Monday, July 30, 2007

You know?

You know what sucks? What sucks is when you want to pay your credit card online, because it's due in just a day or so, but their damn site is down. Can't take any requests for payment. That sucks!

You know who's hot? Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as
The Rock. He's hot. I think I've brought up this movie before but I'm not sure; even if I have, doesn't matter, The Rundown is a damn fun movie. It's absolutely silly but it's a fun romp and The Rock is hot as all get out. I needed a movie that I've seen a bunch of times that I didn't have to look at while I was paying bills. This one fits the bill very nicely.

You know what's nice? When you have a kitty cat that wants the lovin's so much she's shoving her head on you where ever she can. But what sucks is that her claws are sharp as knives and when she goes to kneed it makes you want to cry out loud. But the head butts more than make up for it.

Media quote of the day: You're threatening me? You're threatening me with pee? - Beck - Dwayne Johnson in The Rundown

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter (No spoilers)

I've finished and I have to say I'm a little sad about it. Never again will I be able to pick up these books and have the anticipation of what's coming next, how will it all end, when will they get together, will they get together, etc. etc. Book 7 was a roller coaster. I smiled, I giggled, I laughed out loud, I cried, laughed again, cried while I laughed, laughed some more, cried some more. It put me through the ringer it did. But it was really, really good.

She did a bang up job of putting everything together. Bringing things back that barely even had a mention in previous books. I still have questions though. (still no spoilers) Like who was the one person who got the reprieve, who were the two that died that weren't going to before. I mean, I can guess and they'd be educated guesses but of course I don't know if I'm correct. Also, I read a book the the people had written and they had some questions too. I finished reading book 7 on Friday. Saturday I picked up the Mugglenet book and reread a few of their musings/predictions over again. Seeing which ones they got right and which they were off the mark on. And at the end of the book there were questions that came about from some of JK's interviews. One of those interviews from 1999 she said there was someone who later in life was able to do a bit of magic in an extraordinary time. There was another question too that right now I can't remember what it was that I wanted to see if she answered. So yesterday afternoon I picked it back up and skimmed through several places and read others, looking for these answers and more. I never found them. But then, that interview was from '99 which of course means she could have changed her mind. I also could have missed it since I did skim most of it, and some pages skipped over entirely.

Anyway, I enjoyed it immensely and I'm a little sad it's all over. But at least I still have two more movies to look forward too. Can't wait to see who the new cast members will be. But here's another question. Tonks in the movie has purplish hair yet in the books her normal color is bubble-gum pink. Why would they change that for the movie? It doesn't make sense. Oh well, it's a little thing and I do like the look of it.

Media quote of the day: So, people, let's try and calm down a bit, Things are bad enough without inventing stuff as well. For instance, this new idea that You-Know-Who can kill with a single glance from his eyes. That's a basilisk, listeners. One simple test: Check whether the thing that's glaring at you has got legs. If it has, it's safe to look into its eyes, although if it really is You-Know-Who, that's still likely to be the last thing you ever do. - Fred in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Monday, July 23, 2007

It's calling me!!!

I finished book 5 last night at 11:30. That's all I did yesterday, read, read and read some more. Oh yeah, I did take a nap for about an hour. Woke up when H Ditty alerted me on the Nextel at 3ish. Couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and grabbed a Diet Mt. Dew, grabbed the book and read until I was done.

So tonight I'll be starting book 6. Too bad I have to work during the day. Between the hours I'm at work and the driving to and from I'm booked up for 12 hours. So by the time I'm home and get something to eat it's going on 7 o'clock so I don't have very many hours a night to be able to read during the week. And since I've only read this one once and there's not a movie yet to help with the remembering I'll take a little more time reading it.

I've kept the last one in the store bag it came in. I don't want it sitting there on my table beckoning me to read it instead. Just knowing it's there already taunts me.

Only 2 hours and 20 minutes before I can get out here and start heading home to crack open number 6.

Tata for now.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ramblings, again

In my last comments Natalie says: I've never shot a gun. If I did i would hit my foot.

I had to laugh at that because as I'm carrying the damn thing from room to room it's usually pointed at the floor and I've thought on more than one occasion, "Katrina, make sure your finger is off the trigger and laying along side like M**** showed you because you don't want to shoot your damn foot off!" There's no safety on this thing people, it could happen!

The application has been sent in. The one that's going to the same place, but not the same job, as H Ditty. I have a feeling I won't even be considered. In the ad it says that due to so many applicants only the ones that will be considered for hire will be interviewed. That's how I'll know if I'm even in the running. Don't know how long they'll go through the apps before they start calling for interviews, hell they may have already started doing them. It's been running now for at least a few weeks and tomorrow is the last day to send them in. Keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck.

17 days until he's home! Woo Hoo!!!

I'm a little ways into book 5 of the Harry Potter series. It's a huge book, the largest of them all and book 6 isn't a whole lot less. There's no way I'll have them done before #7 comes out Saturday. I suppose I could go and get my band number from Borders right after work tomorrow which would give me my number in line if I want to stand in it at Midnight. But, nah, I think I'll just go get it in the morning when I'm doing my shopping for my nephew who's birthday it is on Saturday. Anyway, I think I'll take a page out of
Debbie's book and not go to any sites what-so-ever or anything else that I can help so nothing gets spoiled for me. At least to those places that I know other's read the books too. I may or may not update again for the next several days either so that way I can concentrate on reading the books. I probably will, but who knows for sure.

The chick on the other side of my cubicle wall has the best smelling hand lotion. It's some kind of berry, strawberry I think, mixed with something else. It permeates the room. Yummmm She just used it by the way, that's why I mention it.

Ok, gotta go, time to start winding down the clock.

Ok, I'm back. I'm at home now.

There's this pond in the business park where I work. From the moment the ducks and geese came back for spring and summer it's had them in there. But this past week, until this afternoon that is, one goose has been there all by it's lonesome. I don't know how to tell the females from the males in the Canadian geese so I'll just call it a him. He's been standing on the side of the pond now every morning and evening. In different areas mind you, but still, just standing there looking all forlorn and shit. I've been feeling really sad for him. Sad enough that I want to pack him up and take him home with me. But then this afternoon I saw him on the North end, still standing on the side of the pond, but lo and behold, there was a little family of ducks sitting right by him. A male, female and little mallard ducklings. Seems late in the season for ducklings but there they were. So now I feel better, he's not all alone. Hopefully next year he'll have a mate.

Alright, I'm outta here, thought I'd have more to say when I got home but I'm too hungry to think of anything else.

Media quote of the day: I'm hungry, my tummy hurts - kitty in either Babe or Babe: Pig in the Big City

Monday, July 16, 2007

Nice Shot Man

The birthday party for the owner's 75th B-day was pretty good. It was basically like a wedding reception. There were a bunch of round tables set very nicely. Most everyone was dressed nicely. There were a few people in jeans but even so their tops were still nice. There was a band that was playing "band" music, you know, stuff from the 30's, 40's & 50's. He and his wife were both thoroughly surprised. Everyone was wondering how the sons (the two guys who basically run the company) were getting them there since it was in one of the banquet rooms of The Holiday Inn. One of the sons has his own son who's school has auctions to raise money. He told his dad that they needed to stop in on the auction for about a half hour or so and then they'd go to dinner. I think that's an excellent ruse.

My nieces birthday party was also nice. I ended up having to go and get her a different gift since one of my brothers had bought the same one. Although I bought mine first it would be easier for me to exchange it since we didn't find out until 9pm on Saturday and I definitely would be waking up earlier than him. She's all happy since she got the Hanna Montana 2 cd (the same gift) and High School Musical: The Concert DVD (from me) and some cash to get High School Musical 2 when it comes out in August.

HD and I have been talking every day. We got a month long plan on each our phones so we can direct connect as much as we want without being charged minutes. We've tried doing the video chat and speaker chat a few times now but it just doesn't want to work for us. The speaker chat worked one night but that's it. I'll be taking back the camera soon, get our money back.

So, remember me saying I know how to use the gun that will be by my side the whole time I'm home alone? Yeah, here's the proof.

Click on the image for a larger, more detailed view.

H Ditty and I went to the station and had one of the cops that actually teaches proper usage to other cops show me how. As you can see up in the corner that's where he shot to test the sight on the gun. Mine are the ones in the body area and H Ditty's are the ones in the head and neck. Sure, none of mine hit the X but that's ok, many came very near it. And besides, every single one of them are body shots and also that's from a full 7 yards away. There's only one spot in my whole house that would come close to that and that's if we were standing on opposite sides of the basement. My house is tiny (as any of you who've seen the snow pictures have seen) so therefore me and the asshole who broke into it will be only feet apart so they'd be much more accurate then. Of course, that's barring the fact that when it would actually come right down to it I'd be able to do it. I feel like I could, I believe I could but one never knows until they're actually in that situation. Which I hope to never be.

Anyway, I think I did damn good for it being my first time ever for shooting a real gun.

Yay!! Go USA. I turned on the tv and it's on ESPN which is showing the World Cup Final of women's softball (they look like maybe college age). It's the US against Japan and one of the US girls just hit a home run. Too bad there wasn't anyone else on base.

Alrighty, I'm heading out since it's getting close to the time he's been calling and I want to do a few things before he does.

Media quote of the day: One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody. - Mulder - X-Files

Oooh, speaking of X-Files, I'm so excited. I heard on the radio earlier today that they're finally go ahead with the next movie. It's about damn time!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


There are 12 people in the house he's staying in. TWELVE PEOPLE! There's only 4 family members. WOW!


I got my hairs cut the other day. When his sister was cutting his she asked if I wanted mine done. I've been wanting it done for quite a while now I just didn't know what I wanted to do. So I looked at a few magazines and chose a cut. She did a good job. I'll never do it justice.


I went to work today and let me tell you, I did not miss that drive the last couple of days. I'll be putting an application/resume in at his place of employment. There's already over 100 people who've applied but it would be absolutely stupid of me if I didn't too.


Ya know, I've got Bring it On: All or Nothing on the tv. This movie is absolutely sad. Absolutely nothing like the 1st one. But I can't quit looking at it every time it comes back from commercial.


We went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We saw it at the IMAX in 3D. That was a pretty awesome experience. The 3D part was only at the end but it was worth it. The movie itself is worth it. It's only 2 hrs 15 min. though. I really wanted it to keep going. I'm hoping the DVD will have a lot of cut scenes to beef it up some. Once again the screenplay writer and director did a great job of keeping very close to the book. There were a few changes but that's ok, nothing big. I may go back and see it again, just not the IMAX version. That was pretty expensive.


The owner of the company I work for has turned 75. His family is throwing him a surprise birthday party that the whole office has been invited to. It's tomorrow at 6:30pm. I really don't want to go but it's the right thing to do so I will. tg7777777777777778 65trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddfcrf9zxzg6t

Cry Baby says hi


Sunday I have another birthday party but that one I wanna go to. It's for my niece who's turning 8. Next weekend I have a b-day party for my nephew who's turning 10 or is it 11. Hmm, I guess I better find out before hand.


Well, that's it from me for now. I'm gonna go read a few blogs then go read some more Goblet of Fire.

Media quote of the day:
Mistletoe. - Cho Change
Probably full of nargles. - Harry Potter
What are nargles? - Cho Chang
No idea. - Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

He's gone

So, he left yesterday. I'm sad. I haven't cried yet though, I thought for sure I'd be sitting and boo hooing on and off yesterday but I didn't Maybe this weekend when it's been a few days. I didn't go near the computer though so maybe that's why. If I haven't put it across before, let me do so now, he's a computer geek. He's built our last several computers and he's helped family and friends with theirs. He also plays online computer games. Which is the biggest reason why I hardly ever got to be on it when we went down to just the one computer.

So, yeah, yesterday I stayed upstairs in the living room reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I'll update more later when I'm home from work, just wanted to get this down for now though. See ya'll later!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Very busy right now.

For some reason I can't do a title. Oh well.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. We've been getting H Ditty ready to leave for Mexico on Thursday. Been spending time with family and friends and doing the shopping that's been needed. I'll be back to writing after he's gone.

See you then.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Alone & Movies

So this time next week I'll be alone starting for a month. As some of you may recall, H Ditty is going to Mexico for a month to immerse himself in the Spanish culture and language. But don't any of you stalkers worry, I know how to use the gun that will be sitting next to me at all times while I'm here alone.


We went to see another movie the other day. We saw Transformers. He gave it a B but I give it an A-. It's very odd that I'm liking these movies more than him lately. But then, I've never seen one cartoon of the Transformers and certainly didn't play with any of the toys. So I had no expectations and there wasn't any one in particular that I wanted to see. He had some what of an expectation and very much wanted to see one in particular. I can't remember his name but I do remember it being one of the bad guys. He thought some of the jokes/funny scenes were a bit too corny. But being that it's mostly for kids (it's only PG13) I thought they were just right and enjoyed them very much. The effects were really good.

It's another movie to go and just sit back and enjoy. And this kid, Shia LeBeouf, he's an absolute cutey and I cannot wait to see him in the new Indiana Jones movie.

It doesn't look like we'll ever get around to seeing Knocked Up, which I'm very sad about. But we'll be seeing the new Harry Potter Wednesday morning. We'll be seeing on the IMAX 3D screen also. I'm very excited.

When it was supposed to be opening on the 13th I wasn't going to be able to see it because HD would be gone before then and I had promised I'd wait until he got back to see it. Luckily one of the days I was actually looking at the commercials I was fast forwarding through I saw a preview. I stopped to watch it and at the end it says it's opening on the 11th. You do not have any idea how happy I was to see that!!

Alrighty, I'm outta here, gotta go get something to eat. I'm very hungry.

Media quote of the day:
I can only say I'm sorry so many times. - Indiana
Well, say it again anyway. - Marion
Sorry. - Indiana

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark