Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Randomness

Whiskers is going in for surgery tomorrow. She has a cyst on her front right leg that has grown exponentially and is threatening to burst. Or at the very least be split open by one of the pesky boys when they're attacking her. I have to admit I'm a little worried. The last time we had a cat go under we lost her. That was several years ago and she was pretty sickly to begin with but still. It was completely unexpected and anything can happen, so...

So today they were working on our pipes at work so we couldn't use the toilets or the sinks for four hours. Needless to say I had to piss like a Russian race horse by the time they were done. It was sweet relief when I was finally able to go.

My sample packs of the Topamax ran out on Monday so we put in the prescription and oh my goodness the cost. Thank goodness for insurance. I don't know what determines it but we'll pay either 5, 10, 15 or 20 and insurance covers the rest. This was a $20.00 co-pay and insurance paid $257.00. For a one month prescription. One Month! I take two pills a day, at 60 pills for $277.00 that comes to $4.62 a pill. Unreal, no wonder in the sample pack there was a $25.00 coupon and a card to get on a payment plan. Imagine if I were an epileptic and had to take it for that since that's first and foremost what these pills are for and didn't have insurance.

Same thing with the Imitrex. There's only 9 in the pack and it cost insurance $289.00 so a total of $309.00 with the $20.00 co-pay. That's $34.34 a pill! Boy am I in the wrong business.

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. Another 2-4 inches. I'm sick of it people. Sick. Of. It. I tell you.

We'll be going to a wedding on Friday for a girl I've met only once. But HDiTty was best friends with her brother in high school and is a family friend. Plus she came to our wedding so I figure it's only right I/we go to hers. So I'll be leaving work early Friday to make her 3pm wedding. I mean, really, who gets married at 3pm on a Friday? Yeah, yeah, I know, we got married on a Thursday. But at least we did it at 6pm to at least try to accommodate people's schedules. Oh well. At least I'm leaving for something good for once rather than a damn headache like all the other times.

My birthday is next Tuesday. I'll be turning 38. I can't fathom that age. It doesn't seem logical to me. I cannot be that age, I just can't be, it's not possible. Holy shit, that's right, this year would be my 20 year high school reunion. If they're even having one. I wouldn't go, not that they'd even know where to find me. Then again, I am on classmates. So, yeah, they could find me there now that I think about it. Oh well, I'm actually ok with it really. But I have a feeling 40 is gonna hit me.

Media quote of the day:
I've had enough of danger
And people on the streets
I'm looking out for angels
Just trying to find some peace

One More Try
George Michael

The #1 song from May 28, 1988

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quick Oscars post

So the Oscars pretty much just ended and I have to say this was the first time that I actually didn't care about any of the winners. Normally we would've seen at least several of the movies but we only saw one movie this past year and that was Elizabeth: The Golden Age which was only up for costumes, which it won. So yeah, didn't care about any of the nominees or winners but still enjoyed it for the most part. I was sort of irked though. Although many speeches are rather boring it's always annoying when they're played off. I mean, this is the Oscars for cripes sakes, let the people say their thanks. And we could've done without the few little bits that Jon Stewart did so let the people talk.

Don't get me wrong, he was funny and for the most part kept it moving along but there were a couple things that could have been cut like the binocular and nightmare bits that would've allowed a few more minutes for people to talk. But he did redeem the academy by bringing the one chick back out that got played off who had won for best song to be able to say her thank yous. I thought that was really nice.

And although we hadn't seen any of these movies and a couple we hadn't even heard of before all the award shows we did plan on but just never got around too. I'll have to get them on our Netflix list and get 'em so we can see what all the hypes about. Especially No Country for Old Men. I remember reading about it back when Live Free or Die Hard came out but once again, just never got around to it.

And how 'bout Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno. She looked a little embarrassed going up to the stage, she kept pulling her dress down and then on her way back stage her face fell and her shoulders hunched like she was almost ashamed of herself. I felt so bad for her if that's how she actually felt. I hope not, especially after the last thing she said about thanking her family for loving her the way she is.

Anyway, it wasn't a great Oscar's night but it wasn't a bad one either. I'd write more but it's getting really late and I'm tired so I'm going to bed. Night night.

Media quote of the day: Go back to your rat hole! Tell Philip I fear neither him, nor his priests, nor his armies. Tell him if he wants to shake his little fist at us, we're ready to give him such a bite he'll wish he'd kept his hands in his pockets! - Queen Elizabeth I - Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Since it's the only one I saw it's the only one I could use.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How silly am I?

I freaked myself out yesterday. It was quite funny actually. Several weeks ago HDiTty was kind enough to clean out the garage enough that I could start parking my truck in there again so I've been doing so. The problem is our door opener broke several years ago so we have to manually open it. Last night I put the truck in park, got out, shut the door, opened the garage door and go back to the truck. I lift the handle and pull. Nothing happens. The door doesn't open. I'm sure I had a stupid look on my face. But I tried it again thinking I just must not have pulled hard enough. Nope, nothing.

So then I did the smart thing. Yep, that's right. I used BOTH hands. Started pulling and saying no, no, no, no over and over again. Let me tell you, it didn't help.

Why I thought to check the back door I couldn't tell you but I did and luckily it was open. So I got in and leaned over the console and unlocked the front door and all was well in my world again.

Media quote of the day: All is right with the world again. - Robin - How I Met Your Mother

Monday, February 18, 2008

Free thought writing

I so don't feel like working anymore. I mean, not. at. all. None. Why do I have to work? Hmmm?

Oh yeah, because we have bills to pay and a house to keep. Oh well, I guess I'll be heading back there tomorrow.

I need a vacation. That's gotta be it. I haven't been on one in too damn long. I believe I've written all of this before. That's how bad it is.

You know what's a cute movie? Baby Boom, it's one of those movies that if it's on I'll watch it all the way through. I just watched it and the channel is playing an encore right now and since nothing else is on and I don't feel like turning off the tv right now I've decided to leave it on until I'm done. There's parts of Diane Keaton that make me think of my mother-in-law.

Speaking of my MIL, she came over yesterday to watch 300 because HD and I have been wanting to see Meet the Spartans and she was going to come with and had never seen it. I really didn't expect her to like 300 but she did. And of course Meet the Spartans was as dumb as a rock but there were some pretty funny parts. A few minutes into the end credits they were interrupted and some extra footage was played which I'd say was actually more funny than most of the movie. Especially the part where the king pushed the Dean Cook guy into the pit, that was pretty darn awesome!

That baby is just too damn adorable for it's own good. The baby in Baby Boom that is. Apparently the twin babies who played Elizabeth have done nothing but the movie and the tv show according to

We also saw the Spiderwick Chronicles this weekend. I had read the books when they first came out and when I read in Entertainment Weekly that a movie was being made I was really excited. HD hadn't read the books and neither had his dad and stepmom. It's a good thing I didn't reread them for a refresher or I would've been pissed. I'd say the movie was only 40% of the books. I kept trying to remember what would be coming up next and some things I could but some things that I knew should've weren't. Oh well, as I said, I don't remember enough so I was able to enjoy the movie for itself. It was pretty good, nothing spectacular but for a kids' flick it was good. And especially since we didn't have to pay for it and his dad only had to pay matinee (is that right? oh well, too tired to care right now) prices all things worked out well. I believe everyone else enjoyed it, felt pretty much how I did.

Damn, that James Spader is just a baby in this movie. Which is actually pretty funny considering he's 27 at the time. But he looks like he's 17 which is how old I was when it came out. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. He was 27 playing a teenager in all those teenager movies in the mid to late 80's. Oh who the hell am I kidding it happens all the time. It happened then and it still happens. He's just one that could actually get away with it. Too a point that is. I always figured he was older than me but I didn't think 10 years! Damn!

I bought a daily planner type book to keep track of my headaches or lack there of but it's still in the bag. I can't seem to make myself start writing in it. I don't know why? I thought for sure once I got it I'd start right in. Although I don't know why I would think that but I did. It's too late to start tonight as it's 9:55 already. Oh well, there's always tomorrow right? Right.

Speaking of the time. I'm tired so I'm gonna go get ready for bed and then crawl in it. Nighty night all.

Media quote of the day - from 300:
Dilios, I trust that "scratch" hasn't made you useless. - King Leonidas
Hardly, my lord, it's just an eye. The Gods saw fit to grace me with a spare. - Dilios

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No pain

As of 7:45 am on Wednesday the 13th I am headache free. I'm not holding my breath.

EDIT: It's now 9:35 pm and I'm still headache free. I'm so happy it's unreal. There were a couple times that some smells caused some small pain to happen but it didn't last but a few minutes each time.

I'm really exhausted right now so I"m gonna go to bed and hopefully have a good nights sleep and be pain free tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Media quote of the day: No. Medication will only mask the pain. - Alan - Two and a Half Men

Oh so that's what it's doing. Damn, and I was so happy too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love it, but sick of it

As mentioned the other day yesterday was HDiTty's birthday. He almost had to go into work but luckily his partner took the overtime. He'll owe her but that's ok. His best friend met us at our house and then we drove out to meet some other friends from his work at Buffalo Wild Wings to have some drinks and food. I had 1/2 a long island before I passed it over to him to finish. For one thing I hadn't had anything to eat for 8 hours and it was already hitting me pretty good and the other I still have a headache and figured I shouldn't be drinking on top of it.

Yeah, every single day I've had aches in the head. They're not going away. I asked the doc if I was going to have to live with this pain and he told me no, we'd figure it out. But I'm starting to doubt. I'm still taking my preventative though because I'm a good girl. Ok, I'm done talking about my head. Ha! Who am I kidding. Although I'm sick and tired of it, it is my life right now so I know I'll talk about it again.

I forgot to tell ya'll what happened over the weekend. Our TV went out. Yep, no TV for us for a few more days at least. I was watching a movie (Independence Day) and it wasn't quite over with when I had to go get HD up for work so I paused it. Now keep in mind we pause the darn thing all the time whether it's the Tivo or DVD so I know it wasn't from doing that. I stay upstairs with him while he's getting ready but I have to go back down to get his work shirt and I notice the screen is black. I don't think anything of it. But then I have to go back down again because I forgot his t-shirt and this time it registers in my little peanut head brain that instead of seeing the president shaking hands with his adoring public after bringing down the bad guys I'm seeing a big huge black screen. I go upstairs and ask HD if he remembers that ever happening on pause before. He says no but reminds me that sometimes when we pause the DVD it does "lose" the "connection" after awhile. But if it does it goes back to regular TV not to black screen, at least that I can remember. And if it did go to a black screen then there was at least sound. There was nothing, just a black screen and instead of the green light stating our screen was on there was a red light like it had turned off.

So I sent him off to work with the idea I'd look into it after he was gone. I turned it off and on several times and each time I turned it back on there was this "keening" sound that was emitting from the TV. The green light would flash like it was going to come on but instead of going solid it would go off and a few inches to the left a red light would then flash. Turns out that red light was the lamp indicator. Yep, our lamp had burnt out. So $200.00 and a couple days wait we should have it back in working order.

Apparently we're lucky though. From what we've both heard/read these lamps tend to go out within 120 days of purchase quite often. We've had our TV for at least 3 years and 4 months. So yeah, we've had it way longer than 120 days.

Snow, snow, snow and more snow. I love it but I'm really really tired of it. It's been snowing all day today but luckily it's been really light so it's been close to no accumulation. But still, come on, it's time to stop. And according to yahoo's weather report it's supposed to do the same kind of thing on and off for the rest of the week. UGH

Media quote of the day: Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day! - President Thomas Whitmore - Independence Day

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wishy Washy

EDIT: I've started and stopped this entry 2 or 3 times now but I think I'm finally gonna get it finished and posted tonight. (Sunday the 10th that is)

So sure enough the doc put me on a preventative. I'm on Topamax. It's actually an epileptic pill but they found it works for migraines. I'm on 25mg a day right now and will work my way up to 100mg a day by week four.

I went back to work after the appointment although on the way back the pain was getting worse so I really shouldn't have. I lasted until around 2:45 when the spikes started back up. But this time they were throughout my whole forehead area not just my temple. It took me just over an hour to get home because it had started to snow AGAIN. It made the road just slick enough that the dumbasses who don't know how to drive were causing problems for the rest of us. It snowed pretty good for about two hours and then stopped until Wednesday. But that two hours caused all kinds of problems on the roads because it was a sloppy and icy mess. HDiTty had class that night and it took him close to an hour to get to it and it normally would only be about a 1/2 hour or so.

I was in bed before 9pm and although I didn't expect to fall asleep I did and except for when he called me to tell me he was out of class and on his way to work I think I only woke up twice until my alarm went off the next morning. Woke up with the migraine still there so I waited until 6ish when I felt it was ok to call bosslady and bossman to let them know I wouldn't be in. Took an Imitrex and went back to bed. It wasn't just still there either, it was actually worse.

But then HD got home about an hour or so, maybe a little less than that, later and wanted me to get up with him. I realized I couldn't sleep anymore anyway so I got up. I rested on the couch while he played on the computer while we watched some shows. A few hours later he went to bed and some time between 1:30 and 2:00 I laid down on the couch and fell asleep for several hours. It did me a world of good because the pain was pretty much nonexistent when I got up.

BUT, by 10:30/11:00 some pain was back. I really didn't want to take another Imitrex so I didn't, it wasn't quite that bad. I was able to fall asleep almost right away. I did go into work on Thursday and although I was in pain I stayed. It was doable. There were times that I wished I weren't there but for the most part I was glad I went in. But I did get some food on the way home, get there eat it, take an Imitrex and the Topamax, take a nice long hot bath and then go to bed. I was lying down by 8:45 and it felt wonderful. I didn't think I'd fall asleep for awhile but once again I surprised myself and did.

I woke a few times with Cry Baby literally lying across my head and/or face purring to beat the band. And although I couldn't breathe very well the purring actually felt pretty good on my head. But I did have to push him off so I could breathe easier. The last time I woke up, just before my alarm went off, I was on my left side with him across my neck. His head was resting on my chin. He amazes me sometimes.

I was completely pain free while getting ready and for most of my ride in. But, alas, with 10 minutes left to go I started feeling the tightness in my forehead that I sometimes get before I get one. As the day went on it ebbed and flowed. It never got real bad so that was good. But by evening it was bad enough that I took another Imitrex. I only have 3 left in the pack to go before the doc will have to give me another prescription.

I need to get some kind of booklet or day calendar or something to keep a diary of all of this. I had started to do it in word but I didn't keep it up. I think if I have something small enough that I can keep in my purse but sill have enough room for each day for a decent description I'd be more apt to keep up with it.


We got another 9.7 inches dumped on us on Wednesday. I'm glad I stayed home. I don't remember any other winter like this. I think we've seen the ground 2 weeks total this whole winter. From December 1 we've just kept getting snow storm after snow storm. This last one broke a few tree limbs on our pine trees. And this weekend, although sunny and pretty the wind chill is deadly. The temperature was only 1 degree while I was out from 3:30 to 5:00 today.


Yes, silly me went out in it to go get HD a birthday card. He turns 37 tomorrow. We'll be the same age for 22 days then I'll be turning the ripe old age of 38 on March 4th. He is not the easiest person to buy for. Well, he is but he isn't. If it's Saints related or Fleur-de-Lis related you're pretty much a go but a person doesn't have much luck with either of those around these here parts.

And since I am the Queen of Procrastination it's a little too late to order anything online. So I told him we'll have to go to Best Buy or something like that together where he can choose something for himself. Because there's no way in hell I'm going to try to get him something computer related. Hell, I know he wants a phone ear piece thingy but he's so damn wishy washy he can't make up his mind which one he wants and you think I'm going to buy him one on my own? You're crazy!

All right, I'm tired and my head has that tightening feeling going on so I'm thinking I should go to bed in hopes that a good nights rest will do me some good. Wishful thinking I know but so be it.

Media quote of the day: Me? Me in love with Chuck? How could anybody ever be in love with boring, dull, wishy-washy old Chuck? - Peppermint Patty - There's No Time for Love Charlie Brown (from way back in 1973)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here we go again

Was that a great football game or what? I'm more happy than not that the Giants won but I'm a little disappointed we didn't see the history of a 19 - 0 season. But it was a great David and Goliath story that's for sure. And who would've thought the Pats would have scored so low, well, besides Plaxico that is.

And although Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers were good it was a pretty boring half time show. Pretty much a total snooze fest really.

The commercials were ok. There were a few that I really liked but most over all weren't up to superbowl standards. I like the two sentimental ones: The Coke one where Charlie Brown gets it and the Bud one where the dog trains the horse Rocky style. I enjoyed the Pepsi one with Justin Timberlake being dragged all over. I know there's a few more but at this time I'm drawing a complete blank.

I had to make another dr's appointment. About 10:50 yesterday morning I got a very sharp spike in my left temple. I pushed on it and said ow in my mind. Then a few seconds later it did it again and I did it again. Then about 10-15 seconds after that one it did it again but this time it was stronger and I actually said ow outloud. Bosslady was sitting a few feet away and looked at me and asked what was wrong at the same time I was saying, "this can't be good." It happened again and I said ow again. My other coworker looked over and asked what was wrong and said that I looked really flushed and they both told me to sit down, I had been standing at a filing cabinet. So I sat and kept saying ow ow ow every time it happened, one right after another. They both started to tell me I had to call my doctor but I kept saying I didn't want to. Then it stopped. I had no other problems, no headache, no dizzyness, no blurring of vision, nothing.

But they kept badgering me so I finally called and Christy (whom I went to school with) says to me after I told her I was badgered into calling, "Yes, Katrina, you call me when you get sharp spikes in your temple and/or head."

About 20 - 30 minutes later the headache set in so I took an Excederin Migraine pill. Once again it didn't make it go away but it didn't get any worse either. I got more spikes starting at 2:30 and going on and off until 5:50ish. I wrote down the times every time it happened to let the doctor know. The headache was gone by late evening.

I have a slight headache now and I've had one spike so far today. My appointment is for 10:30 this morning. I'm sure he's going to put me on a preventative.

Blogger won't let me spell check, hopefully I haven't made too many mistakes.

Oh yeah, Happy
Fat Tuesday everyone!!

Media quote of the day: Bloody hell. - Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer