Thursday, January 31, 2008

So happy they're back

Stole this idea from Saintseester. She's over there in the link list, go check her out if you haven't already.

I can't wait to be able to watch the season premier. Unfortunately it'll have to be recorded tonight and watched at a later time. HD works tonight and tomorrow night we're going to his sister's house. She's celebrating her divorce, it'll be final tomorrow. I'm hoping to be able to watch it Saturday evening after he wakes up in the late afternoon/early evening and before people start coming over to watch the UFC fight. And of course Sunday is the superbowl so there definitely wouldn't be any watching then. And then he works Monday and Tuesday so if we don't get to see it on Saturday the soonest we'd be able to would be next Wednesday. A whole damn week. UGH!

And I can't wait for Jericho to start back up also. That's a great show and if you haven't been watching you need to start now. Don't worry about not knowing who's who and what's what. They always do those previously on things before each show so I'm sure they'll show all the really really important stuff before the first one next month when it comes back. Plus there's reruns, but can't remember right now what channels have them. Anyway, watch it so it doesn't get canceled as it almost did before all the peanuts got sent to the studio execs.

Ok, so when I went to get the quote from IMDB it shows that SCIFI is airing a few of the shows including the pilot on Feb 11th. It starts back up on the 12th. Watch it!!

Great, great shows.

Media quotes of the day: No matter what I do, you're gonna die, Charlie. - Desmond - Lost

I go away for a few years and the town goes to hell. - Jake Green - Jericho

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So how much does this suck? Our computer at home crapped out. I ended up not getting on it at all but HD did after I went to bed. At some point he had to reboot it and it wouldn't come back on. So this morning when I left he was trying to find a floppy to do whatever is required to do whatever to the damn thing to make it start working again. Don't ask me, as I said yesterday I'm not computer savvy.

He's been talking for a while now about wanting a new one but we can't afford what he really wants. But he'll be getting his bonus check soon so he'll use it to upgrade this one. It has been a while since we've done anything major for it, he's thinking maybe 2002. Yep, that's a long time in a computer's life.

This light green isn't really doing it for me. I'm going to see if I can do something about it. If not I'll have to choose another layout.

Man, it's friggen cold again. On my way in it was -2. As the saying goes it's not fit for man nor beast out there.

Alrighty, I'm off to go buy some
king cakes. Yum

Media quote of the day: Computer, if you don't open that exit hatch pretty damn pronto, I shall go straight to your major data banks with a very large axe and give you a reprogramming you will never forget. Capisco? - Zaphod Beeblebrox - Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New layout test

As previously mentioned I've decided to see about switching up my layout. Since it's Mardi Gras time I thought I'd try some purple and green for right now. I'll leave this one up for a day or two to see how it goes. If you'd like to let me know what you think leave a comment, if not I understand.

Thanks for putting up with me while I switch things around for a bit.

Oh crap, it got rid of my bloglist!! Shit, shit, shit, sorry about that. I'll work on getting it back up as soon as I can.

EDIT: Ok, it's fixed they're over there now. But some of them have a white line through 'em. Please let me know if you see 'em too, even you lurkers out there, I'd appreciate any feed back. Thanks much!

EDIT #2: I have to get my other things up there again too. My link for Douglas K. mainly. But those I'll work on tonight or tomorrow.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm getting tired of my layout. I'm thinking I'm gonna switch it up. I've thought about switching hosts too but I don't think I want to go through all the hassle. Especially since I've never backed up any of my entries. I'm not computer savvy ya know. But then, HD is so maybe I'll make him help me out one of these days.

I might even change my photo from The Brat Prince's eyes to something else. But then, it's nice to see him every day since I can't in real life anymore. Hmm, that's a hard decision to make right there.

HD works this weekend which means I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want. Although I believe he doesn't have to go in until 10pm on Saturday so that means we have at least a few hours together in the evening. Anyway, I'm sitting here thinking about what I'll do with all my free time since I can't play my poker games anymore since he lost all my money. I have an account on Ultimate Bet that had approximately 10 bucks and he lost it all. I mean, I could always play for fun but no one seems to play the same way as you would when playing for real money. Even when playing on 1 and 2 cent or 5 and 10 cent blind tables. Yeah it's only pennies but still, people tend to play more proper anyway.

He was telling me that I can't transfer more money, especially since it's not exactly legal and all. So I told him to push to get me a real game again. As long time readers know we used to have a monthly game. But that got pushed to the wayside when his sister split with her husband who was one of the players. Which also meant we split with his good friend who was one of the players. And a 3rd player alienated most of us by lying to his wife about us saying we didn't want her around and were glad when she quit playing, etc. etc.

There were a few of HD's co-workers who said they'd like to get a game going and it was mentioned on more than one occasion when we've hung out but nothing has come of it. He went to Mexico and another got pretty sick. But they're both back now and dammit I want a game!

Oh well, I have to go for now I'll write more later.

Well, it's now 3 days later. I ended up doing much of nothing over the weekend. Well I did do some things. Friday I went to Sam's to get some stew meat and ended up getting a bunch of other stuff. I can't ever seem to get out of there without spending around 100 bucks. Then I went over to Target to a few things. When I came out the light snow that had been falling had turned into big white flakes that were covering my truck. I actually had to use the scrapper it had covered that much already. I debated on going to the grocery store or not since it was getting to be pretty bad out there but decided I'd rather go now then have to go back out on Saturday to get the rest of the fixings for the stew. I ended up going and luckily got out of there with only what was needed. And although I was only in there for all 15 minutes the truck was covered again. Maybe a little over an inch in all fell so not too bad really by the time it was all done. Got home and put the stuff away, made myself some dinner and then sat in front of the TV for awhile.

Saturday I got up around 8 to spend some time with HD before he had to go to bed. He ended up not having his 8 hour day so had to go in at 6pm. We watched a few shows until close to 11 when he finally went to bed. I went back downstairs to flip through the channels to see what would be coming on for the day. Set up a few things to record then went back up when I felt it'd been long enough for him to fall asleep. I didn't want to wake him up while I was in the kitchen preparing the stew. After that was all done I went back downstairs and watched some movies while playing poker on line (for fun of course).

After sending him off to work I went back downstairs and watched The Fifth Element while playing a different game on the computer. Then went and took a nice long hot bath. After I climbed into bed and continued to read my book with Pretty Boy in my lap.

Sunday after sending him to bed I watched Never Been Kissed. Haven't seen that movie in ages. I forgot how much I liked it. After that I got back into my book and read until it was time to get HD up for work. Made my dinner/his breakfast and sent him off for the night. Watched a little TV while eating. Then read some more until around 7:30 when I turned on the recording of the SAG awards. Then did the same as Saturday night, took bath/read/went to bed.

All in all, another good weekend. I did do some laundry in there also and took out the garbage. So it wasn't all sitting around doing nothing but mostly it was. That's a good thing.

The bad thing though is that my period started. Only 1 week and 3 days after it ended the last time. ONE WEEK AND THREE DAYS!!! That's nuts. I have to make an appointment to get a check up and get on something to regulate the damn things. Oh yeah, and around 10 last night my head started to hurt. And it still hurts now even after taking 2 Aleve this morning. It's not bad but it is annoying as all hell.

Media quote of the day: That thing, that moment, when you kiss someone and everything around becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and this person and you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life, and for one moment you get this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you found it and so scared that that it will go away all at the same time. - Josie Geller - Never Been Kissed

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Damn it's cold out there

It's just too damn cold to be leaving the house. I wish I could stay snuggled in bed surrounded by kitties all warm and toasty. Or even better, snuggled on the couch with HD, kitties and a marathon of movie watching. Work can be damned for all I care.

But alas, can't do so, bills have to be paid so I have to get my butt out of that warm bed and haul myself in to work in -5 degree weather. And it's only supposed to get up to around 10.

It's cold out there people, cold I say!

I thought I had more to write about but apparently I don't. So that's it folks.

Media quote of the day: Yes, Rufus it is. It's usually 'Long Rufus' but it's a little cold out here, ya know? - Rufus - Dogma

I mean it. It's cold out there. I don't wanna get left. - Capt. Malcolm Reynolds - Serenity

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sad tidings

RIP Heath Ledger.

He was such a great actor and he'll be sorely missed. I, like so many others, saw him for the first time in 10 Things I Hate About You. Love that movie, love everything about it. And every time I hear I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Frankie Valli I picture him up on those bleachers singing away.

