Monday, May 28, 2007

Sorta sad

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

My day will be spent writing this, reading the sites I haven't been to in awhile (or at least just 1 or 2 entries), mowing the lawn and doing a little shopping. There will be no gathering at anyone's home for me. H Ditty has to work until 6pm, sucks to be him.

We saw the 3rd Pirates movie yesterday afternoon. It was good, enjoyed it quite a bit. It wasn't as good as the 1st but it was better than the 2nd. Which was the same for Shrek 3.

Ya know, it's kind of sad after you're done watching an anticipated movie or tv show. Sometimes even a book, such as the Harry Potter ones. It's not the big build up/bad let down thing I'm talking about. It's the Christmas Day thing. You spend all this time looking forward to something, anticipating how good it's going to be and it is. Sometimes even better than what you thought. But after it's all done you're sad, because it's over and there's nothing more to look forward to. You can watch/read it again but it doesn't hold the same wonder as it did before. You can enjoy it for something else because now that you know how it ends you can look for other things that you might have missed the 1st time but still it's sort of a let down. I'm not explaining it very well, at least I don't think I am. But that's sort of how I felt on the way home from the theater yesterday. Sometimes it's a feeling of wanting more and that is also how I was feeling yesterday. I'd like them to do a 4th but it should be it's own movie, not part of this one.

Damn, once again I had a few ideas of what to write about and now I can think of the others. So I guess I'll have to think of something else.

We've caught up on all the shows we watch except for Desperate Housewives. We finally went to do that one the other day. We have 5 of them and when I went to the oldest one and we're looking at the previously on portion to get reacquainted with it there's scenes that we never saw. It turns out that when I set this show up to record I set to only save 5 showings. As a new one would be recorded the oldest would be let go. Before when we were keeping up it wasn't a big deal but when we started getting behind I forgot the setting was like that and never changed it. So now we have to figure out where we left off and watch the shows online. Oh well.

We're both pretty pissed that Jericho got canceled. That was great show and deserved a lot more people watching it then were.

For any of you who happen to watch UFC. Did you watch the Liddell vs. Jackson on Saturday? Wow what an ending!! Actually all of the fights. I think that was the best show ever. Usually there's one or two fights that are boring as all get out but every one of these were something to watch.

Well, I still can't think of the other things I wanted to write about and it's getting late in the morning so if I'm going to get done everything that I need to today I better get going. Have a great day everyone.

Media quote of the day: Did no one come to save me just because they missed me? - Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My boring life right now

Let's see, where to begin...

I still haven't downloaded the pictures from Lee's karate competition yet. Don't know when I will so I doubt I'll put any pic's up. So be it.

We were supposed to go to HD's grandma's house Sunday evening but turns out his aunt and uncle, who were in town from Colorado, had already left so there was no reason to go anymore. So we stayed home and vegetated.

Monday his stepmom wanted to go see Shrek the Third for her belated Mother's Day gift so we did that. It was pretty good. It's not as good as the first one, probably better than the second one though.

Tuesday we stayed home again. Caught up on some more season finales.

And tonight, well, I'm not sure what's gonna happen tonight. He hasn't made it home yet but as far as I know we have no plans.

Tomorrow, if he's able to leave early we'll be going to see Shrek again. My employers have booked a theater for the 7pm showing for just our company's employees. Which means all of us get to see it for free. So as long as he can get out early (which I just got a call from him, sounds like he can) we'll have a dinner and movie date.

So that's my life right now, pretty mundane, nothing exciting happening or gonna happen. At least not right away.

Media quote of the day: Well my friend, you are royally... [loud horn blast] - Puss in Boots - Shrek the Third

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Karate Kid

My nephew Lee had his first karate tournament today. He had to do two rounds of Kata, which from what I can tell is a routine, and two rounds of basics.

The basics are just as it sounds. The middle judge (there's 3 of them) will call out something like a front kick or a block or something like that and the two kids have to do four of them and on the fourth they do their shout. There were 9 kids in his group (he was in the 10-11 year old boys, orange belt). Two go up at once and compete against each other. The 3 judges then hold up either a white or red flag of the kid they think did the best. The middle judge raised the red flag both times Lee was up but the other two raised white flags. His color was red so therefore he lost in basics, didn't place at all but of course, as far as I'm concerned he should've won. At least against the first kid he was up against. The second kid seemed to do slightly better.

In the Kata they did the same thing. Two kids up against each other. They could choose whatever routine they wanted and could do the same one more than once if they so chose to. I took pictures of his first time up so I didn't see the other kids at all. But apparently he kicked ass because all three judges chose him. Some thing on the second round. That time though I only took a couple pictures because I wanted to see the other kid.

I haven't downloaded the pictures yet. We're supposed to be going over to HD's grandma's house real soon. So maybe if we're not there too late or tomorrow I'll get them up.

Media quote of the day:

Wouldn't a fly swatter be easier? - Daniel
Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything. - Miyagi
Ever catch one? - Daniel
Not yet. - Miyagi

The Karate Kid

And you thought I'd the Wax on/Wax off, didn't you?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ready Set Bumbo

Found this on Yahoo, it's pretty cute. It's also an easy entry since I don't quite feel like writing anything yet.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Migraines and Mother's Day

You know what sucks? It sucks to wake up with a friggen migraine. I get headaches more often than I like, bad headaches every couple of months and migraine headaches maybe a couple/few times a year. I didn't used to though, they started maybe 4 or 5 years ago, on a regular basis anyway.

Today I woke up just fine when H Ditty's alarm went off. After he got up he made sure all 3 of the cats were out the room and shut the door for me to be able to sleep some more. I usually don't fall back asleep, I usually doze at the most. But today I actually did sleep and when my alarm went off, my head was aching pretty badly. But I got up anyway and started to get ready for work. While washing my hair I started to get nauseous and ended up upchucking. And instead of feeling better afterward I felt worse. So I called in and let them know I wasn't going in. We have some strong headache medicine that a friend of ours left (he gets migraines too) so I took it and crawled back into bed. Slept until close to ten then dozed on and off until close to 11 when I finally felt like I could get back up.

I took a nice warm bath and that actually seemed to help some more. My head still hurts but not as bad as this morning. I'd say it's still migraine strength though but at least the light doesn't hurt as much as it did earlier and I'm not nauseous anymore.


So how was your Mother's Day? Ours was pretty darn good. When I learned the weather was supposed to be pretty mild on Sunday I asked HD what he thought about having both of our families over to our house for a cookout. He like the idea and agreed so we invited everyone and started planning it. We ended up changing the venue though to have it at his grandma's house. She's got a larger house and huge backyard that would be better for a bunch of kids to run around in.

My two brothers who have kids couldn't commit to a specific time on when they'd show up and for how long they'd be able to stay but they did say they'd come. My oldest brother never called back but he had something like 3 or 4 messages between myself, HD and my mom and he did eventually show up. His sisters and their boyfriends made it. He also decided to invite Jim, Amy, their two kids and Caryn and her son. So we had 9 mothers there in total which included his grandma of course.

His family mostly stayed in doors which kind of irked me but oh well. I joked at one point early on that they were anti-social. No one said anything to him at all about it so I hope they did realize I was only joking. But over all it turned out really nice. The food was good, the company was good and the kids got along and had a great time playing together.

At one point I organized a game of kickball with the kids and it just naturally turned out girls vs. boys with me as designated pitcher. They played to 30 points. At one point during the 2nd inning there were 5 girls against only 3 boys, oh wait, actually I think it was 6 girls against 3 boys. But the boys still won 30 to 25. They wanted to play again so rather than boys vs. girls we had two captains. One was his sister who had the baby and the other was my niece. He and I ended up on opposite teams, his sister's boyfriend was on hers and two of my brothers ended up one on each team, along with all but two of the kids that had played earlier. One of my nephews and Caryn's son didn't want to play anymore.

My first kick was a high one and got caught immediately. My next time up I thought I kicked it perfectly. It was a straight kick between 2nd and 3rd base and my teammate was in the right position while running to make it impossible for my brother to catch it in the air. When I started out running I realized how bad my foot was and started to half run half hobble to 1st base. I knew I had to make it there quickly so I sort of half dove half fell to it. I even grassed up my left knee and ended up laying on the ground with my left hand on the plate. But he had already gotten the runner out, at least I think that's what happened. I'm not actually sure, all I know is that we had made our 2nd out (we were only playing w/ 2 outs to make the games go faster) so we were done. I did all that for nothing. But it was fun. But in our 3rd inning one of the brothers had to leave because it was going on 6:45 and he had to take two of his kids back to their mom's house. My team lost, can't remember the score though.

By 7:30 or so just about everyone else started to head out. The last ones there were me and HD, my oldest brother, his youngest sister and her boyfriend and Jim and Amy. Oh yeah, his mom also. We stood around talking outside until almost 9:30 when we finally made ourselves leave. I was exhausted, so was he and we were both pretty sore. Many of you have seen the pictures of us on here, we're not the most in shape people to put it mildly.

It ended up being a great day and I'm glad I thought about and he agreed. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there were no fights which was even better. We'll have to do it again sometime. Maybe have everyone chip in next time though, it was not a cheap cookout.

Media quote of the day:

Yeah, what are you gonna do, huh? Give me a migraine? - Angelus in Angel

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


From my comments:

Wow reading that made me tired. I think I need a nap. It sounds like you were fun busy though rather than stressful busy. That always helps!

Natalie - tell me about it. We were both completely exhausted by Friday night. As mentioned we were in bed by 9:30 and sleeping soundly by 9:45.

Been sort of busy again but not as much. I just haven't had the chance to get on here again. I really, really want my own computer again. Soon though, we'll probably be getting a laptop.


So there's a few things that have been bugging me this week.

  • I drive past a bunch of fields on my to and from work. Quite often I see deer in at least one of them. Usually 3 or so times a week, whether be in the am or pm, doesn't matter, there's usually a couple or so grazing. Not this week, not one sighting. And I'm quite peeved about it. I need my deer fix.
  • People are bugging me again because they can't seem to drive 55. Twice this week I've gotten stuck behind an asshat in the left lane barely going 55. Come on people, if you're in the left lane you're supposed to be going over the limit not at it or under it!!
  • I haven't been able to get on here, that always irks me. And yes, sometimes it's my own doing. I don't push for it, but that's because I'm so tired of doing everything else that by the time I'm able to sit and relax I don't want to have to think of anything to write about because everything I've already thought about has left my head because I'm so damn tired
  • I hate working in an office. Everyone I work with is great, it's amazing how there isn't one person that really bugs me or that I don't like. But that's not the point. I just don't want to work in an office anymore. I wanna work in a book store, preferably my own store, but that'll never happen.

But what I do like is Korn. Listening to them on the way home driving behind the asshats is theraputic.

OK, gotta go, dinner is ready.

Media quote of the day:

Something takes a part of me.

Something lost and never seen.

Everytime I start to believe,

Something's raped and taken from me... from me.

Life's got to always be messing with me.

Freak on a Leash - Korn

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Busy Busy Bees

Man have we been busy. I mean, we really haven't DONE a whole lot, we just haven't been home much or when we were home were doing things. Except for last Saturday. Last Saturday was a day of relaxing, all day long. But every other day we were doing things.

I can't remember what we did Friday night, we might have actually relaxed that night too but I really can't remember. Oh now I remember. We met some of his work friends out at a restaurant to hang out and watch the Bulls and have a few drinks and some food. After that we went over to a bar to have a few more drinks. I had some long islands and a few shots, I was feeling good. After that we went over to one of the guy's home to see what they call "The Dungeon" It's basically his enclosed patio that he built himself. It's pretty damn nice, I want it!

We didn't get home until 3ish, maybe, can't quite remember. But I do know I didn't get into bed until around 4. I woke up the first time around 8 and then dozed on and off until around 9:30 when I couldn't sleep anymore. Which really really sucks. I ended up taking an hour doze/nap from 12:30 to 1:30 which is when H Ditty got up and I wasn't able to nap anymore. So yeah, Saturday was a lazy day.

Sunday we had Jim, Amy and their two kids over. Amy's birthday is at the end of March and Jim's is in April and we hadn't done anything for them so we had them over for a cook out and to play some games. It was such a beautiful day out that we stayed outside for it all. They left around 8:30 or so.

Monday after we both worked all day we changed clothes, had a quick bite to eat and went right back out to do some shopping. Although it seems like we did something in between but I can't remember. Doesn't matter anyway. We didn't get home until late evening/early night however you want to look at it. Watched one show and then went to bed.

Tuesday our counseling session was at 7 rather than 8 so we did the same thing. Both got home from work, ate a half a bologna sandwich each and went to the session. This time neither sister came. Although the youngest had somewhat of an excuse. The baby was really gassy and crying and screaming quite a bit so she didn't want to bring her out. After that we took his mom out to dinner. Didn't get home until close to 10.

Wednesday morning he went fishing out on the lake with his buddy who has a boat and I went to work. Came home to a wonderful surprise. He had mowed the lawn and put down the weed killer we had bought on Monday. Made me very happy. He really hates mowing the lawn and for him to do weed killer on top of it was just wonderful!

We had decided to go see Hot Fuzz and it was starting at 7:10 so we had to leave right away again, not even enough to time to eat anything. His mom met us there. It was pretty good. It was done by the two guys who did Shaun of the Dead. If you haven't seen either one you really should. But first see Sean of the Dead. It's a spoof on zombie movies but done in a serious way, kind of like the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies. Great stuff.

But once again, we didn't get home until late. So on our way home I told HD that on Thursday we weren't going anywhere and no one was coming over. We needed another day of rest. So Thursday night was spent relaxing once again in front of the tv catching up on the shows.

Bones was great once again. The Office was funny as hell once again. Lost is just awesome. Love, love, love me some Hurly!! And Grey's Anatomy was really good. The spinoff looks like it might pretty good too. Love everyone on there and as any of you who read my 100 list knows, I love me some Taye Diggs too. He is one hot hunka man, I tell you! Mmmm mmmm good!

Last night was more of the same. Just relaxing again catching up on more shows. Got to see me Dana White too who is also mmmm mmmm good. We were both so exhausted after this week that we were in bed by 9:30. Can you believe it? Me, who used to stay up till midnight because I wouldn't get tired until then, was in bed by 9:30. And I slept through the night for the most part. Woke up a few times though to roll over or take the covers off when I got hot or put them back on when I got chilled. Also once because Cry Baby took over my pillow and I woke up with my neck kind of hurting because of the position my head was in to accommodate him. It's amazing what I do in my sleep for these cats.

I've been up now since 5:30. HD has to work today so I've actually been awake since 4:50 when his alarm went off. After a few snoozes he got up and started getting ready and I stayed in bed. But I couldn't sleep anymore and besides, I really really had to pee. So I did that, fed the kitties, helped him finish getting ready for work and then came on the computer to finally go through some of my emails that I was neglecting throughout the week and then finally come on here and update.

Today I plan on going to a few sites, only reading the most recent posts (that's the plan, don't know if I'll stick to that, once I get reading sometimes I just don't stop) and then taking a leisurely bath while reading my book. After that it's back out on the road to do some errands. One of those includes going up to the theater and buying our 7:30pm showtime tickets for Spiderman 3. I know it seems to be getting mixed reviews but there's no way in hell we're gonna miss it. I really wanted to go last night but with him working today we couldn't go to a later showing and there's no way we would've been able to get into a 7 o'clock showing.

Anyway, that was our busy week and the reasons why I haven't updated until now. Hope it wasn't too boring for you.

Media quote of the day:

All right, what about this guy? Ask yourself, why has he got his hat pulled down like that? - Nicholas Angel
He's fuck-ugly. - Danny Butterman
Or, he doesn't want you to see his face. - Nicholas Angel
Yeah, it's 'cause he's fuck-ugly - Danny Butterman

Nicholas and Danny in Hot Fuzz

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boy did I fall behind

Sorry, I've been really bad with the updates again. I've been pretty busy lately and haven't had a chance to come on here at all. I'll try to get something up tonight.

See you 'round.