Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My wish/bucket list

So I started typing up this list about a year ago.  And I've actually started in on one of the items, did another and actually may do a third on the 26th.

The way this list is going maybe I should have a vacation/site seeing list all by itself. Geesh

Go to Ireland, Scotland and England
Go to Germany and Austria (for HDT more than me)
Get back down to 135-140 and maintain - I'm trying, AGAIN, down 7 pounds.  Got rid of the elliptical and got a water rowing machine that I like more
Paint my walls something other than white
Get some shelves or have them made for the living room - have book shelves finally
Get out of debt and stay out - on my way, canceled two cards and paid them off.  HDT's Jeep just got paid off and will be using the monthly payment from that towards other cards now
See our nation's capital
Go to New York City
And see a Broadway show
Own a cabin in the woods or on a lake/pond or both
See Vermont and/or New Hampshire in the fall
Take a fall scenic train ride
Go to Starved Rock basically in my backyard, mainly want to see in the fall of course
Have a "grown-up" house - i.e. a living room that doesn't have Saints stuff as decorations. Or at least only a few items. - On our way, most Saints items in the finished basement now. Bookshelves displaying books, just need a few more pieces of art on the walls.
Go on an architectural boat tour in Chicago - done in August 2014
Learn how to drive a motorcycle, whether I own one or not
Go to Niagara Falls - done 10/5-6/2012
Go to the Grand Canyon
Go to at least one of the many many caves we have throughout our many states
Get my engagement/wedding rings fixed or remodeled (requires loosing the weight so they're the correct size)
Skydive at least once
Go to Disneyworld
Retire in Kentucky (or somewhere in that area)
Get another orange tabby (miss my Tody) - Didn't add an orange tabby but got a golden one and a black/brown one, brothers named Merry and Pippin from Lord of the Rings
Get back down to Gulf Shores Alabama.  Not an easy thing to do since HDT isn't thrilled with "beach" activities.
See the Saints in every stadium - on our way, 8 so far including the Superdome: Bears/Chicago, Packers/Green Bay, Bengals/Cincinnati, Browns/Cleveland, Lions/Detroit, Rams/St Louis (now need to see 'em in LA), 49er's/San Francisco

Updated 11/15/16

As I think of other stuff, if I do that is, I'll add to it and of course as I actually do these things I'll update it.