Loved him again in A Knights Tale which we just watched again for the umpteenth time a couple weeks ago.

Loved him in Brokeback Mountain.

Just, love him and now will miss him.

Media quote of the day: What is it with this chick? She have beer-flavored nipples? - Patrick -Heath Ledger - 10 Things I Hate About You

Monday, January 21, 2008

3 heterosexual men

You know what's funny? No? Well, I'll tell you.

What's funny is when 3 heterosexual men sit around discussing the attractiveness or lack of of the quarterbacks in the NFL.

I don't remember how it started but it did and it lasted a good 10 minutes or so. And although it was funny, it was also refreshing. To bad more men can't do so without going into fits about how straight they are.

You know what's good? No? Well, I'll tell you.

What's good is when there's a potential for upwards of 10 people coming to your house to watch 2 football games back to back and only 2 of them show up. It's nice to have a crowd sometimes but yesterday was not one of those days for me. Now, the part that sucks are all the chips bought that will now be consumed by yours truly. Yeah, HDiTty will help of course, but still, it's way more than two people need. But I did make sure I bought the kinds we'll both eat, no weird flavor ones neither of us will. It's a good thing I didn't buy anything else such as snack trays and the like, which I was thinking of doing. But since it was never confirmed on who was coming and/or when I decided to just stick with the chips and sodas and a couple kinds of cookies.

Media quote of the day: You're a very attractive man, Ken. You're... smart, you've got wonderful bones, great eyes, and you dress really interestingly. - Otto - A Fish Called Wanda

Thursday, January 17, 2008


So yeah, more friggen' headaches. Except for Saturday I've had a headache/migraine everyday again for the last two weeks. All last week I took either Motrin, Excedrin Migraine, Aleve or the Imitrex. Saturday I was ecstatic that I had no pain but it came back on Sunday. I took 2 Motrin around 2ish and a 3rd around 4ish. The pain was basically gone by nighttime. But on Monday when it was back but not real strong, more annoying than anything, I figured that it was BECAUSE of all the medicine I had been taking. That it was a residual headache. So I didn't take anything at all Monday or Tuesday even though on Tuesday it got worse as the day went on.

Yesterday as the morning progressed it got really bad, migraine bad. So I called my neurologist to make an appointment and luckily they had a cancellation at 1:15 so I said I'd take it. Let my bossman know I'd stick around until it was time to leave to make it there and afterward I was going home to rest.

I let Dr Neurologist know that I figured the stuff going on last week was either weather and/or hormone related because our weather was all over the place and I was on my period. I also let him know that I figured the ones from this week were more due to all the drugs I had been taking before. He agreed with me that it could have been any one, any mixture or all of them combined.

So he gave me another prescription for the steroid that I had taken last time I had headaches for 2 weeks straight to break the cycle once again. For those of you who don't remember or didn't see the post from before it's a 6 day medicine. I take 6 the 1st day then 5 the 2nd and so until I'm down to 1 on the 6th day. He said that if this should happen again that he was going to put me on a preventative. He said he could tell from the look on my face that I didn't want to do that but he'd rather have me on that then going through daily headaches/migraines and then going on steroids to get rid of them again and again. I agreed with that more so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn't happen again.

He asked if we had made a follow up last week and I reminded him that we did, for April 9th. He said to keep that date but of course to let him know if anything happens again like this. Said just one or even two, unless they're back to back, I don't have to worry about calling. Only if there's several in a row again.

So I took 3 of the dose of 6 when I got home and laid down on the couch to take a nap. Before bed I took the other 3. Today I feel better although I still have some pain. The head pain has mainly gone away but I've had forehead and sinus pain all day long. I keep rubbing my nose, from the top down both sides. It makes it feel better while doing it.

I've decided to work through it today but if the same type of pain is here tomorrow I'll call the pharmacist and ask if I can take a sinus medicine on top of it. I can't imagine not being able to but it's better to be safe then sorry. Oh damn, now that I'm writing this it seems to me I remember reading before that I can't take anything with acetaminophen in it and most if not all sinus medicine has that as an ingredient. Damn, I guess I'll have to check the paperwork when I get home to be sure.

On an up note, at least the 6 taken yesterday has made me feel a little better. Enough so that a couple people at work even commented that I sounded/looked a little better so that's good.

Media quote of the day: Hey! What I just did gave me a fucking migraine! So if you don't pipe down, I'm going to yank your sack off like a paper towel. - Rufus - Dogma

Such a good movie, hmmm, did I use this quote already? Oh well, who cares, it's a good one.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stupid Woman

There's this lady who sits in her idling car with her kid while waiting for the bus to come pick the kid up. No problem, it's dark and cold and she's keeping her kid safe. BUT...

There's about 8 other kids on the same corner so it's not like she'd be there by herself.


She sits right at the intersection. I'm mean, right. at. the. intersection.

Now normally she at least pulls over so her right side is on the gravel between the street and yard. But she's still right at the stop sign and she's more in the road than not so I and the others coming up still have to go into the other lane to get around her. Very, very annoying and rude to boot.

Today takes the cake. She parked right in the lane. Didn't bother to pull over at all. I wasn't paying attention and didn't recognize the car as hers. So I come up behind the car as you do while driving and then proceed to sit there. I realized who it was after a bit but decided to honk anyway because, well, because. So I do a quick honk because after all, it is 6:30am and not everyone is up at that hour. But no reaction, not even a flashing of the break lights. So I sit for a few more seconds and then laid on the horn. Finally she opens her door and says something, have no idea what, I didn't roll my window down to hear, it's friggin cold out there. She shuts her door, I flash my brights and then back up to go around her.

I so wanted to lay on my horn again or roll my passenger window down to say something to her but decided not too. After all where the intersection is and how our neighborhood is laid out it wouldn't be hard to find my house because I don't park in a garage. For all I know she and/or her kid already know where I live. I doubt she'd do anything but who knows what her husband would do and who knows what kind of friends the kid has. And now that HD is back on nights there's too many of them during the week that I'm by myself. Nope, too risky in this day and age.

But I mean, come on. There's better places for her to park than right at the stop sign and especially in the lane like she did today. Turn right and sit there on that corner. Or turn left and sit on that corner, hell that's where the bus comes up anyway. Or at the very least sit further back in the street so it's completely obvious that you're just sitting there and not some dumb ass that's waiting for the red on the sign to turn green so you can go. Friggin stupid woman.

Media quote of the day: Stupid woman! Christ, what a friggin' scatterbrain! - Orin - Little Shop of Horrors

Damn, I haven't seen this movie in ages!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The pill is playing with my head

Man, so I've had either a migraine or just a headache every day this week until today. Actually, from what I've learned, it was probably the same migraine all three days since I hadn't taken my migraine medicine to actually knock it out. I only took Excedrin Migraine which didn't really help much. Luckily Monday's was manageable, more annoying than anything. Tuesday's was just regular headache pain that Aleve actually seemed to help with.

But yesterday's was the worst. I didn't have any pain in the morning. Which figured since yesterday was my follow up with the Neurologist. He looked at the MRI disk again just to be sure everything is good and it is. He said again that he thinks they're related to my hormones and the weather more than anything. He wants me to go back for another follow up in 3 months.

Monday both were a factor I believe. My period had started late Friday night but I didn't have any pain until Monday. But Monday the temperature was around 65 degrees and raining. Now actually on Sunday the temp had risen to the 60's but we played hermits and didn't leave the basement all day so I wasn't exposed to it at all. So yeah, I'm thinking hitting the warm weather, with it raining after such chilly/cold days played havoc and then on top of that having my period just made it a double whammy.

Anyway, about a half hour after leaving the dr's office my head started hurting again. Within an hour my eyes had gone blurry and the pain was worse. All I had was the Excedrin again so I took a couple of those. I wanted to leave work a few times but at the same time didn't want to so didn't. It sort of ebbed and flowed all day but finally around 9:30 I couldn't take it anymore and took an Immitrex.

I thought the one other time I took one my stomach got upset because I hadn't eaten most of the day and I took the pill only 15 minutes or so of finally eating. Turns out it wasn't because of that. Within 10 minutes of taking it last night my head actually hurt worse and also had a tightness feeling. Then my throat had the tightness. Then the top of my chest had the tightness. Then there was this strange pain like feeling just below and to the back of my left armpit. Then that shoulder felt kind of painful/tight. Then my stomach started to feel upset. But by that time the stronger pain in my head had gone away and it was back to the original pain.

I went to bed still feeling queasy but at least I was able to fall asleep right away. I had a really weird dream though. I know it took place at the house I grew up in but other than that I only remember walking from the garage to the house and as I was walking I picked up a man's wallet that was really thick. I flipped it open but a noise made me jump and I slammed it shut. I remember thinking that it must be the man's that had been missing for a couple days. I took it with me into the house and as I was walking in the back door HD came to bed and woke me up. The first thing I thought of is that now I'll never know the man's name or if he'll ever be found.

Unless I dream about it again. I have been known to have serial dreams. But what's weird is that I don't have the dreams consecutively. It could be days or even months before I have another one that coincides. But once I do I have a moment that I know I'm dreaming and that it's the next "part." I sort of had/have that feeling about this one but for once I'm not sure why. None of what I remember is familiar so I'm wondering if the parts I can't remember had something to do with another dream. Or the pill is just playing with my head. But I digress big time.

So in conclusion, although I felt worse after taking the pill it seems to have helped. So far so good today, no head pain. I'm hoping it stays that way.

Media quote of the day: I just had a weird dream... - Allison Dubois - Medium

Hah, this is fitting since we just watched the season premier last night.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Great weekend

I think we had one of the best weekends we've had in a long time. It had just the right mix of activity and laziness. Friday after work we met at the movie theater and saw Aliens v. Predator - Requiem. We had tried to see back on New Year's Eve but the projector crapped out about 40 minutes in and they couldn't get it back up. This was a our local theater that we never go to unless all else fails. Looks like it'll be a cold day in hell before we go back again. Anyway, it was pretty good. Not as good as the first one but still good. After we went home and played some Texas' hold-em to determine who could pick what we were going to watch next. He won. Put in Four Rooms. If you like off beat humor you'll like this movie. Just make sure no kids are around. I like the movie but HDiTty loves it. Tim Roth and Antonio Banderas are the best people in it, although many others are pretty darn good too.

I was in bed by 2am, not sure what time he came to bed. I got up around 10:30 ish or so and by 11 I was soaking in the tub. He got up a little after noon and then we laid and even wrestled (and yes, I mean wrestled, that's not a euphemism for anything else) around for awhile until we had to get ready to leave. Stopped off at Target and got gifts for two of my nieces and then headed over to their father's house for their birthday party. We were there by 3:30, just before everyone else showed up but still late. Food was ready and on the table by 3:00. But then, it was all food that was ok with sitting out, it just got a little chilly is all. Around 7ish we started playing Apples to Apples Jr. Which was one of the gifts I had bought. We played until 11:45 when the 2nd game was finally over and we realized what time it was.

Got home and finished watching A Night's Tale, which we had started while eating a little bite before we had left to do the gift shopping earlier. I was in bed around 3, once again, don't know what time he came to bed. I woke up around 10:30 again but laid in bed snuggling with Cry Baby and Whiskers. When I finally got up I was hungry and going to make blueberry muffins. But the muffin mix I had bought a while back turned out to be unusable. I had left it out on the counter the day I bought it and Cry Baby at some point tore it up, but didn't realize it when I had put it away in the cabinet. So when I went to make it and saw all the holes in the bag I decided there's just no way I was gonna use it. Damn cat!

I ended up eating pretzels instead waiting for HD to wake up so we could have a proper breakfast. He didn't get up for a couple hours though. I was playing poker on line, losing and winning but nothing big either way. He finally got up around 2:00. A little bit later I let him get on the computer for awhile. And for the rest of the day we watched tv/movies, played on line, played cards with each other and general did much of nothing. It was really nice. At nine we watched some of the news and saw that it had been a basically nice day outside. Who knew, not us that's for sure. But that's ok, even if I had known it was nice I don't think we would've gone out.

I like weekends like that, we need them more often.

Media quote of the day: Dale, you're too stupid to talk. Shut up. - Dallas - Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sad, but fun just the same

So yeah, the game was sad but we had a lot of fun. We picked up his uncle and cousin and were on our way down around 10:30. We missed the kick off and also the Urlacher interception. Which I was ok with but his cousin was sad about. It had just happened as we were entering the stadium. We heard the cheering and on the tv screens we saw 54 all over it. We had gotten tied up in traffic and sat and sat and sat for ever.

His cousin is an 11 yr old girl who is a HeeUge Bears fan. It was her first professional live game. I have to say that for her first game it was just about the best one she could go to. Other than maybe one of the Bears/Packers games this year.

We were sitting in between the 40 and 45 yard lines on the Saints side 19th row off the field. It was basically the same as last year's game. Except last year we were further south closer to the other 40/45 yard lines and one row closer to the field.

The fans around us were pretty good for the most part. There was really only one pain in the ass and even he was tame compared to most of the asshats we've come across. The best fan ever that we've come across was sitting two rows right in front of me. He was drunk as a skunk but was as friendly as can be. We've never come across a better drunk at a game yet. I can't get my photo to download correctly so as soon as I can get HDiTty to fix it for me I'll post his picture. At the end of the game I got a picture of him and HD. I forgot to get his name though, I meant to and then completely blanked. He hugged me something like 3 or 4 times before he and his friends finally left.

All four of us were screaming our heads off. Cousin was screaming just as loud as us adults and standing up and sitting down over and over. And right before they got the safety she's yelling, "Safety! Safety!" over and over again. I look at her and say that I can't believe she even knows what "Safety" means. But I'm happy she does. We later found out that she's a cheerleader and she won an award for being the loudest voice. I got it first hand.

After the game we went down to the bottom of the seats to see if there was any way of getting anything or even just a good photo or two. As we were finally getting ready to leave we turn around and just over a bit there's a guy dressed in a bear outfit. He had a head, paws and feet and then a Bears uniform on. We went over so HD could get a photo of cousin with him. He put her head in the mouth so it looks like he's biting her head.

I wasn't going to but then decided it'd be fun. So I go up to him and ask if he'll take a photo with a Saints fan, he says he will. I was gonna take a normal one just standing side by side but then he all of a sudden grabs my head and puts it in his mouth. He hollers at his friend to take a photo too, hopefully his came out as well as ours.

Welp, I just got back from running an errand. HD needed some lotion for his tattoo so I had to take it to him at work. But while there he was able to help me out with the photos. So here they are. Click on them for a larger image.

This was done on Saturday afternoon. As you can see it was right after it was completed. His skin is all red and swollen. The fleur-de-lis in the middle is his original tattoo from 10 years ago this past August. He got it in Wisconsin Dells on our way home from going to fall training when they used to come all the way up north to LaCrosse Wisconsin. My brother Wayne, as I believe I mentioned before, put some money towards HD getting the larger tat as his Christmas gift. Wayne's buddy who owns a shop drew it up. It's his first one and for being that I have to say it looks pretty damn awesome. I really like how he kept the originals color so it didn't blend in too much. He did touch it up though because it had faded some over time.

This is from the West side of the stadium as we were stuck in traffic. We had to go all the way past it, then turn around and come back. Turn right go to the other side on the East take a left and go almost to this end again before we turned into the parking lot that's underneath.

This is from our seats. As you can see we were almost perfectly on the 40 yard line.

This is drunk guy and HD. Now, normally I wouldn't put a stranger's photo up that I didn't first ask permission for but screw it. He was great guy and was taking photos with a few different people. So I'm sure his photo is up on several blogs from several different games. As mentioned though, he was a great guy and I can't imagine him actually having a problem with it.

This is where the Bear eats the Saint.

Media quote of the day: It only took the bears two hours. - Bearded Man - Lost

Well, closer to a little over 3 hours, but still, they got the job done when the Saints didn't. Sad, but fun just the same.

1 Year

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary at my new place of employment. So far so good. It's not perfect but then what job is? At least I'm not looking at the want ads to see what else is out there so that's good.

I have so much to write about and so little time. So I'm gonna write a list of the topics I want to write about for later tonight when I have the time. I probably won't write about them all tonight but at least it'll be a reminder for the next update.
  1. The game (sad but fun)
  2. New Year's Eve
  3. New Year's Day
  4. Other stuff that for some reason I'm drawing a blank. See, this is why I wanted a list.

Ta ta for now.