Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Just wanted to get that out for now. I'll put something more up a little later. I already did a reminiscent of a Halloween memory at the end of last month, check it out.
So, I was looking for my photo album so I could go down memory lane on the costumes of yore but can't find it. I did find my folder of essays/stories I wrote during my high school days and there's one that will do just fine in lieu of the photos.

The following assignment had to be done during class and we had to: Write a description of a place in such a way that the description conveys a recognizable feeling (for example, delight, revulsion, nostalgia, disappointment) more through the use of concrete and specific details than by direct statement of attitude.

The Haunted Castle by Katrina

Looking at the castle through the coal black forest gave me the same kind of feeling as one would get when a spider would crawl up his back. The path leading to the drab, haunted building was covered over with dead, soggy leaves and long, sharp thorns.

When I finally stepped out from the dreadful clinging vines onto the brown lawn I was struck with a feeling of doom. The two top windows looked like giant, staring eyes and the windows near the ground looked like a toothless grin of evil.

After I got my courage up I opened the front door to a drab, cobwebbed hallway. There were three lighted candles that cast huge shadows along the walls. One shadow looked as if it was a person with a bloody ax ready to pounce on its unknowing prey.

The door to the sitting room was open about an inch. When I slowly and painfully pushed it open, it let out a loud, piercing cry of resentment. The wind coming through the cracks of the windows sounded like lost souls calling to one another. The fireplace looked inviting until I took a better look and noticed it would give no cozy fire for anyone ever again. There were holes in the walls and the blood red bricks were falling apart. There was a barbed wire fence over the opening so no one could put anything in it to burn, without making a bloody mess of his hands. The furniture was covered over with musty sheets. They looked as if they would begin floating at any moment.

I passed through to the back hallway that led me to the spiraling staircase. Every step had its own distinctive scream. The first bedroom was covered with portraits of the generations of the family which had lived there. They all looked like they were carved from stone. All had piercing blue or black eyes. The men had hard set jaws and the women had wide shoulders. Some so large they left an impression of a strong willed and never giving in kind of woman. One to be fearful of.

The last bedroom I entered was to be mine. I was not expecting what I found. As I walked in, my eyes bulged and my heart sank. The bedroom looked like a tomb. The bed itself looked like a coffin with covers. The full length mirror on the closet door had a hazy, grayish and mysterious hue to it. When I looked at my reflection it looked as if I had no body, only a head floating endlessly around. The armoire along the south wall was huge. It seemed to forebode a frightful ending to my tour. As much as I didn't want to, I began to slowly open the doors. It seemed to draw me into it, as if it was demanding me to open them. The moment they were all the way open I felt a feeling of nausea come over me. There was a grotesque looking "thing" hanging from a hook. Skulls with candles on them and skulls with spiderwebs through the eyes, stared back at me.

I turned and ran out of the room. I wouldn't feel safe until I was away from its overhanging feeling of decay.

When I reached the outside of the forest I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth and feeling of death in my heart. I knew that if I took my ancestor's castle as my home I would either become as they were or I would kill myself. The haunted castle was left to crumble in an undying scary heap of gray, moldy stone.

I received an A with the word beautiful written next to it and Mrs. D. read it during class the next day. I was very proud.

Media quotes of the day:
It's haunted. - Angel from Angel (1999) {Rm w/a Vu (#1.5)}
Oh, still haunted. - Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Monday, October 30, 2006

70 words a minute

Our weekend went pretty well. Instead of going to the movie Friday we ended up going on Saturday for a mantinee showing. Still cost 9 bucks though because of it being 3-D. But it was worth it. It looked great and I enjoyed listening to the 2 young girls sitting in the row infront of us and just to the right. They were cute reaching out to the objects that were right in our faces and giggling.

After the movie we went to my ex-SIL's house to help her with her computer - H Ditty is a computer geek. She was having problems with her networking but turned out he couldn't help. The company that installed her online service and network card changed the default password and the password they told her it was wasn't. He couldn't do anything for her so we came back home and caught up on some tv watching.

Sunday the Saints got their asses handed to 'em by the Ravens. It was a good thing it was trick-or-treating in my town. Our tv is in the basement so I could only listen to the game while handing out candy. I'm glad I didn't have to watch the massacre because listening was bad enough.

Today was my appointment with the employment agency. Was there for a couple hours. I got glowing recommendations from all my previous employers so that's good. I took Word, Excel, 10 Key Pad, Typing and Data Entry tests. I did really well too considering I taught myself Word and Excel. I got an 85% in Word and 73% in Excel which was better than I expected. Word was about what I expected. 10 Key said I do over 10,000 an hour. Don't remember what the data entry score was and my typing was WAY better than I thought it would be. Apparently I type 70 words a minute. And that's cold. Imagine what I do when I've been typing throughout the day and my fingers are limber.

I have no desire to be an admin assistant anymore, I want accounting work only, if I can get it. My couselor, if that's what they're called, said, "No wonder people keep wanting you to do admin work, after seeing those scores I see why." She was actually a little floored they were as good as they were after listening to me say I don't feel I'm that skilled in Word or Excel since I'm self taught and I'd rather not do them if possible.

So now I'll be going back as often as possible to basically continue my education in different softwares and work with her on looking for jobs to go interview. Tomorrow I'm back there at 10:30. GO ME!

Media quotes of the day: I was so upset when Daddy told me I had to get a job that I went shopping to calm down. - Jill Green (Rachel's sister on Friends) This is what I'd like to do but don't have a daddy to pay for it.

And this is what I hope to never have happen to me:

Eight, Bob. So that means that when I make a mistake, I have eight different people coming by to tell me about it. That's my only real motivation is not to be hassled; that, and the fear of losing my job. But you know, Bob, that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired. - Peter Gibbons from Office Space

Friday, October 27, 2006

Good girl

So I was a good girl and finally made an appointment with an employment agency. It's next Monday at 11:30. Wish me luck.

I also gave my resume to H Ditty's partner at work. He knows a chick in his bible study group that works at some agency in a neighboring town. She told him to grab it and she'd see what she could do. She's never met me, doesn't know me from Eve, and she's willing to do that, how nice is she?

We've also been talking about getting rid of my Rendezvous to save money. My payment is pretty high. At the time I bought it I was making really good money but then I quit that job when the company started to go under. So that was another thing I did today, I called to see what my payoff would be. It's still a little high to try to sell it. Kelly Blue Book says it's worth less than I owe so I guess I'll be hanging onto it awhile longer. Maybe I'll refinance it to lower the payment, we'll see.

I really really want to go see Nightmare Before Christmas the 3-D version. H Ditty told me we could go but now he's all worried because of me not working. But 15 bucks for a movie ain't gonna kill us. I love this movie, I watch it at least once a year and to get to see it in the theater again in 3-D no less is just awesome. So in an hour or 2 I'm gonna have to go wake his ass up and demand to go. Otherwise I'm going by myself.

Media quote of the day: Kidnap the Santa Claus / beat him with a stick / lock him up for ninety years / see what makes him tick. - Lock, Shock and Barrel - Nightmare Before Christmas

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Name change

So I haven't been doing much lately. Taking my time looking for a new job. Well, looking is what I've been doing along with not sending my resume to any of them. Ha! But I've done some shopping that needed doing. I've watched and gotten rid of the Ellen's that needed watching and getting rid of.

Today I finally, after over a year, went and changed my social security card and driver's license to my married name. I'm the queen of procrastination. I still haven't sent out my thank you cards for all the gifts we received. Miss Manners and my mom are ready to ream me a new one. But H Ditty will be happy to learn I've finally done the name change thing. I had debated keeping my maiden name after we got married but decided I'd go ahead and switch it. When I got married the first time I never did the name change with the documents. I mean, I changed my credit cards, bank, pay checks, etc. just never my license or SS card. After we got divorced I was happy I didn't do it since all those other things are easier to change than the license and SS card.

You know what is fucked up? When you get divorced your husband has to give his permission for you take your maiden name back. I couldn't fucking believe that when I saw it on the papers. The line went something like: I ____________ hereby agree that ___________ can revert back to her maiden name of _______. That is just fucked up.

But I don't see that happening with H Ditty. The getting divorced thing that is.

It's going to be weird though going by a different last name. I mean, I've been this name for 34 years. It's just who I am. At the DMV when they called out my name to go take my picture and then after to go pick up the license I said to myself that it just isn't right. That's not my name. But it is and I will get used to it and it will make my honey very happy and that's what's important.

EDIT: Awww, he's so cute. When I told him I'd changed my name he got a cute grin on his face and hugged me and says, "You mean I've got a wife now?" He was about as happy as I figured he'd be.

Media quote of the day: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet."
--From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) - Shakespeare

Friday, October 20, 2006


So we had a mutual agreement for me to leave my job. Those of you that have been reading for awhile now will recall that I can't stand my job, I usually don't have anything to do and I've been contemplating leaving for awhile now. Bossman hasn't been happy with me for awhile now either. I haven't really written about him because, well, I was still working there. Now I don't give a flying fuck about it.

Bossman is a real pain in the ass. He's pretty critical and since he had gotten it into his head that I couldn't do the job he would find anything he could to bitch about. In the 5 1/2 months I've been there I've learned that every girl that's been in my position has either left or been fired in less then a year and it's all because of him. Most girls have quit. I would have too if not for the fact that I didn't have another job to go to, I wanted to be able to stay at least a year so I wouldn't have a few months on my resume, I wanted to give it a true try and most of all I didn't want to leave my two coworkers in the lurch. I amended the few months thing, I decided I'd hang on through the holidays, that is if I could put up with him that long or he didn't let me go.

Yesterday just before 3 he called me into his office. Said this was really hard, he didn't really want to do it, would be easier if I were a bitch. That way he could just hand me my check and send me on my way. Said he liked me, everyone there liked me, I was a good person and repeated that he really didn't want to do it but thought it best. I told him I'd been seriously thinking about leaving myself for the past couple of months. I told him I knew he wasn't happy with me which in turn made me not happy which of course would affect my performance. So he said let's make it a mutual agreement. The good think is is that I can collect unemployment if I need to because he won't contest it. But I'm hoping not to have to do that.

He did say he didn't think I could handle the job though, I sort of scoffed and said that it wasn't that I couldn't handle the job, it's that it's a different kind of construction I'm used to. I've been in the general contractor commercial building business since Sept. 1992. I've been the office manager of two companies, I can handle the job. I didn't say that I was actually over qualified to do it but I should have. The real estate developer construction business is completely different than what I had been doing. It's completely different contracts, verbiage, forms, etc. that I had to deal with previously. So I of course had to learn all of this, plus learn how this office works and how he personally works. He figured I, and every other girl that's ever been there, should either just know this stuff or if we're told once that should be it, from then on there shouldn't be any problems.

As many people know, if you never get praise only get negativity then you're more likely to make mistakes. My "mistakes" were not huge. Nothing I did or didn't do caused problems. Contracts still got done, payments still got paid. I actually only made a few true mistakes, and when I did I admitted them, owned up, made my apologies. He didn't seem to really care.

At one point I was even accused of keeping secrets. I laughed when I was told that. It was because I didn't tell bossman or bossman 2 everything I was doing. If I was asked to make a phone call to get some information if I didn't immediately go and tell which ever one had asked me to make the call then I was keeping a secret. If they had given me a letter or anything really, to type up, if I didn't bring it in right away for them to see then I was keeping a secret. It was unreal.

So I smiled through our meeting, shook his hand and thanked him for the opportunity and said I wanted to finish what I had been working on when he called me in. I went back to my desk and resumed working. He came out a couple minutes later and said I didn't have to stay and finish but I said I was ok with it, that I didn't want to stick J or M with having to finish it up, that it wasn't fair to them.

He left about 15 minutes later. His son was still there though so we girls got together at the front of the office to talk. M had no idea it was happening until as bossman was leaving he told her I wouldn't be back. J is the comptroller so she knew when he went in to ask her to make up my check. But couldn't tell me or M because she said she would've cried. She was starting to tear up as she was saying that. Plus, it wasn't her place to tell me, she said he wanted her to do it or at least be in the meeting with him. She told him that if he really wanted to do it, if he was going through with it then he had to do it himself. He hired me, he'd have to let me go.

I said to the girls that hopefully the new girl (and there is one, she's starting Mon.) had experience in the real estate development business. J said that she didn't and that she didn't even have as much as I did in general. She said she didn't see this girl working there as long as I did even. She was actually surprised I stayed as long as I did. I told her one of the biggest reasons was because I didn't want to screw her over. She's the one that would have to do the work. She told me I was nuts for staying for her but she was grateful.

Any way, I'm outta there and the only thing that's sad about it is that I don't have another job right now but I'm not gonna be sitting on my ass for long.

I know I've used this before but I'm using again anyway:

Media quote of the day: Take this job and shove it/I ain't workin' here no more - Johnny Paycheck, lyrics by David Allen Coe

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pet Peeve

So, I have a few pet peeves but today I was subjected to the top offender as far as I'm concerned.

I cannot stand it AT ALL when people chew with their mouths open. It's absolutely disgusting. I've actually gagged and thrown up in my mouth a little because of this revolting habit.

My boss does this. I'm subjected at least once a week to it. This morning he was eating a bagel in his office. Our whole office is very acoustical, pretty much anywhere you are you will hear anyone and everyone speaking. You may not always understand what they say but you'll hear them, but most times you will be able to understand everything. There's very little privacy in your conversation. Anyway, he has hardwood floors and his desk faces his door. My desk faces his door. So not only is it already amplified I have to have my ears facing the sound so it's that much LOUDER! This morning I was making a face because I just couldn't help myself and gagging, blech.

Usually it's while he's eating lunch that I have to deal with it. So he's in there smacking away on a sandwich and chips. Crunch, crunch, smack, smack, crunch crunch....... The only good thing is that I've already eaten so the gag reflex isn't as acute.

H Ditty's best friend eats mostly with his mouth open. On our poker nights we've all established where we'll each be sitting around the table and he sits next to me on my right. We usually order pizza so I get to hear him smacking away up close and personal. Luckily over the years he's calmed it down some. I don't know if it's because he has a couple girls and maybe they've said something or maybe his wife has said something. I don't know, I just know that every once in awhile he actually eats pretty normal and only smacks a few times. I pray each poker night that this will be the night he doesn't smack.

H Ditty ate this way most of the time too when I first met him. We became pretty comfortable with each other right away so I didn't have any problem calling him on it when he did it. Now it's only every and now and when he does do it I usually let it slide but sometimes I just can't help it and tell him to close his mouth.

This habit is absolutely disgusting and there's no reason for it.

Well, I take that back. I had a cousin that did this for years. He was constantly badgered by his parents and siblings to stop it but he claimed he couldn't breathe correctly when he'd eat with his mouth closed. So finally when he was around 13 or 14 his parents took him to see a doctor. I guess he had something fucked up in his nasal cavity that really did mess with his breathing.

But other than something medical it's uncalled for. It's almost always going to be a habit and habit's can be broken. It may take awhile but it can happen.

Not a Media quote of the day: KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT, thank you - me

Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend update

So this weekend went well. Friday night right after work I went to my favorite grocery store, oh here's where it's not so well. They were apparently bought out so they're closing down, something else is moving in but the checkout guy didn't know what. So that sucks big time, I bypass two other stores to go to this one. But the upside was that everything was on sale so I bought a few extra things. Bought two large porterhouse steaks that H Ditty cooked up on the grill. Those were some kick ass steaks.

His youngest sister came over and finished off my steak for me since I couldn't eat it all. We all hung out watching Comedy Central's comedian line up and had us a few laughs. Then she took off because she had to work in the morning. She and their other sister were also coming over on Saturday.

Saturday came and we got ready for his sisters and a few other friends to come over. Decided we'd buy an easel to play Picturenary. So we headed out to the store for that and of course bought other things. We two can never get in and out of store with only what we went for.

Neither sister showed up, the youngest didn't feel well and the other we never heard from although he left her two messages. But the other people came, ended up just being 5 of us but we still had a great time. Played Battle of the Sexes first. We chicks won. There were 3 of us and only 2 of them but it didn't matter, we were just better. But then, I guess I should admit that many of their questions were a bit harder than ours. Many of the answers we wouldn't even know. After that we played picturenary, chicks against guys again. Then H Ditty and A played on a team and her husband, BF, and I were on the other. C, the extra chick, started out on their team but they were halfway round the board before we even got off the start position. So we stole her and she helped us make it more even. She's a great guesser and a pretty good drawer too. When we were only a few spots behind they stole C back. Both teams ended up on the finish square together and with C's guessing they ended up winner. After that it was going on 3am and A had to get up for work in 5 hours and they still had an hour to drive to get home so they all left.

I got into bed around 5:30 and H Ditty about an hour or so later. I made myself get up around 10:15 so I could start the potroast going in the crock pot. By the time I was done, peeling and cutting up and throwing everything in the pot it was close to 11. So I cleaned up the kitchen and then woke up H Ditty. We watched the Saints game, all nervous again because Philly's such a good team right now. The Saints'll finally get some respect though. They let Philly know they came to play, wouldn't be walking over them AT ALL. We finally got to see Jiggedy Joe Horn be all jiggedy. And we got worried for Duece when he went out hurt but then he came back nice and strong. It was an exciting game.

After that I laid down to take a nap and H Ditty went to a local bar/restaurant for a benefit for a co-worker. He got home around 7ish. We ate the pot roast which was absolutely delicious, he watched the late game while I read and half watched the game.

All in all it was another great weekend.

Media quote of the day: Joe Horn finished with 110 yards receiving, including a key 20-yard gain on the winning drive, while catching two touchdowns, his first end-zone visits of the year. "I've got to keep doing a better job of getting him involved early on," Saints first-year coach Sean Payton said. "He plays hard and has been fantastic. He is everything you want in a player." All taken from

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, not just snowing, there's so much coming down it's close to a white out. I can see out my bosses window that faces the street and I can barely see the building on the other side. The weather was just calling for possible showers. Showers usually means some snow fall that quickly comes then goes with little to no accumulation. This isn't coming and going, it's been coming down for almost an hour now and it's piling up.

It is a little too early though. I mean, we just hit autumn, the trees haven't even lost all their leaves yet. Hell, some haven't even turned.

But I am loving it, the 1st snow fall is always a little magical.

When I lived in Louisiana I was blamed for the first snow fall in 14 years. It was my Junior year and in English class we had to write an essay about anything we wanted as long as their was emotion in it. The emotion had to be clearly shown in just how and what you wrote about. I'd been there for almost a year at this point and I dearly missed the snow so that's what I wrote about. It was two full, front and back, college ruled paper written in my tiny handwriting. I think I still have it even, somewhere in a keepsake box in the storage room.

Anyway, we had to write it during class and the next day Mrs. D. read a few during class and mine was one of them. No one there was old enough to remember the last snow fall except for her. Only one other person had even been anywhere were there had been snow, everyone else's experience with it was on the tv or movies. Only one week later during English class the Principal comes over the PA and says the school is closing due to snowfall in Baton Rouge and it's heading our way. Should be hitting Gonzales in about 30 minutes and wants everyone to be able to be home safe and sound before it gets to us. Also announces that I-10 has been closed down in certain areas because of the fear of freezing. Everyone in the class looked at me and then they cheered. Someone said that if it weren't for my essay it wouldn't have happened and many agreed.

The Principal's information was incorrect, it was snowing before we were even out of the building. It snowed 2 inches and I made a tiny little snowman in my backyard. The couple who lived across the street were playing in it, throwing snowballs at each other like they were teenagers again.

It was all melted by 5pm that day. But I was a hero to my English class for getting us out of school.

It snowed two more times while I lived there. December of 89 or 90, can't remember which year exactly. But those snow falls weren't much of anything. No accumulation with either one.

Well, it's calmed down now. Still snowing but it's the pretty lazy snow that's falling. There's about a 1/2 inch or so on the cars at the dealership next door. I do see some blue sky to the North so it looks like it'll be ending soon.

EDIT: Well, it's 4:00 now and all the snow is melted and the sky is looking like the Simpson's sky. I guess that's that for now.

Media quote of the day: What's this? There's white stuff everywhere. - Jack Skellington (Yeah, yeah I know twice in a row, but it fits beautifully.)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another thought provoking entry. Heh

So H Ditty has been on vacation the last two weeks and now has to go back to work tonight. It was nice having him home every day, I'm gonna miss him. It'll only be for two days and then he's off again for the weekend but still it's sad. The days he works we only see each other for a total of approximately 20 minutes. The 10 minutes or so in the morning when I'm getting ready and he gets home and the 10 minutes or so after I get home and he's running off to work. Ah well.

It's one of those days again at work. Both bossmen have been out of the office all day so far and I've nothing to do. But today is a day that I actually like it, I'm tired and kinda cranky so I really don't feel like doing anything if I can help it. It's going on 1:00 right now and if I'm lucky they won't be in for awhile yet. But I have this feeling at least one of them will be walking in the door real soon. We shall see.

