Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hate, hate, hate migraines! That's all I'm gonna say about that.

So, this weekend went well. Friday after work I went home and got HDiTty up out of bed and we went over to his coworkers house to take over a blueberry fluff and visit him and his family. His mother had passed away the previous Saturday so we were paying our condolences. We hung out there for a good 2 1/2 hours or so and then headed out to a bar to meet another coworker of his for her birthday. Other than eating a slice of the blueberry fluff neither of us had eaten anything. So I was really hoping to get something to eat but by the time we got there she and the rest of the people were in a room where the band was going to be playing so there was no chance of me even finding out if there'd be food to eat or not. They had already eaten earlier so they were doing just fine. Oh well.

So HD and I ordered a couple drinks and proceeded to drink on empty stomachs. HEE! No one had any idea as to who the band was going to be so that was interesting. At least, that seems to be my memory as of right now anyway. I know HD didn't know anyway.

Turns out it was an 80's tribute band called
Sixteen Candles. Now I had mentioned in my post from awhile back that I don't feel like doing the linking of right now, that I wasn't a huge 80's music fan even while growing up then. At least, not of the pop music of the time unless it was of the hair band variety that is. There were some of course, I wasn't completely hopeless and snobby, but yeah, for the most part couldn't stand most anything that was on the top 40 list. And I'll admit I didn't even know of the punk/alternative/emo bands such as Erasure or The Cure. Actually I did learn of the The Cure my senior year when I met Sharon. Annnnywaaaay...

I was still looking forward to them though. I'd rather listen to music that I know from a band that I don't than music I don't from a band I know "of" even if it's music I don't care for, if that makes sense. I don't remember what they started with but I do know it was one I didn't care for and it seems to me the second song was the same way but the third song was one I liked - Radio Killed the Video Star - love that song. So that's when I started keeping count. I should've counted how many songs they played but I didn't. It was probably at least 12 to 15 though and out of those there were 6 I officially liked and 2 that I were ok with so I counted them as a total of 1. So it was close to half of the songs which really isn't bad really. Turns out I liked more than I thought I would.

And I have to give the singer credit in the fact that he didn't shy away from the female singer songs. And he did them justice too. The whole band did great. But I still couldn't get into songs I didn't care for though, sorry Duran Duran (don't hate just don't care for) and whoever sings Jenny Jenny 8675309 (hate, hate, HATE!).

I was glad when they did Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol rather than White Wedding or Rebel Yell. Although I like those two songs they're the more popular of the three so therefore it was more surprising and good to hear Dancing.

At midnight they took a break and HD and I decided to leave. We were pretty darn hungry by then and my legs were hurting from all the standing. I am an old lady dont'cha know. I told him more than once I was ok with staying since I knew he was enjoying more of the songs than I was but he was ok with going so we went. I'd definitely like to see their whole set though. There was no Bon Jovi or Def Leppard or Tears for Fears or, or, or so I can only imagine how many more songs they could've gotten into.

Saturday Jim came over. His birthday was the 21st so we had him come over for a good steak dinner (he has them even less than we do) and to hang out. We gave him a bottle of Rumplemintz (sp?) also. HD decided we should do a shot for each of our birthdays since we each just had one: he in February, me in March and Jim this month. HD likes Southern Comfort, I like Jagermeister (sp?) and Jim the Rumplemintz. So Jim and I were thinking we'd take one of the drink we like but HD says no, we take one of each in the order of the birthdays. So we took 3 shots all before eating. It was 7:30pm when we did this, I hadn't eaten since 10:30 that morning, my stomach was growling big time by this time let me tell you! I thought for sure I was gonna upchuck but luckily I didn't. Hell, as we're preparing everything he comes in from grilling the steaks and says it's time to do one more so we each do one of our favorite and I still kept it all down. Phew!

While eating we watched Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem since Jim hasn't seen it and we haven't since it was in the theaters. I had one more shot after dinner but HD said he was starting to get tired so he didn't want anymore 'cause it would just make him more so and Jim was starting to feel a bit off so he didn't want to. Bunch of fuddy duddies I say.

After the movie since the evening was for Jim we let him choose what we'd do next and he chose to play poker so we played Texas Hold'em. Winner would get to choose what we'd do next. I went out first and during their heads up Jim started to get a migraine. He took some of my Excedrin Migraine and whenever he was waiting on HD to play he'd lean back on the couch and relax. Luckily he took the medicine early enough that it started to work right away. It never went away fully so after the game was over (HD won) we packed it up for the night and decided the next time we got together HD would make the decision on what we'd do.

Sunday we slept in. Then HD had to go in to work for four hours overtime. I mostly read and watched a little tv. Then paid some bills. In the evening one of the chicks that went to Mexico and is in his most recent Spanish class with him came over. They're doing an extra credit assignment together. While they worked on that I finished up paying the bills and then read some more while also chit chatting.

So that was our busy but very fun weekend. Too bad the start of my week had to be ruined by the damn migraine. HATE I tell you. HATE!

Media quote of the day:
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself

I'm dancing with myself
When theres no-one else in sight
In the crowded lonely night

Thursday, April 24, 2008


In following Saintseester's lead I'm doing a Fucking Floral Friday.

Now I apologize in advance.  These were all taken with my iphone so the quality won't be the best.  Also there's part of my arm, truck and garage in one or more of them.  But since I was doing it by myself and none of the branches are low enough for my short shit self that's what had to happen.  I was going to edit them but I'm sitting here doing this at 10:40pm on Thursday and I'm pretty damn tired and want to go to bed.  So once again, please accept my apology for the non quality.    

All flowers are on the South facing part of the tree as the most of the rest of the tree hadn't really done much.  Well, a lot of the East had but those limbs are way too high.  The buds on the North side had barely even begun to be exposed.  But they are now so by tomorrow they should be blooming.  Just in time for cooler weather again.  Plus rain.  Oh well.

Click on each image to see in full size.  Happy Friday!

Saturday's Magnolia
As you can see, they're just starting to open.

Sunday's Magnolia
It's amazing how quickly they open.

Monday's Magnolia

Tuesday's Magnolia

Tuesday's Close Up
Already getting slightly bruised looking

Wednesday"s Magnolia

Wednesday's Close Up
And even more so looking like they're ready to die and drop off.  Which many already had by the time I got home.

No photo(s) from Thursday because I didn't get home until almost 9:30 and then I had to make 3 blueberry fluffs.   So it was too damn dark out and camera on the phone doesn't have a flash.  Which sucks sometimes as some of these shadier photos show.

Media quote of the day:  I don't know. I'm starting to like this poetry idea now. "Here lies my beloved ZoĆ«, my autumn flower, somewhat less attractive now that she's all corpsified and gross." - Wash - Firefly - Episode 1.6 - Shindig 

Monday, April 21, 2008

Statcounter - Results for certain posts

I check my statcounter almost every day. I love to see how people get to my site through searches. Following is the list of the most popular pages: The first number is how many times that post has been visited

75 Douglas-D-Ketcham

56 Nothing Much...

53 Another meme


37 Keep your mind...

36 red-dots

33 Pretty boys trip...

Now I have no idea what 50 is and why it's blank, makes no sense. I didn't delete any entry so why would it be that way? Don't know.

Numbers 56, 53, 37 are mostly gotten to by the media quote of the days. 53 is because of question #57 about some celebrity quiz type thing that turns out to be fake. 75 is because they're actually googling his name. Most of the 75 were on the 5 year anniversary of 9/11. The people were getting here either through the tribute site that I did it from or from this one chick's site that linked to me specifically for him. But every few months or so someone searches his name and gets me. #36 most people google red dots on stomach or some other part of their anatomy.

But this weekend 5 people went to #33. Now it'd be one thing if it was one or two people and that's how they got here and then came back the same way. But no, this was five very individual people. Let's see where they came from shall we:

1st person: April 20th at 7:13am - Amsterdam Noord-Holland, Netherlands
2nd person: April 20th at 11:36am - Norwalk, Ohio
3rd person: April 20th at 7:07pm - Austin, Texas
4th person: April 21st at 10:25am - High Springs, Florida
5th person: April 21st at 8:05pm - Portland, Maine

This post seems to be moving up fast in the most recent visits section. Every few days some one googles Pretty Boy.jpg or something of the like and gets to that site. So today I decided I was going to google that myself. I went to page 43 before I quit looking for the link to my site. So either I missed it somewhere or it's even further in. But by the time I quit the two words were no longer together. It was either Pretty or Boy. So I'm thinking I actually missed it somewhere. But still, I wrote it a year ago so it would still be pretty far in on the lists.

What came up the most was Pretty Boy Floyd. Must be some musical group. It kinda sounds familiar but since I didn't click on any of the links I didn't find out anything about them. I originally figured it was gay men looking for some pretty guys. And I suppose many of them still could be. But I'm sure they're very disappointed when they get a photo of my kitty cat and the sound link of his car ride to the vet.

Ok, I'm gonna look them up for my media quote. Here we go.

Media quote of the day:
I Wanna Be With You - Pretty Boy Floyd

As I was walking out of class
The other day at school
I saw you
Don't think I've ever seen you
'Round here before
You must be new
What's your name?
Where are you from?
Our conversation's just begun
Maybe we can talk more after school
I know that we just met but maybe
You'd like to let me
Go out with you
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
And only you
I got your number from a friend
So I called
To talk to you
I don't live too far
We could walk down to the park
If you got nothing else to do
Being that you're new in town
You probably want to look around
But I could tell you, before you do
'Cause you really mean a lot to me
And you don't have to look no more
'Cause I've found the girl I'm looking for
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
It's only you, yeah
If I could have any girl in school
I wouldn't take but one
The only girl I want is you
If I could do anything
Anything I wanted to
It wouldn't be too hard to choose
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you

Yeah, I'm not too sure about this one. Maybe with music and depending on how he sings it maybe it'd be better. But I gotta say, the lyrics are pretty cheesy

Thursday, April 17, 2008

All scraped up

So I see the guy who rear ended me almost every day of the week on the way to work. For the last two weeks, except for yesterday and today because I left a few minutes earlier than normal, I've either been directly in front of him or directly behind him.

The other day as we're sitting at the light waiting to turn left I noticed his back bumper on the left side along with a portion of the side of the car. It was all scraped up. I didn't see any dents just bad, bad scrapes.

I find this funny. The man seems to be a driving hazard. The scrape looks like the kind that you yourself would make while backing up and turning.

He's this little old man who can barely see over his steering wheel. I'm amazed his car doesn't look worse than it does now. He still hasn't completed fixing his hood from our wreck. He had his bumper and hood fixed but the hood is still an off white color. It may be primer, I'm not quite sure. Either way, although it was fixed it still hasn't been painted. His car is green, so it looks really funny with this white hood.

Next time I'm behind him like that I'm going to try to take picture. I didn't think about it then. Hopefully it'll come out since it'll be with my phone. We shall see.

Media quote of the day: I listened to your program as I was driving home last night. Here's a bill to replace the front grille of my Mercedes and another to repair the back bumper of some wretched little domestic car. - Niles to Frasier

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why oh why do they want me to freeze - EDIT

So, I get Emails from the New Orleans Saints Ticket Office every now and then. I get the schedule for this year in today's Email.

2008 New Orleans Saints Schedule
Day Date Opponent Time TV
Sun. 9/7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12PM FOX
Sun. 9/14 at Washington Redskins 12PM FOX
Sun. 9/21 at Denver Broncos 3:05PM FOX
Sun. 9/28 San Francisco 49ers 12PM FOX
Mon. 10/6 Minnesota Vikings 7:30PM ESPN
Sun. 10/12 Oakland Raiders 12PM CBS
Sun. 10/19 at Carolina Panthers 12PM FOX
Sun. 10/26* San Diego Chargers 12PM CBS
Sun. 11/9 at Atlanta Falcons 12PM FOX
Sun. 11/16 at Kansas City Chiefs 12PM FOX
Mon. 11/24 Green Bay Packers 7:30PM ESPN
Sun. 11/30 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12PM FOX
Sun. 12/7 Atlanta Falcons 12PM FOX
Thur. 12/11 at Chicago Bears 7:15PM NFLN
Sun. 12/21 at Detroit Lions 12PM FOX
Sun. 12/28 Carolina Panthers 12PM FOX

As you can see the Chicago game is in December again. Why oh why do they want me to freeze!?! And then it's a Thursday. I'm gonna have to take a half day off work to be able to go. Well, I guess I wouldn't have to take a full half day but definitely will have to leave early, that's for sure. Of course, that's always if we can get the tickets again. And unless I take time off on Monday and Tuesday I won't be able to make the Packers game this year at all. Besides these two games none of the others will be feasible. UGH!!

I'm sad, very sad. So sad there won't be a media quote today.

EDIT: So I didn't pay any attention to the home and away games. Turns out there's no way we can go to the Packers game anyway since it's in New Orleans. So that leaves the Bears game and maybe, just maybe the Minnesota game. Since that game falls on our Anniversary and he took time off I might too. Depending on what's going on then we may go up there to see that one. We'll have to talk more about it though.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wicked was wicked!

Friday was a whole lot of fun. Got out of work at 5:35 like always and headed over to one of my coworker's homes to meet her and a few others before we headed over to bosslady's house for the Surprise Party. On our way another coworker who was going was spotted on the road, she was getting ready to turn left as the directions indicated but since we were going straight I had her get in front on me to join our convoy. The girl in the lead has been to bosslady's house several times and knew a quicker way to go. We had a great time munching on some really good finger foods, drinking and talking about sex.

I scheduled my party for August 23rd. That's four months away so by then all the girls should be ready for another one.

By 11:30 we were done with all the ordering and ready to hit the local bar. All but one girl went (bosslady's friend who had to get home to her family), including bosslady's boyfriend who met us there and a couple showed up at her house as we were helping the saleslady pack up her things in her van. She considered going along (she's bestfriends with one of the coworkers who went) but she also had to get home to her family.

We had a great time drinking some more, chatting, some of the girls flirted big time, many of them danced around too. We were the best entertainment in the place. Although people were playing pool, darts and some shuffleboard type game they were watching our corner just as much. Lots and lots of photos were taken but alas, none by me. I had left my phone in the car. This was a sort of bachlorette party for the coworker her sits on the other side of my cubicle wall. Bosslady had bought the vail of condoms and flashing penises for her to wear while we were out. That got a lot of attention of course.

When the bar closed at 2:00am one of the girls went home, bosslady went home with her boyfriend, her friends (the couple) had already left about 1/2 hour ago and the rest of us (5 total) decided to go to the local boat casino. But that ended up being a bust. Two of the girls and I wanted to play blackjack but all they had were $25, $50, and $100 tables. Nope, no can do, thank you very much. So each of us played a few slots here and there and then decided to call it a night.

I got home right around 4:30am and ended up in bed right around 5:30. When I got home Jim was over and he and HDiTty were watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and doing something on the computer. I stayed up talking with them and then finally made myself go to bed.

When we were on our way into the boat I checked my phone to see if HD had called. He hadn't called but he had texted me saying not to make any plans for Saturday night, that he had made plans for us and it was a surprise. When I got home I asked him what it was but he of course wouldn't say. But I was ok with that, I didn't really want to know, I love surprises.

When I woke up at 10:30 and couldn't fall back asleep I got up and he was gone still. He had let me know earlier that he was leaving to do some errands. He finally got home around 11:30 or so and decided he had to tell me what the surprise was in case something came up while he was sleeping or anything else that would happen such as needing gas or whatever. So he pulls out of his pocket two tickets for us to go see Wicked at 8:00pm. I squealed a little and gave him a big hug. We've been wanting to see it since it came to Chicago. Several family members and friends have seen it and have sworn it was absolutely awesome. Which had just made me want to see it all the more.

We got there with about 20 minutes to spare so we browsed the souvenirs. There was a simple Christmas Ornament that I wanted but wasn't willing to spend $26.00 on. It was, hmm, now I'm not sure if it was glass or just a really thick plastic, I believe it was glass though. Anyway, it was one or the other in a circle with the letter Z in it. That's it but I really liked it but not enough to spend that much. There were also a couple jackets, one a black zip up hoodie and the other a grey pull over but they're both $65.00 and once again, not willing to spend that much. HD asked if I wanted to get the CD but I said I'd rather wait to see if I like it enough before we do that. We did decide to get a mug but figured we'd wait until after so we wouldn't have to worry about it during the show.

And what a show it was! Absolutely worth the money no matter what you spend on tickets. Both leads were utterly fantastic but we both agree that the girl who plays Glinda the good witch stole the show. She was very funny but especially when she was swooshing her hair and dancing. Picture Molly Shannon's character Superstar from Saturday Night Live. Very much like her only a blond, shallow, ditsy and popular girl. I kept thinking SNL, SNL, SNL but couldn't picture who from there. Because this girl is blond I kept trying to see a blond SNL character but couldn't put my finger on it. But as soon as HD leaned over and whispered something like, "The girl from SNL would be upset if she ever saw this" for some reason that's all it took and I was able to picture Molly Shannon doing her superstar character.

The only drawback were the two guys in front of us. Both were tall and my guy had a big head also. I had to lean to the left for the whole show and HD would switch back and forth for his leaning. But I was able to see everything, a few times I leaned to the right if they happened to be in the far right corner of the stage but otherwise I was good. My neck was a little sore after but not much.

After they all came out and did their bows the lady who played the school headmistress did a speech about how they're collecting donations for people who are living with HIV and AIDS and also for women with breast cancer. They've almost reached their goal and if everyone in the audience would donate $5.00 then they'd reach the goal of One million but they'd take anything at all. That no donation is too small or too large (haha). But the kicker was that for a $100.00 you would get a Wicked poster signed by the whole cast. Yeah, we did that. We also bought the CD but not the mug since we did the donation.

We both agree that this is one we'd like to go see again. As his dad said you'll never be able to look at The Wizard of Oz in the same way again. Weelll, I don't know, maybe several years down the road I'd be able to but not any time soon. Now I have to read the book. I can't remember if I bought it or not. I know I held off for a long time because I wanted to go into the theatre totally fresh not expecting anything. But for some reason I'm thinking I finally broke down and bought it. I'll have to look around to make sure, if not I'll definitely have to do so along with getting Son of Wicked which I know for a fact I didn't buy.

Go see it, you won't regret it!!

Media quote of the day:
A portion of What Is This Feeling from Wicked

GALINDA(spoken): Dearest darlingest Momsie and Popsical:
ELPHABA(spoken): My dear Father:
BOTH: There's been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz:
ELPHABA: But of course, I'll care for Nessa:
GALINDA: But of course, I'll rise above it:
BOTH: For I know that's how you'd want me to respond. Yes, there's been some confusion. For you see, my room-mate is:
GALINDA: Unusually and exceedingly peculiar. And altogether quite impossible to describe:

ELPHABA: Blonde.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Update

So I was wrong on the date for the Surprise Party, it wasn't last Friday but it is this Friday. It would've been better with HDiTty's work schedule if it had been last Friday but oh well, so be it.

On Saturday I met my mom at her house just before 9am and we, my stepdad and his sister all piled into their truck to head up to Wisconsin for a 3hr trip. My mom and I were going to my 2nd cousin's bridal shower and dad and his sister went to see their sister-in-law. This is the type of shower I like, everyone there was family so I knew everyone and it was completely comfortable. Her father is my cousin and he lives down here in Illinois near my mom and me but all the rest of his family lives up in Wisconsin including his mom, the brides grandmother. Well she told the bride that she'd throw her a bridal shower but she'd have to go up there since it would be really hard to be able to get everyone from there down here.

My mom was talking to my aunt one day last week and found out about the shower and kind of invited herself and me saying if she were going to go to a shower she'd rather go to that one than one with a bunch of bridesmaids and other people she doesn't know. And she knew at least she if not both of us will be invited to that shower and I'd agree with her on this issue. So yeah, we went to this one which was just the bride, her grandma (my aunt), my aunt's 2 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law and 2 of her other granddaughters. Very small but perfect really.

It's weird to know she's old enough to be married and buying a house and everything considering I babysat her a few times when she was just a toddler. It just doesn't seem like that much time has passed. UGH!

Everything she received was for the kitchen and she was completely excited and happy about it. The whole time I'm seeing this I'm thinking on how ripped off my mom was. It took her 5 times to finally get a daughter and I couldn't care less about being in the kitchen. There is no way I'd be as excited as she was to get all those kitchen items. Growing up I never wanted to be in the kitchen unless it was Easter Egg decorating time or maybe baking some cookies. Otherwise keep me out of there. I told that to my mom on the way home and she said she thought something similar too. Not that she was ripped off but that she wished I had shown more interest in learning to cook. If for no other reason than for us to have the quality mother/daughter time that so many others get. But even without that we still have a wonderful relationship so we did ok anyway.

On Sunday we went to HD's niece's 1yr birthday party. His sister had rented out the gym at a local church since she had invited over 40 people. It seemed to me excessive but then I'm used to my brothers only inviting the immediate family to their kids parties. At the most one brother invites their son's bestfriend's parents and only because they're good friends with them too. Otherwise it's only parents and us aunts and uncles and cousins of the one other brother who has kids. Now this sister has a different father than HD and has a whole other set of half brothers and sisters from her father. So they were of course invited, the father of the baby and his family was invited, her boyfriend and his family and a friend or two were invited, HD's mom's best friend, her daughter & granddaughter were invited and then a bunch of friends and coworkers were invited. Tons of people. Now I know this is a 1st birthday and all but still it seems excessive to me.

And as she's lighting the candles she said, "I have to do this every year?" in a joking way but you know that's what she's going to do. I wanted to say no, from now on just make it immediate family. Especially since she's not with the father, let him have his own party. Which by the way his family is doing. They're having one on the 19th. But no one from our side has been invited to it except for HD's sister. Seems kind of selfish that many of them came to this party but they're not willing to do the same and invite any of us to theirs. But whatever, I doubt we would've gone anyway.

His other sister gets me upset and I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I went out and did the shopping and I did the wrapping. Now many times this is the way it goes, there are times that he comes with me, quite often actually but many times he doesn't. This was one of those cases. Anyway for some reason when it comes to gifts she leaves me out when answering people on who gave what. Both his sisters and his mom are huge White Sox fans. I got his niece an outfit that was black and white with stitching that made it look like the outfit is a baseball and it said Sox on the left side of the front. The panties were black with tan ruffles on the butt. I also got a pink zip up hoody that says Chicago across the front and Sox on the hood and also a pink baseball cap that says Sox on the front. The hat and jacket were the first two things she pulled out of the bag and everyone was oohing and awing over them and someone asked who they were from and sister who's baby it is said, "Katrina and HD." Then she pulled out the black and white outfit and more oohing and awing went on and someone asked again who it was that gave them and asked his other sister if it was her. Her response, "no not me, my brother." That's it, didn't even mention me. She does this all the friggen time even when she knows I was the only one who did the shopping and decision making of what to buy.

It drives me up the wall and makes me feel like shit. HD tries to make me feel better by saying that we've been together for so long that when she says "her brother" I'm included in that, that we're basically one person. But I'm sorry, I don't see it that way, never have never will. When someone asks me something similar it's always, "my brother and sister-in-law." They may have been together for years and years but they're still two separate people and deserve equal recognition. I know she loves me and appreciates me and all that, she's not doing it deliberately or maliciously in any way, but it still hurts. It doesn't matter that I know this logically because feelings don't always follow logic. Oh well, so be it.

Media quote of the day: The Dundies are kind of like a kid's birthday party, and you go, and there's really nothing for you to do there, but the kid's having a really good time, so you're kind of there? That's... that's kind of what it's like. - Oscar - The Office from The Dundies in season 2

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My ideal TV boyfriend

I saw this on Dirk's site and decided I had to try it myself. I don't think I could be happier with my result. Although I'm gonna take it again because there were a few questions that I could've answered differently so I'll see what the other result will be.

So this was my other result. It's the same as Dirk's. Yeah, I'm gonna say, even though Dean is a better looking man I'd still rather go with Jim.

Media quote of the day: Because right now, this is a job. If I advance any higher, this would be my career. And if this were my career, I'd have to throw myself in front of a train. - Jim Halpert - The Office

Thursday, April 3, 2008

TV talk

I just read an article that said Bret Favre was debating on not retiring now, that he was in talks with other teams besides Green Bay. I said when he announced his retirement that I wasn't holding my breath about it. I was being cynical about it because of the last time he said he was retiring and didn't. He still has never given his written notice to the league, so see, until it's official official I'm not buying it.

In more happy news, Battlestar Galactica starts back up tomorrow night. This is one of the best shows on TV. My emotions are mixed though because although I'm very excited that it's starting back up I'm saddened because it's the final season but then we're going to find out all the answers we've been wanting so I'm right back up again. It's a roller coaster that's for sure.

While we were out sick we caught up on everything we had DVR'd since January or was it December? I'm not sure now, I just know some of the shows were recorded while the writers strike was still going on. We cleared out everything but 3 movies and finally decided to try Torchwood which we had from Netflix. We had the first 3 discs of the 1st season but we only got through the third show before we decided not to watch anymore. It wasn't that it was bad, because it wasn't, it was actually pretty good. But after watching one show we didn't want to immediately watch another one we did just because that's all we had. We both agreed that although it was a pretty good show we could take it or leave it so we decided to leave it and try the next one. Sorry Natalie, I know you like it.

I've heard such great things about Freaks and Geeks and Entourage and I have both in my queue. I'm thinking I'll go with F & G first though since there's only one season of it or are there two? I can't remember now how many seasons it lasted before it was canceled. Anyway, we'd be able to fly through those and get to Entourage and try it out to see if it's worth watching. I really love me some Jeremy Piven. He used to be on my list of 5 for the longest time. Ok, I went and fixed my queue to go with Freaks and Geeks first. I forgot I also have The Tick on there too. Loved that cartoon and I think we only saw an episode or two of the live action show but we both like Warburton so I'm a little excited to watch it also. I might have to go to that one before Entourage also.

And what the hell happened to Lost? I didn't know they were going to go on hiatus this season. I thought since it was a shortened season it was going to run straight through to the end but nope, hasn't been on for the last few weeks. Just went to their website and they're not scheduled to return until the 24th! Unreal! Whatever.

What else, oh yeah, Jericho has been canceled. But we sort of knew that was coming. We're just glad that the fans were able to bring it back for the shortened season to be able to resolve everything and have it end in a way that could have left it open if it got renewed but still resolved everything else in a way that was good enough in case it wasn't. I hate when shows get canceled without being able to resolve things, sucks big time.

We've been rewatching Friends. I had actually done it from the beginning last summer and got as far as 1/2 way through the 9th season but for some reason didn't finish. So while sick I finished them up. I convinced HDiTty to rewatch them so I've been watching them again with him. I still laugh just as hard, such a great show.

I've been wanting to rewatch Buffy and Angel too but we don't own those so I'm thinking we need to go out and buy 'em. I have 100 bucks burning a hole in my pocket that I received for my birthday (isn't that nice, I'm 38 and I still get money for my birthday!) and I haven't made up my mind what I want to use it on. I've gone back and forth between the latest seasons of Gray's Anatomy and Battlestar or both even but I'm thinking either Buffy or Angel would be better. I could get a whole series instead of just one season, sure I'd have to kick in some of my own money but that's ok. Or even better yet, if they're at Border's Bookstore I have two gift cards for there also so I wouldn't have to kick in any of my own money. Hmmm, I'm going to have to seriously think on this.

Media quote of the day: I am the wild blue yonder. The front line in a never-ending battle between good and not-so-good. Together with my stalwart sidekick, Arthur, and the magnanimous help of some other folks I know, we form the yin to villany's malevolent yang. Destiny has chosen us. Wicked men, you face The Tick. - The Tick

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ducks go a waddling

Man, how bad is this. Since we've been sick we've done less than normal so nothing has happened in our lives so therefore nothing has happened to be written about. But I feel like writing so I did a Google search for blogging ideas. I went to three sites, two had a list of 10 ideas and one had 100 ideas. Some of them were the same but overall they were different. And out of all of them I didn't even like one. Not one idea. That's pretty bad.

So let's see. . . I'm feeling better. I'm still coughing but every day is a little less than the day before at least. My voice is still shot though. But at least it's that kind of sexy low gravelly voice which is nice. Heh

Tomorrow is Popcorn Wednesday at work and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. They started this a few months ago. Every Wed. they make popcorn for us and one of our receptionists is in charge of doing it. She's the best at it. Whenever someone else makes it for whatever reason it always comes out burnt but when Maria does it it's perfection. Everyone in my department looks forward to Popcorn Wednesday!

This Friday is another
Surprise Party that I'll be going to. Bosslady is hosting this one. It's also going to be a bachelorette party for another coworker of ours. Her wedding isn't until June but this is the perfect opportunity to have a great party for her. From what I hear it might be turning into an all-nighter too. As in hotel rooms have been talked about even. Sounds like it's going to be a grand ole time. I guess I better remind HDiTty about it. It's a good thing he works this weekend.

There are these two Mallard ducks, they're a couple, that nest by our office every year. They came back sometime over the weekend and for the last several days the female has been waddling around trying to find where she wants to nest and the male has been following her wherever she goes. It's the absolute cutest thing. Yesterday as I was walking in from the parking lot she was standing in front of our building looking around with her neck all craned quacking away. Then she starts to walk to the right and he follows her, she stops/he stops, she starts back up and turns right again and walks all along the front (which is all windows & I'm inside talking with a couple of girls while watching them) of the building with him right on top of her practically. She stopped abruptly and he ran right into her, too funny. But I didn't see them this morning so they might have found a spot finally. We have a water fountain that they like to swim in. I don't know why they don't go up the road a little bit further where there's a pond, it would make more sense. It would seem the food source would be better there but for some reason they like it by our fountain more so every year they're back.

So that's really about it I guess. Not much of a post but a post nonetheless and it was done without using any of the lame ideas found on those three sites. Yes, I know, this was a lame post but at least it was my lame idea to write about these lame topics and not someone else's lame idea. See?

Media quote of the day: Why couldn't Xander be possessed by a puppy? Or-or some ducks? - Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Pack