.

Media quote of the day:

From Bones:

Wait a minute. Bones breaks into my bathroom and I'm weird for being naked? - Special Agent Seeley Booth

So you didn't tell her to leave? You just sat there naked? - Dr. Lance Sweets
It was my own bathroom, okay? What do you wear in the tub? Floaties? - Booth
From Inception:
By creating something secure, like a bank vault or a jail. The mind automatically fills it with information it's trying to protect. Understand? - Cobb

Then you break in and steal it? - Ariadne

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend update 5/13-15/11

So let's see.  For the most part this was an uneventful weekend really.  It was his weekend to work and he didn't get his 8 hour day on Saturday since he switched so he could get out early on Tuesday when we took my mom out for Mother's Day.

Friday after I got off work I debated doing the lawn.  The grass was over a foot high in some places.  Our lawnmower was in getting serviced and the company he kept calling to come out and do a spring "cleaning" was basically ignoring him.  So while we were waiting for them to call back and the mower to get it's tune up the rain was coming down and the sun was coming out and the grass was growing like crazy.

So yeah, I was debating on taking care of it then or waiting to do it over the weekend.  But since there was a high chance of rain for both days and HDT said he'd help when he got off of work on Friday I decided to go ahead and do it then.  I started in on the backyard then did the small side yard and decided to wait for him to get home to get the front and other side yard done.  He got home around 6:30 and shortly after that we headed out.  He was weed eating while I continued to mow.  He also did some edging along the front sidewalk and the driveway.  Looks much better now.  We also chopped down some bushes that were growing on our side of our neighbors fence.  Pain in the ass bushes.  We finished up around 8pm and let me tell you we were a couple tuckered out people we were.  We had some dinner and watched a show or two and then headed to bed.

Saturday I decided I'd get the shopping done and out of the way and of course when I get home and am putting things away I realize I forgot a couple things.  Even with a list I forget things.  UGH!  But I didn't want to go back out so didn't. 

Oh yeah, while getting ready I decided I'd just go ahead and cut me some bangs.  I've been wanting to do so for awhile now and finally just did it.  I've never done that before.  Sure I've trimmed them myself but never actually given them to myself.  My heart started beating hard when I made the first cut.  But I actually did pretty good.  Now I just need Jess to come in and soften up the sides, maybe give some layers to the rest of the hair or at least just along the sides of my face.  I'm happy I did it though, that's for sure.

For the rest of the day I pretty much watched my recorded shows, played with Poydras and did the dishes until HDT got home. Then we had dinner and watched some shows until we went to bed.  Actually, I sat up in bed reading until a little after midnight.

Sunday I decided to do the same as Sat and run out right away and get the few things that I forgot about.  Grabbed some McD's breakfast, oh how I love their hashbrowns and watched some more of my recorded shows.  After eating I put a flank steak in the slow cooker with some bbq sauce and a can of diet coke to cook all day.

At one point I got a pretty bad headache and was feeling rather tired so I went up to bed and set the alarm for an hour.  I dozed on and off for most of that hour and decided to reset the alarm for another hour as I was still feeling tired and headachey.  But after about 15 minutes I realized I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep again so I just snuggled with Poydras for awhile. 

Finally I made myself get up and finish the dishes (pots and pans) from the day before.  Made myself a bologna sandwich and then decided to start watching Lost again.  I was able to watch the first two shows before HDT got home.  Just after 6pm the flank steak was done so I shredded it up and put it back in the pot to simmer until he got home.  Pretty much had just thrown the whites in the wash when he got there. 

We made a couple sandwiches and put the rest of the meat away in the fridge and headed downstairs.  Played a game of backgammon, I won, so I put in Ally McBeal.  After the show ended I was getting ready to set the game up again when he said not worry about it just play another episode cause he was heading back to his computer anyway.  So that's what we did for the rest of the evening, watched Ally while he was on the computer.

At one point I went into the laundry room to put the whites into the dryer and noticed the sump pump had quit working.  Luckily it once again just moved enough that the floater got stuck.  Once he moved it it worked just fine after that.

Media quote of the day:

Guys, where are we. - Charlie from Lost

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moms (older moms that is) just shouldn't drink

So we took my mom out for dinner last night for a late Mother's Day get together.  The place we took her is a good 25 miles away but it's the best Chinese food we've ever had and she was wanting Chinese so it was perfect.  It was also the same place we took HDT's mom.

We each had a drink with dinner and she was so damn funny afterward.  When we got outside she says something along the lines of, "Ok, I've had a drink, you'll have to help me to the car.  Where is it?"  Too funny, one little drink and she was worried about walking across the street safely enough.

Then we're almost home, just another 7 or so miles to go and she realizes she forgot her purse there.  She didn't think anything of it because she was carrying something when she carried out her leftovers.  So HDT gives them a call so they can look for it and they did find it right where she left it on the floor just under the table next to the wall.  She tried to convince us to just go on home and she'd pick it up the next day but we told her there was no way THAT was going to happen.  She felt so bad about it but we didn't think anything of it and were very happy to go back and get it.

So when we got her home we went in to spend a little more time with her and give her her cards that I completely forgot to give at the restaurant.  I always give two cards, one really nice and one funny, I just can't help it.  She of course liked them both.

What made the whole purse thing even funnier is that his mom thought she did the same thing only leaving hers at the store we stopped off at afterward.  We had made it all the way back to our house though.  She and HDT were outside with Poydras and she's putting things away in her car when she realized she didn't have her purse and starts to freak out.  I found our receipt for the store and there was a number on there so I hand that to HDT to give them a call and I step back in the house and there's her purse sitting right on the kitchen counter.  Right were she had set it not 1 minute before and already forgot.

So last night I joked with HDT that we can't let our moms drink anymore it messes them up too much.  Made mom laugh of course.

Media quote of the day:  A line of Have a Drink on Me by AC/DC

I'm trying to walk a straight line
On sour mash and cheap wine

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Update 5/6-8/11

So this was another busy weekend.  Friday night we decided to go see a movie and Jim came along.  We thought maybe we'd see Thor but since it was opening night it'd be packed so decided on Hanna instead.  HDT and I went to dinner at Chili's first though.  Had a good gut busting dinner and a drink or two then met Jim at the theater. 

For being out for so many weeks now and never a huge hit there were quite a few people in there.  Far more than I expected there to be even for a Friday night.  There were probably just over 20 of us in there.  It was pretty good.  Strange though, not exactly what I was expecting but still good.  It felt like there should've been more too it, not sure what though, just more.

Jim came over afterward and we watched a Doctor Who episode.  Then I headed to bed and I think they played some Madden football or something on line, not sure what.

Saturday we had a group of friends come over around noonish and hung out playing games and bullshitting.  The last one, besides Jim that is, to leave left around 7:30.  Then we three watched Lo.  HDT and I had seen it before quite awhile ago and was telling Jim and the other guy about it and since Jim hadn't ever seen it we decided to watch it.  It's a very low budget "horror" movie that's not really a horror movie but since Lo is a demon it's listed under horror.  Anyway, it's pretty funny and enjoyable in a fucked up sort of way.

After that Jim headed home and HDT and I played backgammon for what we'd be watching next.  We watched an episode each of Doctor Who and Ally McBeal before heading off to bed.  Or at least I headed off to bed, he showed up not long after though.

Sunday we got up and headed out to Walgreens to get all the Mothers' Day cards needed and then waited around until his mom came over at noon.  We made the calls to everyone else before heading out to our favorite chinese place for lunch.  She and I each had a dragon tini (a really really good chocolate martini) and a mai tai with our absolutely delicious food and HDT had a couple long islands with his.  All of us were very pleasantly stuffed with plenty left over for more meals. 

On the way home we stopped off at a second hand/antique shop.  His mother absolutely loves these types of shops and never goes away without getting something.  But I can't say anything, we ended up buying a few things ourselves.  One of the items were a set of shot glasses.  I looked at them, thought they were cute/nice but decided we didn't need anymore and walked away.  A couple minutes or so later when I met up with HDT in another part of the store he was holding something so I look and it's the shot glasses.  Couldn't argue with that so I didn't even try. 

When we got home we decided to watch a movie.  She asked about one that we had told her about before and figured out that it was The Princess Bride so we popped that in and enjoyed that all over again.  And she even stayed awake throughout the whole thing.  She tends to fall asleep during movies.  But she didn't this time and she very much enjoyed it.  Pretty much right after it was done her phone rang and it was a friend she hadn't talked to in quite awhile so she chatted with her for awhile while HDT and I watched some of the extras.  Then she got a call from Jess so she grabbed up her things and headed out to spend the evening with her. 

HDT and I played backgammon again for what we'd be watching.  He kept winning, the brat.  So we watched some Doctor Who's before turning into bed just before 10 o'clock.

Media quote of the day:

The Princess Bride:

You seem like a decent fellow.  I hate to kill you. - Inigo Montoya
You seem like a decent fellow.  I hate to die - The Man in Black; aka The Dread Pirate Roberts; aka Westley


You have to do what I say. - Justin

Look at you, pretending to be *brave*. What's your name?  - Lo
Justin. - Justin
Ugh. That's a terrible name. Doesn't fit your future. Allow me to baptize you - Lo

Dinner! - Lo
It's Justin. - Justin
Dinner! You have to let go of the past. - Lo

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update 4/29-5/1/11

So we had another pretty good weekend.  When I had gone home for lunch on Friday I hopped on the treadmill for about 12 minutes.  I had made a decision to do that every day several months ago and just haven't done it.  No excuse really since most days I'm done eating with a good 10 minutes to spare. 

After I got off work I ran out to Walmart and Jewel to get a few groceries we've been needing and I also stopped by our eye doctors to pick up some paperwork needed for our FlexCom account.  I had just finished putting everything away and was starting to put a couple steaks in some marinade when he got home. He opened the grill and came in to get the matches to start it when I told the marinade needed at least a 1/2 hour to really soak in so he didn't start the grill and decided to take a shower.  Since I had gotten a little warm on the treadmill earlier I decided to take a shower as well after he got out. 

While I was still in he decided he was so relaxed now that he didn't feel like grilling out anymore.  So we decided to have some baked chicken and tots instead and as usual vegged out on the couch and computer. 

Saturday he worked until 2pm and I pretty much did nothing until he got home.  Well, I did exercise.  I did 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up then did some weight lifting then another 10 minutes cool down on the elliptical again.  Soaked in the tub afterward reading the latest Entertainment Magazine. 

He wasn't hungry so I made myself some shrimp and fries for lunch then not long after that we did the little straightening up that was needed before the guys came over for the UFC fights. Which were really pretty darn good.  So happy Nick Diaz got his ass handed to him.  Oh how it was a beautiful sight to see.  Although the third slam onto the mat I was worried for him, never want to see a guy get seriously injured even if I don't like him.  But luckily he was ok.  And another fighter, can't remember his name now, had the largest hematoma over his right eye that I've ever seen.  It had all of us cringing big time along with the bad cut he had under his left eye.  Wayne had us all laughing when he wondered which side the guy would be laying on while trying to sleep.  I think it was HDT or Scott, or maybe both, that said it'd be his back.

Sunday ended up being a nice lazy day.  Our friend Pat came over to watch some Dr Who shows that he's been trying to convince us to watch; the ones that have been on since 2005, not the originals from way back when.  We ran out to grab some Popeye's that I've been craving for awhile now while he was on his way over.  We vegged out on the couch eating some good food watching a pretty good show.  I'd be just fine if we never watched another show but it's definitely enjoyable so I know we'll probably end up watching all the rest of the seasons as well.  Eventually anyway.

After we were done watching several of those Pat left for home and HDT and I did some dishes and cooked up some mac and cheese for dinner and watched some Sports Night. 

At one point we stopped watching to go over some things that needed going over and while doing that he got a text or something telling him to turn on the tv that Bin Laden had been killed.  So I did that and we watched the breaking news about that along with Obama's speech.  And then I went to bed not long after that.

Media quote of the day:

From Sports Night:
Is it nature's special time? - Casey McCall
Oh, you know what, bite me so hard for that - Dana Whitaker

From Dr Who:
If you are an alien how come you sound like you're from the North? - Rose Tyler

Lots of planets have a North! - The Doctor