Friday, July 30, 2010

Reunion of 2010

So our family reunion starts tonight. It's a mixer at a bowling alley. I'm really really tired and I'm only half looking forward to going. A huge part of me would like to just stay at home and veg on the couch and go to bed early. Especially since I'll have to get up early to take HDT to the airport. But I know once I get there I'll have a good time. So off to the reunion I go.

No media quote today.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update 7/23-25/10

So the weekend went really well. Friday night we stayed home and just watched some tv since it was his weekend to work.

Saturday he went to work all day. I picked up LeRoy and we went to Wayne's house for his son's 14th birthday party. Normally the kids' parties are separated into a family party on one day and their friend's party on another. But they decided to combine them this time. He had about 6 friends over. They played volleyball and tag while we adults hung out on the patio watching 'em. They were very entertaining. It rained on us a few times but not hard and only for a few minutes each time. So we just pulled our chairs in under the table umbrella and waited it out each time.

LeRoy and I left a little after 8:00 to go help mom load up Les to take back to the rehab facility for the night. After they got him in the truck she asked if we'd go with her to take him back since she didn't know what staff would be there to help get him out and into his room so we went of course. Good thing since there wasn't anyone around to help out. As hard as it is to think it I believe it's just a matter of time now. He seems to have a more negative attitude than positive. Mom keeps trying to keep him upbeat and she's staying positive for the most part but I know it's taking a toll on her. And then last week she got the news that insurance isn't going to pay for the facility past Thursday the 29th. They decided, without sending anyone down to see him or talk to any of his doctor, that he's just fine to be able to go home. Although he can't walk on his own or go up and down stairs on his own and they don't have a ramp to get in & out of the house. The house is an open floor plan except for the bedrooms and the doors to those & the bathrooms are wide enough for a wheelchair so at least they've got that.

After saying goodbye we went back to Wayne's to hang out by the fire. His daughter was home from work so it was nice to see her as well. We finally left around 12:30ish. By the time I got home HDiTty was getting up to get ready to go in at 2:00 for a 16 hour day. I stayed up to help him get ready and then crashed right after he left.

I got up around 10:00ish, made myself some breakfast and then went to mow the lawn. But my Ipod mini was dead so I plugged it in to recharge and watched some more tv while waiting. Once it was done I headed out and mowed and weeded then went in and took a nice long hot bath to soak the muscles in hopes of not feeling too sore later on. Then for the rest of the day I watched more of season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and did load after load of laundry. HDT got home around 6:30 and I made burgers for us for dinner and continued to do laundry and watch Grey's while he played on the computer.

He had to get back up at 1:00am to go back in at 2:00 for 4 hours. I drank too much mountain dew throughout the day apparently because I couldn't fall asleep. I was still awake when he had to get up. I think I finally fell asleep close to 2:00. I woke up tired and sore but not too sore. My hamstrings are a little tight but my lower back hurts more. I think it's a cross between the bending over for the weeding and the twisting and turning while trying to sleep.

Media quote of the day:

Niles, I've just finished my two thousandth show. I'm exhausted, physically and emotionally. I believe that I am entitled to an entire weekend of doing nothing, don't you? - Frasier

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

33 out of 50 ain't bad

So, I was going through yahoo's shine and came across this intriguing article: The Sexual Bucket List - 50 Things To Do Sexually Before You Die and couldn't help but read through 'em and see how many I've done.

I've done 33 out of the 50. Apparently I'm a lot more adventurous then I ever thought. Well, sort of anyway. There's still a few on there that I haven't done but would like to such as #14 (drive-in sex) and #15 (Mile-high club). You know, stuff that's really not all that "scary." But there's a few others that would be deemed "scary" that I've fantasized/thought about but don't know if I actually want to do them. And no, I'm not gonna list even one of those. Family and friends may not know about this site right now but who knows if they'll ever find it. And if they do, they certainly don't ever need to know that information.

Media quote of the day:

We have an elephant in the room and its name is sex. - Dexter

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend update

So Friday night HDT's youngest sister and their mom came over and we went out to dinner and a movie. We went to see Inception which I really liked but I don't think the other girls liked it much and HDT didn't like as much as me, although he did enjoy it.

It was late by the time we got out of there so they went to his sister's house for the night, I went to bed and HDT stayed up to play Call of Duty, of course. He finally came to bed around 5:30ish and at 9:30ish there was a loud knocking on our back door. They were there to bring us up to date on the saga of sis and her asshole exboyfriend. He just broke up with her a little earlier in the week and Friday night he texts her asking why she took his Swiffer. She calls him to say she didn't take it, she borrowed it several months earlier and they just never took it back to his place. So the next morning she takes it back to his place, of which she has a key. So she lets herself in and proceeds to find him in bed with another girl already.

So she of course is devastated. But HDT and I were trying to tell her it's what a lot of guys do, for many different reasons. And one of the best is as HDT told her, a guy doesn't need emotions to go to bed with a girl all he needs is a libido. And as I told her, they get over one relationship easier with a distraction and what's a better distraction than another girl in his bed.

So yeah, they hung out all day discussing it all over and over. Finally around 4:30 they decided to head back to her place and she was gonna take a nap and then get ready to go to a party with HDT and I for one of his coworkers.

We picked her up at 9:20 and made it out there by 10:00. Which normally wouldn't be late for a Saturday party but it started at 3:30. But that's ok, there were people that showed up even after us. Everyone kept asking her were the boyfriend was and so she had to keep telling everyone that they broke up. He's also a coworker of HDT and the host and so many other party goers. So I kept giving her shots and taking them along with her.

Around 1:00 we finally left along with one of the coworkers and went to an all night restaurant to get some breakfast. We dropped her off afterward and once we got home I went straight to bed and HDT played Call of Duty. Anyone notice a pattern? Yep, that's the usual in our household. But this time he didn't stay up all night.

Sunday he got up about 9:30 to go to a friends house to hang out and I stayed in bed. I had to get up at 7:20 to let the dog go to the bathroom and feed everyone. Then he decided he had to go to the bathroom again at 8:30. Then HDT's alarm started to go off at 8:50. So yeah, after he got up and I had piece again I was able to finally fall back asleep. Next thing I know I'm waking up at 12:20. But I felt well rested.

I was lazy and did some reading and then started in on season 2 of Grey's Anatomy until he came home. We watched some of the recorded shows until his sister came over to cut his hair. After that I went back to Grey's and they went online to do some things.

So it was an eventful weekend but relaxing just the same.

Media quote of the day:

What's the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules. Which is why I have to steal it. - Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) - Inception

He's the asshole, Annie, the guy who puts us here. Remember that, ok? - Keanu Reeves
Big asshole. - Sandra Bullock Speed

Friday, July 16, 2010

The one where Katrina ALMOST starts a fire

So, yeah, I almost started a fire yesterday.....

Last Christmas all us kids received wooden pan holders from mom and Les which Les made himself in his wood shop. They're really cool and we've had ours on our stove ever since bringing them home. You know what I'm talking about? Those things you put on your table to put a really hot pot/pan on so your table or table cloth doesn't get all burnt and shit? Yeah, those things, he made em out of wood and they're really cool looking.

Well last week after I made pasta alla vodka I put both of them in the oven (which was still warm from the garlic bread) and then put the paper plates on top of them to keep the food warm while I packaged up the rest into containers for the fridge. I then took the plates out and we went and ate. I had put them in so I wouldn't be putting paper plates directly on 300 degree wire racks. But then I forgot to take the holders out. Yep, smart me.

So then last night we decide we're gonna have some chicken and tots. So I turn on the oven to heat it up. After a couple minutes I started smelling something but just figured it was cheese or something like that on the bottom of the oven burning off. It was a little stronger smelling a few minutes later and I figured it was time to go put the food in anyway so I head up the stairs. As I look up I see smoke and just then the smoke alarm starts to beep. Freaked the cats and dog out let me to you.

HDiTty also was like, what the fuck is going on. I'm at the top of the stairs now and turn to go into the kitchen and it's full of smoke. I open the oven and smoking away are the holders. The kitchen, living room and now our bedroom is full of smoke. Luckily they weren't on fire, just smoking really badly. I took them out and put them in the sink and started to open windows right away. HDT took them outside since they continued to smoke. I turned the floor fan on in the bedroom to face it out into the hallway while he turned the alarm off. But then he put the fan in the bedroom window facing out so it'd suck the smoke out of the house.

After a little while it all cleared out but the smell stuck around for a little while. They're pretty black but still usable. I don't want to get rid of them if I can help it since Les made them and who knows how things will continue to go with him and being sick and all right now. Even if he finally gets better there's no telling if he'll be strong enough to ever get back out to his wood shop again or not.

Media quote of the day: Friends - The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Men are here. - Chandler
We make fire. Cook meat. - Joey
Then put out fire by peeing, no get invited back. - Chandler

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HDT is high maintenance but I love him anyway

So HDT will be going to a seminar type thingy the first week of August for his APCO stuff. The day he's supposed to leave is the 2nd day of the reunion. I've told him he'll have to leave either late that evening or Sunday. When he was checking flights/hotels last night it looks like leaving on Sunday is actually 100 bucks more. And although we didn't think it was worth it last night after realizing that he'd have to leave during the reunion I think it might be after all. Unless we can get him a flight late enough in the evening that we won't have to miss anything.

I have to transfer a butt load of money to his credit card as well so he'll have enough of a cushion to be able to pay for everything himself using that. UGH! My man is expensive.

He's also wanting a soft top for his jeep and the 1/2 steel doors. He keeps saying we need to sell a bunch of our shit that could bring in decent dollars but he hasn't taken any of the pictures needed to get them on Craig's List or Ebay yet. There's no way we'd get the same kind of money at a garage sale.

Although he mentioned having one of those as well. At first I thought no way, we don't have enough big ticket items to sell and that's really what brings in the people and the cash. But we could put the headboard and dresser in it and that stupid huge and heavy desk in the spare bedroom. And who knows what else. Hmm, I'll have to look around. I told him if we did one that the best days are Fri/Sat/Sun and he'd have to do Fri by himself. Unless one of his sister's decided to hang out with. He said he understood and was ok with it. Works for me.

Media quote of th day:

There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.
You're the worst kind; you're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance.
I know; high maintenance. - Harry in When Harry Met Sally Now only put that towards HDiTty and we're all good.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Date Night

So I got home yesterday and HDT was in the shower and asks me what I want to do for the evening. I said I didn't know and asked him what he wanted to do. He asked if I'd like to go out to dinner and a movie. He said a sit down dinner even. I got all giddy, he hardly ever wants to go to a sit down restaurant. He let me pick and since I had a hankerin for a steak I decided on Lone Star. We haven't been there in forever. He asked if I wanted to invite anyone along, not for dinner but for the movie. And I said nope, we haven't had an actual date night for I don't know how long where we go to dinner and a movie, I wanted to keep it for ourselves.

He got a Texas Tea and I got a, hmm, now I can't remember the name of it. But basically it was a lemonade mixed drink. It was nice and sweet. Normally I'd get a tea as well but I felt more like something sweet instead of tart. He got a sirloin with broccoli and au gratin potatoes. I got garlic medallions on a bed of rice with broccoli and steak fries. I hate au gratin potatoes but he pushed me to try a bite so I did. It was so damn disgusting I couldn't help but make a face, which promptly cracked him up. I was finally able to swallow them but had to take a quick swallow of my drink right after to get that nasty ass taste out of my mouth.

We both agreed that what we got was pretty damn good and we'll be getting it again the next time we go.

After we went to Best Buy so he could get a charger for his phone and of course got a few new cd's. That place is almost like Sam's Club, can't go in and just get what you went for, almost always walk out with something else.

Then we went to see Despicable Me. He actually seemed to like it more than me which is unusual. Not that I didn't like it, it's just that it wasn't as funny as I expected it to be. Things that were obviously supposed to be funny just weren't. But the kids were pretty damn cute and those little yellow pill like things were also cute and funny.

So over all it was a really good date night. He even drove, which I really really liked. But of course he did, he has a new Jeep that he has to drive around.

Media quote of the day: The Simpsons - Boy Meets Curl

Date Night: It's the embalming fluid that keeps the mummy of a marriage fresh after the heart and brain have been pulled out through the nose. - Lenny Leonard

I never should've given you that Egyptology book. - Carl Carlson

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend update

So of course he bought a Jeep this weekend. He found one online on Friday and called his BIL who works at the place and we went by Saturday night after HDT got off of work. Didn't get out of there until almost 10.

And then he does his usual indecisiveness thing and starts second guessing himself. I usually like when he does it because that means whatever it is he wants to buy doesn't get bought for awhile. So money doesn't get spent for awhile. But this time he buys and then waffles. But it's fine, it's more amusing than anything else.

Sunday I went to mom's house to visit with her and Les. She brought him home for a few hours to get him out of the nursing facility for some much needed morale boosting. Don't know how well it worked but it was good to see him. I took Poydras along since I know Les likes to see him. He sat up on the couch with him a few times for a little while. He was a good puppy as usual.

I got home basically at the same time as HDT and proceeded to make us dinner. I made the pasta ala vodka again. This time I left out the bacon. It wasn't as good as the last time I made it but it was still good. I also doubled everything and HDT was thinking it might have needed to simmer a little longer to allow the sauce to thicken more. So if I do it like that again I'll give that a try along with turning up the heat a bit more. Doing the bacon made the cook time almost double but it might be worth it to do again anyway.

Media quote of the day:

Someone's been bitten by the puppy love bug. - 101 Dalmatians the tv series

Friday, July 9, 2010

Stream of random thought writing

So, I was thinking that I should really update the site if I'm gonna be posting again. There's several links over there that are no longer valid or need a password to get to and I don't even have it, so yeah, they need to come off. I also need to get back to statcounter and renew my account.

It seems like the people that quit writing did so right around the same time as I did give or take a month or two. Kinda weird. But I'm amazed at how many of them are still around and update regularly.

I have to go grocery shopping after work. I really don't wanna do it but this constantly buying food for lunch is absolutely ridiculous! Being a temp still my pay is squat and even though we said we weren't going to go back to spending willy nilly once I got a job we have. Well, not willy nilly but still not as responsible as we should be. Like all this eating out for lunch and still several times for dinner. A lot of the dinner has to do with it being hot as hell out there and not wanting to turn the oven on or standing over a hot stove top. And a basic laziness too, I won't lie.

And I'm all about the skillet meals that are out there now. Especially the Stouffer's ones. They're extremely cheap and enough food, as long as we add some garlic bread, for just us two. And calorie wise they're damn good as well. Less than 400 for each of us. Of course you throw in the bread and it goes back up to around a 500 calorie meal, but still, that's better than so many of our other meals.

So we're hoping to be able to go to the opening game in September. It's a Thursday night game so I'd have to take off Thursday and Friday. With probably no pay too. But I went to Orbitz and Expedia to see what the going rate for a flight & hotel would be and it's pretty damn cheep! One of the hotels we've stayed at before that's really nice and right by the quarter is extremely cheep. I checked for a 4 night stay. With round trip & the hotel for 4 nights it's approximately $350.00 a person. WOW!! Considering the flight is usally that alone it's great. And then the last time I checked that hotel the going rate for one night was over $200.00 a night. The time we stayed there they had just opened the place, their restaurant wasn't even finished being renovated and the price of the room was $75.00 a night. When I was looking at the form that they had on the door reading the rules & regulations I got to the part where it said the room couldn't be rented for less than $350.00 a night and was totally shocked. Obviously that's changed considering I saw it for the $200.00 approx. rate since then, but still, when I saw that I was shocked.

So yeah, I told HDT about it and he's all "book it." But until I'm able to talk to my boss I can't. Although at that time I'll be hired and a full fledged employee and I won't be eligible for time off yet. At least I don't think I will, haven't talked to anyone about benefits round these parts. I'm so willing to take the days off without pay if they'll let me that's for sure. Bosslady will be back next week so I'll have to work up the nerve to talk to her at some point. Not that she's scary, because she's so not, just asking for time off before you're even officially hired is kinda ballsy.

But pretty much the only reason I'm not hired yet, at least the impression I get anyway, is that they have a contract with the temp agency that the person stays a temp for 3 months. Several people have already hinted that I'm a definite hire, including the president himself, so...

I also need to ask her about Friday the 30th. If I can get the whole day off that would be great, I'd be able to help out with the preparations for the reunion then. If I can only get a half day then that's good too. If I can't then oh well, HDT and I will just get there when we can. But I don't think I'll have an issue there at all anyway.
Next day.

So I did my grocery shopping last night and of course rather than make anything out of what I bought we went and got chinese. Heh But then, we've been trying to get it for the last several days but our place was closed for vacation and the only other place we go to is 45 minutes away in my former working town. So yeah, we were very happy when they were open yesterday and couldn't resist getting it. But at least I'll have food when I go home for lunch and won't have to do fast food.

I am so happy it's Friday. I really like where I work but I can't help but still not be a fan of actually working. If only I played and won the lottery like that chick in Texas that's won four times now. And each time in the millions. As HDT pointed out though, how much does it suck to have won four times and still only amount to $20 million. But still, that's plenty enough for me.

Media quote of the day: My Cousin Vinny

Famous for your mud? How's your Chinese food? - Lisa
You just keep asking about Chinese food. You gotta let everybody know you're a tourist? - Vinny Gambini
Yeah well what are you, a fucking world traveler? - Lisa

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th, just another day amongst the rest this week

So our 4th of July/long weekend went ok, didn't do much really. Saturday HDT sold his truck and of course immediately had to go looking at/driving Jeep Wranglers. He's pretty particular on what he's wanting and we've pretty much decided that this time he's not going to compromise. Maybe that way he'll be happy enough to keep it and not want to get rid of it within a couple of years which is how he is with just about every vehicle he's ever gotten.

The salesman that we dealt with kept going back and doing new searches but couldn't find anything out there that HDT wants. During one of the searches that was taking forever we had to get up and leave since people were coming over for the UFC fights. But we knew we weren't buying then anyway.

My brothers and Jim, came over to watch the fights. They were pretty good. One of the best ones was the first fight of the prelims but Wayne and I were the only ones that really saw it. Scott was busy trying to fix our bathroom door/frame since the door wouldn't always close. And Jim and HDT were busy looking up Jeeps. Scott finished just as the prelims were ending but HDT and Jim would go back and forth between searching and watching the fights. Jason and Roy showed up just as the first fight was starting of the main event. We had a good time as always.

Sunday we lazed around until he had to go to work for over time 8-12 but next thing I know he's walking in the door just after 10. Apparently it was pretty dead but that was good since he had to go back in for his normal shift on Monday. Our town decided not to do fireworks this year but before that decision was made he had signed up for the extra coverage. Obviously ended up not needing it.

I had Monday off and decided I'd take it easy again. I mowed the lawn and that was about it. But then with the temp around 94 it was all that was needed. Watched some tv before that and then soaked in the tub reading afterward. Then went and collected HDT from work and chilled on the couch some more.

So, yeah, nice relaxing weekend for the most part.

We of course have not been working out the way we should be. But with all his overtime (he's working the next 10 days in a row) he's pretty tired. So I said again yesterday that if we keep blowing it off we need to get our elliptical out of the laundry room and set up again. So much for losing 10 pounds before my family reunion.

I completely forgot about a doctor's appointment I have this afternoon at 4:30. I made it way back in March. It's a follow up on the birth control pill, to make sure it's working for me and all. Which it is so hopefully I'll be in and out of there. She didn't say there'd be an exam so as far as I know it's just gonna be us talking about it and getting a new prescription to fill for a year this time rather than a few months.

So yeah, apparently I was due for my annual check up. Good thing I shaved my legs the day before. And I got the whole, you really do need to go get a mammogram done since your 40 and all speech. Yeah, yeah, I know I do and I will. Eventually.

Media quote of the day: From the X-Files - Northing Important Happended Today II

You ever hear of King George the III? - FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh

You answer my question! - John Doggett

He was King of England when America declared independence in 1776. King George the III kept a diary. On July 4th he made an entry in it: "Nothing important happened today" - FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh

What the hell does that got to do with me? - John Doggett

A revolution started, things that changed the world forever, and even kings can miss them if they are not paying attention. - FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hottest men

So I read an article about the hottest men in cinema. Per this author Hugh Grant was IT in the 90's and Matt Damen was IT in the 00's. Although I agree that both are hot in their own ways I just can't get behind them as the hottest.

But then, Brad Pitt has been my #1 since I first saw him so many years ago. So I am a bit biased when it comes to him being the hottest. But I mean really, so many of the guys that others list usually look the same in every movie. Hugh always has that same goofy grin and floppy hair and puppydog mentality. Matt, mostly anyway, has the same kick ass, don't mess with me or you're dead mentality. When he's not that he's usually playing kinda goofy but you still see the other underneath.

Whereas Brad has played pretty, gorgeous, scruffy, crazy/scary, stoned, dirty, psycho, air headed/pretty, etc. And no matter what he looks like or comes across as he's still just so damn hot. So much so I really can't say what movie I prefer him in. I guess, any movie that shows his body will do.

And coming in a close second is Dwayne Johnson (you know, the former The Rock). I gotta say the only time he didn't look so hot was in the one where he's a football player dad to a little girl and didn't know it. He looked rather skinny in that one but I think that was about the time he split with his wife so I'm gonna chalk it up to heartbreak.

Media quotes of the day:

Heartthrobs are a dime a dozen. - Brad Pitt

I'm one of those people you hate because of genetics. It is the truth. - Brad Pitt

That's a traditional Samoan dance. I was lucky that I was able to fly my cousins, who are professional dancers, up from Hawaii and they were able to be in the movie with me. We had a great time. - Dwayne Johnson