I've been working on my 100 things and I've noticed that I'm very wordy. I mean, my little blurb at the top of the page says I like to talk but geesh. Most of the entries so far have an explanation to them, they don't just say a thing and then move on to the next. Oh well, it's more fun this way I think. I'm also thinking I'll post the 1st 50 as my 50th post, that's coming up soon, probably by next week.

It's all dark, rainy and chilly outside, the perfect fall weather. I wish I were home snuggled up with one of the cats and reading a good book right now.

You know what's sad, when you think you've got a funny story, type it all out and then realize that it's just . . . not. It's just rambling nonsense about rambling, so I deleted it. You're welcome. Not that this post isn't rambling, because it is, it's just that it's not about one thought going on and on like the paragraph I just deleted.

So I'm pissed at Blogger right now. When I go to my site right now all my links to the sites I like are gone. My header is there but no links. I'm at work, this is the only way I can get to those sites without having to use a search engine. Oh well, so be it.

Saw a commercial for the 3-D version of Nightmare Before Christmas, told H Ditty I wanna see it and he agreed, can't wait that is one awesome movie.

It's now 1:25 and no bosses yet, yippee!

Ok, I'm boring myself it's time to sign off, have a great day all.

Media quote of the day: And on a dark cold night, when the moon is high, he flies into the fog like a vulture in the sky! - Jack Skellington

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Great Weekend

So the weekend started off great. Friday we went out to dinner at the restaurant where H Ditty proposed. We each had a great steak for dinner. After we went to a bookstore and shopped a little since we had over an hour before the show at Zanie's.

Tom Wilson, who played Biff in Back to the Future, was the headliner. He was great, had us laughing the whole time. If he comes to a club near you definitely go. He was good enough that we bought his cd on the way out.

Saturday was this month's poker night. I won again!!! How awesome is that!?! I wasn't as far down as last month's game but close enough. I was down to a thousand and H Ditty was my final opponent, he had six thousand. I climbed my way back up and won. I'm very happy. Oh yeah, Local H was my musical choice for the night. See, whoever wins gets to choose the music for the next game. There's 3 guys that don't really care for them, H Ditty being one of them so I chose Local H for the psychological aspect of it. So I plan on doing the same thing next month too. Maybe throw in some chick music to go along with.

Then today the Saints won their game, they had to fight for it but they won. Bush got his 1st touchdown ever and to top it off it was the game winning touchdown! They had us worried though. We were holding hands and sending our power of good thoughts through the tv to them. Heh

The only bad part is that more than likely H Ditty will lose his fantasy football game. He's only got the Raven's defense tomorrow and they'll have to have a kick ass game to give him enough points to pull off the win. The only good thing going for him is that his opponent is done, he doesn't have anyone else playing. So I'm sending my good luck to H Ditty and my good thoughts to the Ravens to pull out a win for my honey.

I like weekends like this, every day was great!

Media quote of the day: Hello McFly - Biff from Back to the Future

Friday, October 6, 2006


Today is my 1 year married, 11 years together anniversary with H Ditty.


We're supposed to be going out to dinner and then to Zanie's Comedy Club where our first official date was held. Which is fitting since the date fell on a Friday 11 years ago also.

EDIT: Awww, right after I published this I got a dozen roses with two balloons here at work. Thank you honey.

Media quote of the day: Maybe, more than enough - Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

Monday, October 2, 2006

Feeling Icky

I hate being sick but I like being home. I'm not feeling well today, mainly female problems so I decided to rest for a few hours and see how I felt later but when my office called because they didn't get my message I was told not to worry about it they'll see me tomorrow. Which ended up being good because I was sleeping and not feeling the pains but of course woke up when they called and they started all over again. I tried to fall back asleep but my body is having none of that. I feel a little like Ferris Bueller because I'm not upchucking and I don't have a fever but I'm not faking like him so I'll get over it.

I have the biggest baby in front of me right now. Cry baby is being his usual demanding self. He's a big cat and keeps flopping down on the desk between myself and the keyboard and kneading anything he can get his bigass paws on with their sharp claws. They don't feel so good digging into my left hand. But he's so cute that I don't have the heart to make him leave. Ah, he's finally calmed down and is just laying here now.

While searching for a good quote rather than the typical Bueller, Bueller quote Cry Baby left and now I have Pretty Boy up here. He's pretty demanding too but at least he's smaller so I can type easier around him. So there aren't any real good quotes from the movie so I'll go with this 2nd most famous from it.

Media quote of the day: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller