Friday, August 5, 2011

Out of work again. Sucks to be me.

So, yeah, obviously I haven't been here in awhile.  Although I have "all the time in the world" now to be able to update.  I was laid off in June.  June 3rd to be exact.  One of my coworkers and I were brought into a conference room together and were told that because the estimating department couldn't get their shit together and get us some jobs that they had to start laying people off.  Of course it wasn't said in that way but that's basically it.  They hadn't gotten us a decent sized project since before the 1st of the year and most of the projects we did have were starting to wrap up.  So since there were too many on the payroll they had to start letting people go. 

Unfortunately I was #2 out of 2 people in my department so of course was the only one that had to go there.  I let them know how much I enjoyed working there and when they were ready to hire again to please give me a call if it truly was just the lack of work and nothing to do with my performance as they said several times.  I don't see it happening but ya just never know.

I of course have been looking for work and had one interview since then.  But didn't get the job which although sucks was also ok since it wouldn't have been the right one for me.  Had a lot of phone work which I despise and the pay was really really low.  But not as low as unemployment so that's why it would've been ok.  I at least would've been making more than I do now.

And it's looking like I'm gonna have to call a temp place again since no one else is calling.  I really didn't want to do that.  Yes, that is how I got my last job but still.  It's more because I hate dealing with them.  But if nothing else they hopefully could get me a temp job somewhere.

So my days that HDiTty works have been pretty much looking for work on line in the morning.  Reading some of the journals/blogs I follow (need to catch up on a few others).  Reading articles from Yahoo and MSN.  Reading books.  Working out (that's been sporadic, need to make it a priority).  Watching marathons of Lost.  Watching shows that HDT doesn't watch.  Doing the shopping and house work.

Days that he's home are spent job hunting, reading the journals/blogs, articles from Yahoo and MSN, sometimes working out and watching shows with him.  Sometimes we'll play for what we're watching other times we'll just play cribbage while watching something we agree on. 

We also helped his mom move, or at least partly move.  One of my brothers and two of our friends helped move a bunch of her furniture and several other items to her mother's house where she's living now.  Also, grandma fell and broke her arm so we've visited her in the hospital and the nursing home where she's doing her physical therapy.  Although she should be home now.  She was supposed to be released either yesterday or this morning so I would assume she's home now.

There's been a few birthday parties for family members that's been attended in the last couple months and some UFC fights and movie watching as well.  Very much enjoyed the final Harry Potter but need to see it again.  Although I was watching and enjoying I was also wondering what they'd keep in, what they'd take out, what they'd change.  Most of the changes I didn't mind but the final battle did bother me more than anything.  Although visually it was much better than the book I still would've preferred the books fight to the movie fight.  So that's why I'd like to watch it again so this time I could just sit back and enjoy it a lot more since I already know all the changes.

Ok, I better get off here and get my workout on.

Media quote of the day:

Nothing. He didn't work. He was unemployed. - Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend update 5/27-30/11

So I just realized I didn't do my weekend update for Memorial Day weekend.  It was pretty good over all.

It was HDT's weekend to work so Friday night we didn't do much as usual.  Just hung out around the house.  Saturday while he was at work I did some grocery shopping and cleaned the house, did some dishes and a couple loads of laundry.

The brothers and Scott's kids came over to watch the UFC fights.  HDT's sister Renee was planning on coming over but ended up not.  She's newly sober so I told all the guys that in honor of that and to help her out we wanted a dry house.  Scott brought a couple beers and Roy did too but they left them in their coolers/car and drank pop and water instead.  When we found out she wasn't coming we let them know they could crack 'em open if they wanted to.  I also let Wayne know his rum was up in the kitchen.  But no one did.  I think mainly because it was already late in the evening and there was only about an hour left anyway of the fights.  And all was well.  So now we know if she decides she wants to come again we know it won't be a big deal.

Sunday I literally sat on my ass the whole day watching a marathon of Lost.  Other than getting up to go to the bathroom, let Poydras out to do so and feed us all I didn't do anything and it felt wonderful.  And even after he got home I continued to do the same thing.

Monday I got up and met mom at the cemetery for a Memorial Day service that lasted about 20 minutes.  Then we visited Les' grave and her parent's grave.  Did a little bit of walking around while she'd point out different markers of people that had been in Les' life. 

Then I headed home to start preparing for her and Jim and his kids to come over for a cookout.  Jim's oldest brought a friend along and mom ended up bringing her brother along as well.

Had a good time with lots of food: burgers, brats, hot dogs, watermelon, pineapple, red grapes, cherries, pasta salad and chips.  Our neighbors came over for a visit as well.  When they saw that we'd be in only half shade they loaned us their canopy.  And it being close to 90 degrees boy did that help a whole helluva lot.  After finding out it only cost about a hundred bucks we decided we'd have to get one for ourselves.

Around 4:30 we started cleaning up.  The neighbors had already gone home and mom and Dale decided to head out as well.  Jim and the girls hung out for about another 15 minutes or so but then left because the friend had to be home by 6:00. 

After they left HDT and I relaxed watching a show or two and then The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  We both really liked it.  Very cute movie and the kid was absolutely awesome.

Since then we've done our normal weeknight nothingness.  After work we sit around watching tv while he's playing on his computer as usual.  Although last night he worked a couple hours extra and I mowed the lawn. 

Media quotes of the day:

These two are from The Switch - from two very different scenes

 I - - um, hijacked your pregnancy. - Wally Mar

Would you please stop having sex with your food? - Kassie Larson
From Lost - many, many episodes throughtout all the seasons
Son of a Bitch! - Sawyer

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend update 5/20-22/11

So this was a pretty boring weekend overall really.  Friday night after getting home from work HDT and I had a long back and forth about what we would do for dinner and whether we'd be going over to his grandma's for dinner with her and his mom.  And also to go see a movie or not.  The only movie we'd be able to make after eating would be a late one and we were both pretty tired and just didn't feel like doing that.  And finally we decided we'd just hang out at home rather than going out anywhere.  So he texted his mom to let her know we were staying home.

So we just made some dinner and watched recorded shows that we've been behind on because of watching Doctor Who and Ally McBeal so much.  Since he had a dentist appointment at 9am the next day we went to bed at a decent hour.

When he left for his appointment in the morning I went to the grocery store and he made it home just before I did.  We were both starving so I threw a frozen pizza in the oven for our brunch and then watched one of the recorded Mentalist shows.  After it was done I asked him if he was ready to go do the shopping/returning of items he was wanting to do, he wasn't and wouldn't be any time soon.  So I decided to go out and mow the lawn. 

By the time I got to the back yard it started to misty rain but I figured since it's not such a big yard I decided to just continue on.  By the time I was half way through it started to actually rain but I continued on still.  At one point I had to ask HDT to come out and help me to empty the bagger into the bag.  I had used up all the garbage cans and now had to use bags.  The first one I used the first time dumping into it half of the grass fell out.  So with the second bag I decided to have his help. 

He ended up staying out with me while I finished up which was a good thing because we filled a few more bags.  The rain kept going between misty and actual rain so as the grass kept getting wetter and wetter it was obviously getting heavier and heavier.  It got to where I could only do two swipes before I had to empty the bagger.

After I was done mowing he got out the hose and hosed it all off and made it nice and clean for me.  Then he hosed and I swept off the concrete/deck like area.  After all that I was pretty well worn but took a shower since we had those plans to do the shopping. 

But he decided he didn't really want to go do any shopping/returning of items so we just ended up hanging out for the rest of the day/evening doing a bunch of nothing.  Oh wait, I had my dentist appointment at 3:00 so I did that.  That lasted just under an hour so I got home just after 4:00.  Then we did nothing much for the rest of the day.

Sunday I made us breakfast: eggs, bacon and biscuits.  After I let that settle for a bit I got on the elliptical for 15 minutes then did some weight lifting for a few reps then got back on the elliptical for another 25 minutes.

Hopped in the tub and after a little while he decided he wanted to finally go do the shopping/returning.  So I finished reading my chapter and then we got ready and headed out.  We returned his ear piece that just wouldn't sit quite right on his ear.  He also has been wanting to get another electric toothbrush so we looked at those.  We ended up going to three stores but couldn't find the one we wanted for the price we wanted. 

I was so worn out and hungry by the 3rd store that I put my throbbing foot down and said I couldn't go anywhere else.  Although we did end up going to Dairy Queen to pick up a couple blizzards and then to a local burger joint to pick up an order of fries (they're pretty damn good) and went home and heated up a couple burgers that I had cooked up on Saturday along with the left over bacon from the morning for dinner.

We again watched some recorded shows and then a couple Buffy's until it was time for bed.  So it was a good weekend for me for my workouts that I've been wanting to get back into (I include mowing the lawn as a workout) but a pretty typical boring one overall.  Although the eating of the food wasn't the best I didn't eat a lot so I believe I was still pretty much in the calorie range needed.

Media quote of the day:  From Dinosaurs - The Son Also Rises.  My goodness how I loved this show, we even bought the DVD's but haven't watched them yet.  Shame on us, we should do that soon.

I thought I told you to mow the lawn. - Earl Sinclair

I told you, the lawn mower is broken. - Robbie Sinclair
Scissors. Cut it with scissors. - Earl
Oh come on. - Robbie
Geez you kids have it too easy. When I was your age we didn't have lawn mowers, we didn't have scissors, we had to get down on all fours and graze like a cow. - Earl
Dad. - Robbie
Mooooo - Earl

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking into the house

So, I have to tell you what happened Sunday night.  I didn't do it in the weekend update because it was already getting long and this deserves it's own entry.

It was late, going on 11pm, and I was getting ready to head to bed but then remembered the garbage, recycle and lawn clippings still needed to go out to the curb.  So I ask HDT to come help me and I step out onto the back porch and he comes out behind me and shuts the wooden door. 
And with his hand still on the knob and a sheepish grin on his face he says, "I just locked us out." 
I said, "No you didn't." 
He said, "Yes I did."
I said, "No you didn't, you're just trying to trick me."
He said, "No I'm not, I locked us out."
I said, "You're kidding me right, you didn't really lock us out."
He said, "Yes, I did, I'm not kidding."
So I reached forward and tried the knob and sure enough it was locked.  We have the kind of knob that even when it's locked it'll turn like normal on the inside but of course is locked from the outside.

I can't believe it.  I ask him why he would shut that door when we're just taking out the garbage but he didn't think about it, just did it.  And what's even weirder is that usually when we're leaving to go somewhere before he shuts the door he'll ask if I have the keys or he'll check his pockets/hand to make sure he has his.  Maybe because it was so late and he was getting tired himself that it just didn't cross his mind to do so.  Who knows.

At any rate, we were locked out of the house.  Luckily he had grabbed a flashlight because we were going to take one large item out of the garage to put at the curb as well and our garage doesn't have electricity right now.  So he asks if all the windows are closed and locked.  I wasn't sure so we started looking at the ones to the kitchen with the flashlight and luckily enough the large one on the side was shut but not locked. 

So we grabbed the ladder out of the garage and he took off the screen and was able to slide open the storm window and inside window.  All the while he's worried that someone will think we're breaking in but I wasn't worried at all.  Besides, as I told him, it's a good thing he works for our police department, so even if someone did call the cops they'd know us as soon as they saw us.  We determined that I'd be the one crawling through it so we switched places on the ladder.

I grabbed the garbage can that sits under the window and pulled it closer to me.  It's a nice big square wooden can with a flat top/lid.  Love that can.  Anyway, the ladder only went up so far so the step was still well below the window that I couldn't just stick a foot/leg in and "walk" through the window.  I had to go in head first with my belly on the sill and the can under my chest.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to finish getting in when the can started to lean forward and I started to go to the floor head first.  I yelled for HDT to grab my legs and steady me. 

And in the meantime Poydras is standing on his hind legs doing a little dance all excited to see me crawling through the window pretty much under me or in my way.

So HDT grabs my ankles and helped me to "walk/slide" in using the can far enough until I could bend my knee and step down onto the floor still using the garbage can as support.  It wasn't all that easy either since I was laughing and trying to make sure Poydras and the cats were out the way.

I teased that I was going to leave him outside but of course didn't do so.  But I definitely teased when he came walking around the corner of the house, pointing at the doors, "See, this is how you do it.  Keep the big door open and shut the screen door."

I let him know that I'd be writing about this and would have to tell at least one person (probably my coworker, which I did) if not others.

On Monday morning when I was getting ready for work I see a bruise just above my right knee and couldn't figure out how I'd gotten it.  Then later in the morning when I went to the bathroom and see it again it dawns on me that it's from crawling through the window.  I also have a tender spot on my left forearm but no actual discoloration so that's good.

So that was a fun end to my weekend.

Media quote of the day:

From Bones:

Wait a minute. Bones breaks into my bathroom and I'm weird for being naked? - Special Agent Seeley Booth

So you didn't tell her to leave? You just sat there naked? - Dr. Lance Sweets
It was my own bathroom, okay? What do you wear in the tub? Floaties? - Booth
From Inception:
By creating something secure, like a bank vault or a jail. The mind automatically fills it with information it's trying to protect. Understand? - Cobb

Then you break in and steal it? - Ariadne

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend update 5/13-15/11

So let's see.  For the most part this was an uneventful weekend really.  It was his weekend to work and he didn't get his 8 hour day on Saturday since he switched so he could get out early on Tuesday when we took my mom out for Mother's Day.

Friday after I got off work I debated doing the lawn.  The grass was over a foot high in some places.  Our lawnmower was in getting serviced and the company he kept calling to come out and do a spring "cleaning" was basically ignoring him.  So while we were waiting for them to call back and the mower to get it's tune up the rain was coming down and the sun was coming out and the grass was growing like crazy.

So yeah, I was debating on taking care of it then or waiting to do it over the weekend.  But since there was a high chance of rain for both days and HDT said he'd help when he got off of work on Friday I decided to go ahead and do it then.  I started in on the backyard then did the small side yard and decided to wait for him to get home to get the front and other side yard done.  He got home around 6:30 and shortly after that we headed out.  He was weed eating while I continued to mow.  He also did some edging along the front sidewalk and the driveway.  Looks much better now.  We also chopped down some bushes that were growing on our side of our neighbors fence.  Pain in the ass bushes.  We finished up around 8pm and let me tell you we were a couple tuckered out people we were.  We had some dinner and watched a show or two and then headed to bed.

Saturday I decided I'd get the shopping done and out of the way and of course when I get home and am putting things away I realize I forgot a couple things.  Even with a list I forget things.  UGH!  But I didn't want to go back out so didn't. 

Oh yeah, while getting ready I decided I'd just go ahead and cut me some bangs.  I've been wanting to do so for awhile now and finally just did it.  I've never done that before.  Sure I've trimmed them myself but never actually given them to myself.  My heart started beating hard when I made the first cut.  But I actually did pretty good.  Now I just need Jess to come in and soften up the sides, maybe give some layers to the rest of the hair or at least just along the sides of my face.  I'm happy I did it though, that's for sure.

For the rest of the day I pretty much watched my recorded shows, played with Poydras and did the dishes until HDT got home. Then we had dinner and watched some shows until we went to bed.  Actually, I sat up in bed reading until a little after midnight.

Sunday I decided to do the same as Sat and run out right away and get the few things that I forgot about.  Grabbed some McD's breakfast, oh how I love their hashbrowns and watched some more of my recorded shows.  After eating I put a flank steak in the slow cooker with some bbq sauce and a can of diet coke to cook all day.

At one point I got a pretty bad headache and was feeling rather tired so I went up to bed and set the alarm for an hour.  I dozed on and off for most of that hour and decided to reset the alarm for another hour as I was still feeling tired and headachey.  But after about 15 minutes I realized I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep again so I just snuggled with Poydras for awhile. 

Finally I made myself get up and finish the dishes (pots and pans) from the day before.  Made myself a bologna sandwich and then decided to start watching Lost again.  I was able to watch the first two shows before HDT got home.  Just after 6pm the flank steak was done so I shredded it up and put it back in the pot to simmer until he got home.  Pretty much had just thrown the whites in the wash when he got there. 

We made a couple sandwiches and put the rest of the meat away in the fridge and headed downstairs.  Played a game of backgammon, I won, so I put in Ally McBeal.  After the show ended I was getting ready to set the game up again when he said not worry about it just play another episode cause he was heading back to his computer anyway.  So that's what we did for the rest of the evening, watched Ally while he was on the computer.

At one point I went into the laundry room to put the whites into the dryer and noticed the sump pump had quit working.  Luckily it once again just moved enough that the floater got stuck.  Once he moved it it worked just fine after that.

Media quote of the day:

Guys, where are we. - Charlie from Lost

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moms (older moms that is) just shouldn't drink

So we took my mom out for dinner last night for a late Mother's Day get together.  The place we took her is a good 25 miles away but it's the best Chinese food we've ever had and she was wanting Chinese so it was perfect.  It was also the same place we took HDT's mom.

We each had a drink with dinner and she was so damn funny afterward.  When we got outside she says something along the lines of, "Ok, I've had a drink, you'll have to help me to the car.  Where is it?"  Too funny, one little drink and she was worried about walking across the street safely enough.

Then we're almost home, just another 7 or so miles to go and she realizes she forgot her purse there.  She didn't think anything of it because she was carrying something when she carried out her leftovers.  So HDT gives them a call so they can look for it and they did find it right where she left it on the floor just under the table next to the wall.  She tried to convince us to just go on home and she'd pick it up the next day but we told her there was no way THAT was going to happen.  She felt so bad about it but we didn't think anything of it and were very happy to go back and get it.

So when we got her home we went in to spend a little more time with her and give her her cards that I completely forgot to give at the restaurant.  I always give two cards, one really nice and one funny, I just can't help it.  She of course liked them both.

What made the whole purse thing even funnier is that his mom thought she did the same thing only leaving hers at the store we stopped off at afterward.  We had made it all the way back to our house though.  She and HDT were outside with Poydras and she's putting things away in her car when she realized she didn't have her purse and starts to freak out.  I found our receipt for the store and there was a number on there so I hand that to HDT to give them a call and I step back in the house and there's her purse sitting right on the kitchen counter.  Right were she had set it not 1 minute before and already forgot.

So last night I joked with HDT that we can't let our moms drink anymore it messes them up too much.  Made mom laugh of course.

Media quote of the day:  A line of Have a Drink on Me by AC/DC

I'm trying to walk a straight line
On sour mash and cheap wine

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Update 5/6-8/11

So this was another busy weekend.  Friday night we decided to go see a movie and Jim came along.  We thought maybe we'd see Thor but since it was opening night it'd be packed so decided on Hanna instead.  HDT and I went to dinner at Chili's first though.  Had a good gut busting dinner and a drink or two then met Jim at the theater. 

For being out for so many weeks now and never a huge hit there were quite a few people in there.  Far more than I expected there to be even for a Friday night.  There were probably just over 20 of us in there.  It was pretty good.  Strange though, not exactly what I was expecting but still good.  It felt like there should've been more too it, not sure what though, just more.

Jim came over afterward and we watched a Doctor Who episode.  Then I headed to bed and I think they played some Madden football or something on line, not sure what.

Saturday we had a group of friends come over around noonish and hung out playing games and bullshitting.  The last one, besides Jim that is, to leave left around 7:30.  Then we three watched Lo.  HDT and I had seen it before quite awhile ago and was telling Jim and the other guy about it and since Jim hadn't ever seen it we decided to watch it.  It's a very low budget "horror" movie that's not really a horror movie but since Lo is a demon it's listed under horror.  Anyway, it's pretty funny and enjoyable in a fucked up sort of way.

After that Jim headed home and HDT and I played backgammon for what we'd be watching next.  We watched an episode each of Doctor Who and Ally McBeal before heading off to bed.  Or at least I headed off to bed, he showed up not long after though.

Sunday we got up and headed out to Walgreens to get all the Mothers' Day cards needed and then waited around until his mom came over at noon.  We made the calls to everyone else before heading out to our favorite chinese place for lunch.  She and I each had a dragon tini (a really really good chocolate martini) and a mai tai with our absolutely delicious food and HDT had a couple long islands with his.  All of us were very pleasantly stuffed with plenty left over for more meals. 

On the way home we stopped off at a second hand/antique shop.  His mother absolutely loves these types of shops and never goes away without getting something.  But I can't say anything, we ended up buying a few things ourselves.  One of the items were a set of shot glasses.  I looked at them, thought they were cute/nice but decided we didn't need anymore and walked away.  A couple minutes or so later when I met up with HDT in another part of the store he was holding something so I look and it's the shot glasses.  Couldn't argue with that so I didn't even try. 

When we got home we decided to watch a movie.  She asked about one that we had told her about before and figured out that it was The Princess Bride so we popped that in and enjoyed that all over again.  And she even stayed awake throughout the whole thing.  She tends to fall asleep during movies.  But she didn't this time and she very much enjoyed it.  Pretty much right after it was done her phone rang and it was a friend she hadn't talked to in quite awhile so she chatted with her for awhile while HDT and I watched some of the extras.  Then she got a call from Jess so she grabbed up her things and headed out to spend the evening with her. 

HDT and I played backgammon again for what we'd be watching.  He kept winning, the brat.  So we watched some Doctor Who's before turning into bed just before 10 o'clock.

Media quote of the day:

The Princess Bride:

You seem like a decent fellow.  I hate to kill you. - Inigo Montoya
You seem like a decent fellow.  I hate to die - The Man in Black; aka The Dread Pirate Roberts; aka Westley


You have to do what I say. - Justin

Look at you, pretending to be *brave*. What's your name?  - Lo
Justin. - Justin
Ugh. That's a terrible name. Doesn't fit your future. Allow me to baptize you - Lo

Dinner! - Lo
It's Justin. - Justin
Dinner! You have to let go of the past. - Lo

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update 4/29-5/1/11

So we had another pretty good weekend.  When I had gone home for lunch on Friday I hopped on the treadmill for about 12 minutes.  I had made a decision to do that every day several months ago and just haven't done it.  No excuse really since most days I'm done eating with a good 10 minutes to spare. 

After I got off work I ran out to Walmart and Jewel to get a few groceries we've been needing and I also stopped by our eye doctors to pick up some paperwork needed for our FlexCom account.  I had just finished putting everything away and was starting to put a couple steaks in some marinade when he got home. He opened the grill and came in to get the matches to start it when I told the marinade needed at least a 1/2 hour to really soak in so he didn't start the grill and decided to take a shower.  Since I had gotten a little warm on the treadmill earlier I decided to take a shower as well after he got out. 

While I was still in he decided he was so relaxed now that he didn't feel like grilling out anymore.  So we decided to have some baked chicken and tots instead and as usual vegged out on the couch and computer. 

Saturday he worked until 2pm and I pretty much did nothing until he got home.  Well, I did exercise.  I did 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up then did some weight lifting then another 10 minutes cool down on the elliptical again.  Soaked in the tub afterward reading the latest Entertainment Magazine. 

He wasn't hungry so I made myself some shrimp and fries for lunch then not long after that we did the little straightening up that was needed before the guys came over for the UFC fights. Which were really pretty darn good.  So happy Nick Diaz got his ass handed to him.  Oh how it was a beautiful sight to see.  Although the third slam onto the mat I was worried for him, never want to see a guy get seriously injured even if I don't like him.  But luckily he was ok.  And another fighter, can't remember his name now, had the largest hematoma over his right eye that I've ever seen.  It had all of us cringing big time along with the bad cut he had under his left eye.  Wayne had us all laughing when he wondered which side the guy would be laying on while trying to sleep.  I think it was HDT or Scott, or maybe both, that said it'd be his back.

Sunday ended up being a nice lazy day.  Our friend Pat came over to watch some Dr Who shows that he's been trying to convince us to watch; the ones that have been on since 2005, not the originals from way back when.  We ran out to grab some Popeye's that I've been craving for awhile now while he was on his way over.  We vegged out on the couch eating some good food watching a pretty good show.  I'd be just fine if we never watched another show but it's definitely enjoyable so I know we'll probably end up watching all the rest of the seasons as well.  Eventually anyway.

After we were done watching several of those Pat left for home and HDT and I did some dishes and cooked up some mac and cheese for dinner and watched some Sports Night. 

At one point we stopped watching to go over some things that needed going over and while doing that he got a text or something telling him to turn on the tv that Bin Laden had been killed.  So I did that and we watched the breaking news about that along with Obama's speech.  And then I went to bed not long after that.

Media quote of the day:

From Sports Night:
Is it nature's special time? - Casey McCall
Oh, you know what, bite me so hard for that - Dana Whitaker

From Dr Who:
If you are an alien how come you sound like you're from the North? - Rose Tyler

Lots of planets have a North! - The Doctor

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anther commercial icon is gone

So I just found out that the Empire Man, Mr. Lynn Hauldren, has passed away.  He was such a huge icon in the advertising business to me.  Just like the "It's time to make the donuts" Dunkin Donuts guy, Michael Vale and original "The loneliest man in town" Maytag Repairman, Jesse White.  Although all the others were pretty good as well.

When I moved to Louisiana for those six years I didn't realize how much I missed Hauldren until I moved back and saw an Empire Carpets commercial for the first time.  I actually smiled and of course sang the jingle. 

And when I saw a commercial for another company by the name of Luna and heard their jingle - singing their phone number and ending in the singing of their name that sounded exactly like the Empire jingle I was actually pissed.  To this day whenever I hear their commercial there's a little twinge that goes off in my head about how they're such ripoffs.

Sad, just sad.

Media quote of the day: 

"588-2300, Em-pire!" - The late, great Empire Man

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Update 4/22-24/11

So, let's see, it was another busy weekend here in peanuthead land.  Friday right after I got off work I hurried and changed and then HDT and I went to our friend's home for dinner and also to go to their church's Good Friday services. 

Since it would be pushing it for time we actually just had some flat bread and chatted for a little while before heading out to church.  The services were very simple but nice and other than the repetitiveness of the songs I enjoyed those as well.  Afterward we headed over to the house for dinner.  She had made some pasta and a salad.  She actually made her own noodles too, they were pretty darn good and I had brought brownies for desert.  We had a great time just visiting and having good food.  We finally made it out of there a little after 1am and made it home shortly before 2. 

HDT tried to convince me to stay up to watch a show but I was just too damn tired and besides we had to get up and out of the house by noonish the next day to take Jim out for his birthday lunch.  So I went to bed and he followed about an hour or so later. 

We took him to our favorite Chinese food place for a terrific lunch.  He'd never been there and was very pleased with his food so HDT and I were happy about that.  We got home shortly after 2 and I headed right back out to go to the grocery store to pick up pop and some snacks for the evening's festivities.  Got home and put everything away and proceeded to clean with HDT helping.  I also made a couple batches of brownies.  One batch was left in the pan as that was going to be Jim's birthday "cake". 

The couple that we had been with the night before came over, got there just after 7:30.  We ordered dinner and played Wise or Otherwise.  We were just finishing dinner and were almost to the end of the game when one of HDT's coworkers came over as well.  She also brought a couple games to play.  Once our one game was done we played one of the ones she brought - Snorta

I've never heard of this game before but I gotta say it was a lot of fun.  I can only imagine how it'd be if we had been drinking a lot.  A couple of us had a couple of Mike's hard lemonades but with all the food absorbing them there wasn't much of a negative consequence.  But I can certainly imagine what it would be like tipsy let alone drunk.

During the middle of it Jess came by after she got off of work.  Then after the game the couple had to leave, they had an early morning at their church. 

I grabbed the brownie pan and put 40 candles on them for Jim to blow out.  Passed out brownies and ice cream to everyone and we chatted for awhile while eating.  Then the coworker had to go home, she wasn't feeling well so didn't want to stay up too late.  We tried to convince Jess to stay for another game but she took off as well.

So we three who were left played one more game then called it a night.  I went to bed and HDT followed about an hour later.

Sunday we slept in pretty late.  I took a bath while he went on line until I got out then took his shower.  We made it to his dad's house for Easter dinner shortly after 2:00.  Had dinner while watching the Cub's game, which they proceeded to lose.  After the game we decided to watch Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Watched a few of the extras after it and then headed home for the night around 7pm.

We had dinner and watched a couple Bones then I went to bed and followed about an hour or so after.  Long weekend but a good one.

Media quote of the day:

What rubbish! See? That's what happens when you read all of those fanciful novels on fairy tales of yours. - Eustace Clarence Scrubb

There once was a boy called Eustace/who read books full of facts that were useless - Edmund Pevensie

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's your favorite scary movie?

So HDT and I decided to go see Scream 4 last night.  HDT thought it was ok, he wasn't disappointed but wasn't thrilled with it either.  I enjoyed it.  Sure, there wasn't as much "story" as there was in the others but I still thought it played well. 

Without giving anything away:  While watching a commercial one night last week I turned to HDT and said I think "that person" is Ghostface or at least one of the ghostfaces as the other movies had more than one.  He asked why and I told him because they're not doing what I'd expect them to do in that situation and because of this other scene.  He wasn't sure what to think, could be any number of reasons for doing/not doing what they were doing/not doing.  Turns out I was right though. 

Throughout the movie every now and then someone else would look good to be it or at least one of them if there did turn out to be more than one killer.  But I still believed the person I picked in the commercial was the best candidate.

But I gotta say I really like Hayden Panettiere's haircut.  That short hair looks really, really good on her.  And Emma Roberts does look good for playing a cousin of Neve Campbell, heck they could even play sisters. 

And when Cougar Town with Courteney Cox started last fall we gave it a shot and I gotta say it really bugged me to see that she had work done to her face.  We gave up on the show so I sort of forgot how bad she was looking.  So when she came on screen all huge with those ugly protruding lips sticking out I actually flinched a little.  Why oh why do people have to disfigure themselves.  Just age gracefully already.  Geesh.

Media quote of the day:

Welcome home, Sidney. You're a survivor, aren't you, Sidney? What good is it to be a survivor when everyone close to you is dead? You can't save them. All you can do... is watch. - The Voice (Ghostface)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Update 4/15-17/11

So this was another fairly busy weekend even though HDiTty had to work.  Friday night we didn't do much except hang out and watch Date Night.  It was silly but it was fun, pretty enjoyable really.

Saturday he had to work all day - 16 hours, from 6am to 10pm so I was going to do a Lost Season 6 marathon but then decided I better not because I really did have things that needed to be done.

First I got on the elliptical.  I've been pretty good with the exercising this week.  Soaked for a bit in the tub then got ready to go get Kylie's birthday gift exchanged.  She's into Tangled right now and we bought her the dress but someone else had already bought it (turned out to be HDT's mom) so I took it back and exchanged it for the wig.  Grabbed some lunch from Pizza Hut (bad, bad I know) and took it back home to eat.  Watched a show while eating then made myself get off my ass and go clean the kitchen which has been needing it for some time now.  We tend to pile things up, most of it was mail and magazines though so not too bad.  Did the dishes as well. 

I also finally did our taxes, yes we are THAT bad with the procrastination.  Found some of the bills needed for our Flex Com to be fixed and also grabbed last years tax return to prove I did claim the 408k money I took out while I was out of work.

After all that it was now after 6pm, maybe even closer to 7 and I decided I'd reward myself with sitting on the couch watching a movie.  I decided on Underworld: Rise of the Lycons.  After it was done I switched back to tv and started scrolling through the guide and in less than 5 minutes the same movie was going to start on one of the channels.  I was amused.

There wasn't much on so I settled on Forensic Files and was watching that when HDT walked in the door close to 10:30.  He stayed up for about an hour so we continued watching the Files until he went to bed.  I went with him but sat up in bed reading for about a half hour until I felt tired enough to sleep.

Sunday I decided to take a day off from exercising and just had some breakfast while watching Temple Grandin.  Good movie, I can totally see why Claire Daines won so many awards for it.  The tears ran down my face more than once I might add. 

After it was over I soaked in the tub reading for a little while then got ready to go back out to get Jenn's birthday gift and card.  HDT got out of work early to be able to go to Kylie's birthday party that started at 2:30.  After meeting him at home and getting the presents wrapped we headed out the door around 3:45.  I'm glad I didn't go on time without him because everyone was just finishing eating when we walked in the door which means an hour and half of just sitting around watching the kids run around. 

After we finished our plates they had the cake and ice cream then the presents were opened.  Kylie very much liked the Rapunzel wig and the reading book we also gave and liked the soundtrack cd even more.  So the presents were a hit which is always good.

He made a few copies of the cd so Kylie could actually handle it without ruining the original and we could have a copy of it when she comes over.  Not long after the cd's were done copying we headed home.

He got on the computer and I turned on Netflix instant and we proceeded to watch some Buffy's for the rest of the evening until we went up to bed around 11.

Media quote of the day:

My name is Temple Grandin. I'm not like other people. I think in pictures and I connect them. - Temple Grandin
Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will... fate... destiny...  - Rapunzel
A horse. - Flynn Rider
If we are going to pay this much for crab it better sing and dance and introduce us to the Little Mermaid! - Claire Foster

He turned the gun sideways! That's a kill shot! - Phil Foster

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Update 4/8-10/11

So this weekend was a movie weekend, no doubt about it. 

Friday evening after I got off work we were going to go and return a pair of jeans that didn't quite fit HDT, have some dinner and see a movie, probably Hanna but possibly Your Highness.  But after looking at the receipt and seeing that we have 60 days to return them and I mentioned maybe seeing matinees the next day to save some money we decided to stay home for the night.

So we kept debating on what to have for dinner, still order out or make something at home.  We decided to eat what we had, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.  And HDT put in The Godfather for the movie.  We watched it before but it's been probably a couple years at least since we did and wow I didn't remember much of it at all.  Certain scenes were familiar but mostly because they're the scenes one sees when watching shows about movies not because I was remembering them from last time.  We had to keep stopping it throughout because of phone calls or when HDT had to check on his mom's computer that he was fixing or because of the animals.  It's a long movie to begin with and it took us probably an extra hour to watch it because of the stoppage, basically it took all night.  I don't think we stayed up too much later after it was done.

Saturday we got up mid morning and headed out the door with just 30 minutes to get to the feed store where we get the pet food.  Walked in the door with just a couple minutes to spare before closing.  The whole way there HDT kept saying how many minutes we had to get there.  Was quite amusing really.  I knew we'd be fine.

We were debating on what to have for lunch/breakfast and decided on Chili's.  And while eating we decided to watch a whole different movie than the two we were gonna see the night before.  Adjustment Bureau was playing at the theater near the restaurant but not at the place we were gonna go to.  We were still trying to work out being able to see at least one of them along with AB, preferably Hanna, but time lines just wouldn't work. 

We had a couple hours before it was to start so we walked around Toys-R-Us to find Kylie's birthday present and then headed home to drop everything off and meet Jim who had called while we were shopping.  So once he got there we headed out to the movie which was really good I might add.  Very glad we got to see it in the theater too.  There were some great shots of the city (New York) that looked really good on the big screen.

After that we headed home and debated what to do.  Since it was just us three we decided to just hang out and watch some more movies.  It's been a long time since HDT and I saw Tombstone and Jim has never actually seen it from start to finish.  He's seen the whole thing but always in bits and pieces.  And we just bought it on blue-ray and wanted to see how good it would look so that won out over everything else we had.  After that we decided to watch Scream since number four is coming out this weekend.  But just after Drew's death scene Jim left because he just exhausted and wouldn't be able to stay awake for it.  HDT and I finished it and afterward I went to bed.  He came up not long after. 

We had decided to go see the matinees of Hanna and Your Highness on Sunday but after waking up and getting a migraine shortly after I wasn't up for it much.  And since we spent so much money on Saturday it just made sense to skip the movies and hang out at home where I could just rest and not have to move too much.  We decided to watch Godfather II and III.  Although we liked both I don't see why II is considered a better movie than I.  Oh well, to each his own.

So that was our movie filled weekend.  I liked it all except for the damn migraine.  For which I had to finally breakdown and take one of the max-alts when I went to bed since the ibuprofen wasn't working.

Media quotes of the day:

I'll make him an offer he can't refuse - The Godfather (both Brando and Pacino)

I'm your Huckleberry - Doc Holliday (the best Doc Holliday in any movie ever)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Duel Fortunes

So HDT and I got Chinese for dinner one night last week and I completely forgot to talk about it until now.  Not that the food was anything to write home about, that was good as always.  Nope, it's the fortunes I need to mention.

So you know, your local Chinese place reaches in a box of cookies and randomly pulls out how many ever they'll be giving you.

We always open and read ours then pass it over so the other one can see what we got.  I read mine and thought it was pretty good.  He reads his and says he really really likes it and we hand off.  And this is what we got:

Sorry, I forgot to turn it but still, you can see what's there.  They are exactly the same fortune.  We got a good kick out of that.

This has only happened once before, well sort of.  Years ago we went out to a restaurant with his family and they brought a pile of cookies out.  Everyone got one and there were a few left over so HDT grabs another one.  It's the exact same fortune as the one he just got before.  And then the kicker is that everything that it said matched him perfectly.  Said something along the lines of working with the public and he does it very well and diplomatically and empatheticaly, etc., etc.  So we laminated it and he's carried it in his wallet ever since.

Media quote of the day:  From the Penguins of Madagascar tv show:

A misfortune cookie. It is like a regular fortune cookie, except it is filled with hate, and bile!... and sugar... and evil!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update 4/1-3/11

So let's see, this weekend was pretty good for the most part.  It was HDT's weekend to work.

Friday night, Hmm, why can't I ever remember what we did on Friday nights?  On Thursday I agreed that I'd try out his new game Rift either on Friday or Saturday evening after he got home from work.  I didn't do it Friday and it seems to me it was because we actually did something to prevent it.  But I can't remember for the life of me what that could've been.  But I'm thinking it really was more just the fact that I didn't want to do it more than anything.  Seems to me I put in Sports Night and we just watched show after show of it. 

We loaned our Sports Night DVD's to one of his coworkers/friends a couple years ago I think it was and we just got it back.  Yeah, I believe that is what we did Friday night until it was time to go to bed.

I woke up around 8:30 Sat. morning.  And after taking my turn on Words with Friends that I'm playing with HDT I put a couple roasts in the crockpot along with some italian dressing packets and a couple bouillon cubes and let it cook all day for shredded italian beef.  After that I made myself some breakfast and headed downstairs to catch up on some of my shows.

After awhile I decided to stop being lazy and started in on some house work.  I got some straightening up done and then some vacuuming done, including under the bed which I haven't done in awhile - scary!  And then I mopped.  By then it was time to get myself washed up because Jess was gonna be by some time after 3:00 to drop of Kylie for the evening while she went to work.

Sure enough just when I stepped out of the tub to start drying off I hear her pull up.  So I hurried up and got some clothes on and got to the back door just in time.  But after letting them in I had to go back to put my wet hair in a towel.  After she left I put the clean dishes away and loaded the washer back up with dirty dishes, started it and then Kylie and I headed down to the basement.

She asked to watch a movie and we opted for Wall-E because she hadn't seen that in a long time.  After that she wanted to watch another movie and since she's never seen Willow and HDT and I thought she'd enjoy it I put that in.  And turns out she did like it.  He got home with about 45 minutes left of it to go and sat on the couch with us to watch the rest of it. 

The she decided to watch Wizard of Oz.  I put that in and then headed out to the grocery store because I forgot to get bread for the italian beef sandwiches.  I walked in the door just when Dorothy and Toto got to Munchkinland.  Kylie was hungry so I made her a hot dog then shredded the roasts up and made myself and HDT a sandwich.

After the movie ended I went to Netflix instant and started playing Rugrats for her.  I loved this show when I discovered it in my 20's and knew she'd like it.  Sure enough she does.  Jess came in shortly after the 2nd show had started.  HDT showed her the Rift game while Kylie and I continued watching the toons.  Finally she bundled her up and took her home. 

Of course by then it was too late for me to learn to play the game and we went to bed shortly after they left.

Sunday I was up shortly after 8:30 again.  I made myself a couple small beef sandwiches for breakfast and headed downstairs to continue watching my shows.  I think it was close to noon that I decided to get on the elliptical.  Did a good workout and then went to soak in the tub for an hour as usual.  But after just 25 minutes or so I started to feel really sleepy.  So I decided I'd wash up and take a little nap.  But by the time I was all dry I was actually awake.  So I did another load of dishes (yep, we were that bad with the dirty dishes) and headed back downstairs.  I also did a couple loads of laundry.

HDT got home around 6:30 and we did somethings that married folk do and then finally decided on what to eat for dinner.  We decided to be good and just eat our own frozen pizza we had rather than order out like we both wanted to.  I agreed I'd learn how to play Rift while the oven was heating up and then during the pizza cooking. 

It seems like a pretty good game but I haven't gotten very far.  So we shall see as time goes on.  I'm very antisocial when it comes to these things and I'd much rather have a game where it's just me playing and not online where there are people who we know and even those we don't that might want to try to get me to play with them.  The only person that I'm willing to play with is HDT and we don't have two computers to do that.  At least not right now.  So, yeah, we shall see if I last.

We had dinner while watching the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter that started this last Wednesday.  So far I'm really liking Dos Santos, he seems like a pretty good guy.  I'm still out on my judgement of Brock. 

After that he headed back to play Rift while I started another recorded show to watch.  At one point he gave me the background story on the game.  I also played the Jimmy Fallon/Stephen Colbert Friday clip from Fallon's show last week for him to watch.  That got him in the mood to play the original again on YouTube.  Then he started looking into some of the spoofs and in defense of clips.  Finally around 11:00 I couldn't stay awake any longer so I went to bed.  He came up a couple hours later.

Overall a pretty good weekend.

Media quote of the day:

From Willow:

What are you doing? - Willow
I found some blackroot. She loves it. - Madmartigan
Blackroot? I'm the father of two children, and you never, ever give a baby blackroot. - Willow
Well my mother raised us on it. It's good for you! It put's hair on your chest, right Sticks? - Madmartigan
Her name is not Sticks! She's Elora Dannen, the future empress of Tir Asleen and the last thing she's gonna want is a hairy chest! - Willow
From the Rugrats:

Guys, guys. I squished Angelica. - Chuckie
That's OK, Chuckie, you didn't mean to squish her. - Tommy
And even if you did- that's OK. - Phil

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Update 3/25-27/11 Including Monday the 28th

So this weekend was pretty good.  Friday night on my way home from work I gave HDiTty a call as usual and he said that Jim and Pat were on their way over to go out to the movies.  Jim's been wanting to take us to a movie for our birthdays since he didn't get us anything for them.

I was pretty tired and didn't want to go anywhere but I really wanted to see Paul so I said as long as I didn't have to drive I was game.  Pat ended up not coming because he said Paul wasn't worth seeing in the theater for all the money that would be spent.  He can't go to see a movie without buying a large popcorn and large drink.  Whatever.

So we three started debating on what other movie we could go see that would include Pat but after reading what we did about Suckerpunch we decided it wouldn't be worth seeing.  Besides Pat is also of the vein that women can't fight so he doesn't like those kinds of films anyway.  And there wasn't anything else that really held our interest enough to see now rather than waiting for DVD's

So we decided we'd just go out to dinner and then come back to the house to hang out there and go to the matinee on Saturday.  Jim tried to get ahold of him to let him know and see if a matinee would be better since it's saving a little bit of money anway and to see if he'd like to go to dinner at least but he couldn't reach him.  We still ended up going out to Chili's anyway.  Had a good meal then came back home.  But before all that we headed out to Best Buy so HDT could buy some new game called Rift that so many of the online friends are playing now.

When we got home from dinner those two went to start the game and realized that they needed to upgrade his dvd player.  So luckily with all the spare computers sitting around he was able to find a player that worked and get it hooked up.  Took awhile but finally they had it.  After they did that we put in The IT Crowd Season 2 to watch.  One of the shows wouldn't play no matter what we did but all the rest were just fine.  I went to bed shortly after it was over with and HDT came to bed a few hours later. 

Saturday I got up just before 10 I think it was.  Ate a peanut butter sandwich and had an 8oz glass of chocolate milk.  Set my timer for 30 minutes to let it all settle before doing the burst exercise on the treadmill like I did last Saturday.  I wasn't able to do as well as last week, 30 seconds less, but at least I did a whole workout anyway.  I just continued to walk at a fast pace and I also inclined for awhile.

I took a nice soak afterward and while in the tub HDT woke up.  He said he was to call Jim around 1ish to see about going to the 2pm Paul showing.  We ended up skipping that because everyone was moving so slowly.  But he got over to our house just before 3:00 and we all ate our breakfast/lunches then headed out for the 4:40 showing.

Really fun movie, ton of references to other movies.  I'm sure we didn't catch them all.  It's a lot "bloodier" than I thought it ever would be.  But still a really good, fun movie.

After we stopped off at the grocery store to pick up a few things and decided to grill out some steaks for dinner.  Really good meal, nice and tasty.

I am drawing a complete blank on what we watched.  Oh that's right, it was Fight Night on Spike.  They had a free UFC showing.  Had some pretty good fights too.  After that I believe they went onto the computer to play some more of the Rift game.  I think I just watched a recorded show or two and then headed up to bed.  I was pretty darn tired.

Sunday we were really, really lazy.  We did nothing but watch more Buffy's on Netflix Instant and did some laundry.  That was it.  But it felt nice that's for sure.

Yesterday I decided I'd get on the elliptical after we had dinner.  Just being on there guilted HDT to get on the treadmill.  But since he didn't have tennis shoes on he couldn't jog at all.  So he went to get those while I did my second burst.  He had just come back downstairs when I finished it and he asked how I felt about taking this show on the road.  I agreed but checked how many calories I burned first, I just hit 101, very happy about that.  So I put on my jacket and we put the harness on Poydras and headed out. 

The route we take around our neighborhood is just under 1 mile.  We jogged about a 1/4 or maybe even a 1/3 of it in spurts.  Couldn't call it bursts because it wasn't all out but I was still completely winded after each jog.  Today my neck, shoulders and back are a little stiff but otherwise I feel good.

Media quote of the day: 

From Paul:

Agent Mulder was right! - Clive Gollings
Agent Mulder was my idea! - Paul
They're going to rape us and break our arms! - Clive Gollings
I don't want my arms broken. - Graeme Willy

And from The IT Crowd:

Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? - Roy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update 3/18-20/11

So this was another fairly busy weekend even though HDT had to work.

But I can't remember what we did Friday night.  I'm thinking we must have stayed home as usual since he had to work Saturday morning but I really can't remember.  If we stayed home as I'm thinking we did we watched some Dexter's Season 4 from Netflix.

Saturday, as mentioned, he had to work so he was gone when I got up which was at 8am. Pretty early for me.  But Pretty Boy came running into the room trying to get behind the blinds onto the window sill.  So since I was awake I decided to get up and workout.  I'm still sore today from it too, good workout!

I soaked in the tub reading the time away after that then got ready to go do the shopping that I didn't get done on Thursday night and also to get HDiTty's dad his birthday card and gift.  While I was out HDT called to say he was getting out of work an hour early and that his dad canceled on us (we were going to take him to see Paul) because he's feeling really lousy.  But HDT remembered there was a charity bowling event for the local FOP that we were supposed to go to.  So since all I had left to get was dad's card we decided I should just skip that and head on home and get it later or on Sunday.

When I got home he was already there but just.  So as I'm putting things away I let him know that there's no way I'll be able to bowl.  I'm way to sore from the workout this morning.  I'm more than willing to go and be a cheerleader though.  But he decided since his psoriasis was flaring up and hurting we should just stay home.  So he got in the tub with the Aveno oatmeal bath stuff to soak it out.

While in there he gets a call from some friends of ours that we haven't seen in something like 5-6 years.  They're in the area visiting her sister and would like to meet up.  So we met them at our favorite Chinese restaurant and hang out for a little while with them and their three kids.  The youngest of which slept pretty much the whole time but that was ok. 

We had to get home though before 8pm as my brothers were coming over for the UFC fights.  So we parted ways and we made it just in time to set everything up before the first brother arrived.  The fights were a mixture of good and ok.  Once again better than expected since there wasn't one fighter I cared about.  And of course we had a good time with the guys as usual.

HDT was silly and stayed up the whole time and didn't get into bed until close 1am because he stayed up afterward to set up the recording as usual.

Sunday I was pretty much lazy and sat on the couch still recuperating from the workout on Saturday.  I finally started watching Gilmore Girls.  Jess loaned me the first season ages ago and I never felt like watching it until now.  It's alright so far.  I guess I was expecting so much more since the fans are so fanatical about it.  Bust still, it's a good one to watch on weekends that he's at work and I don't have much else to watch or do.

A little after 4pm I quit watching and finished making myself presentable and headed back out to Target to shop for dad's birthday card and gift.  Ended up getting him a really cool black and white blown up photograph picture of Wrigley Field.

Got home just before HDT did, showed it to him before wrapping it up then we headed over to his dad's house for cake and ice cream.  Actually ended up being brownies and ice cream but that's ok, brownies are good.  Hung out there for awhile then finally headed out just after 8pm.

We picked up some pizza from the place where we first met and don't get to very often and headed home.  We watched a couple more Dexters before I had to finally get into bed.

Media quote of the day:

It was Harry's. I wasn't comfortable having it in the house with the kids, so I kept it here. See? I have nothing to hide. - Dexter

Dexter [thinking] - Except for the syringes, scalpels, and bone saw hidden in that secret drawer underneath. -

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Update 3/11-13/11 Also includes Monday the 14th

So this weekend was a good one.  Since HDiTty had to work on my birthday weekend we celebrated it this past weekend.

Friday after work we got ready and went out to Outback Steakhouse rather than a "fancy" steakhouse as I was originally wanting to do.  We agreed that since people were coming over on Saturday we'd already be spending a lot of money so we decided to go "cheaper" and go to a chain restaurant instead.  We still ended up dropping 80 bucks in all and that was with splitting the meal!!  We each got a couple drinks - he got long islands and I got something I can't remember the name of but it was really good, sweet but not too sweet.  We shared an appetizer that although was ok wasn't what we remembered getting way back over a year ago the last time we were there.  So yeah, we won't be getting that again, since it was only ok.  We shared a fillet mignon meal, it was an 8oz fillet and we got the garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli for the sides.  We split everything in half and then before we even took a bite of anything we realized we forgot to order the 3 grilled shrimp add on for me.  So we snagged the waitress and let her know I'd like those.  I cut about 2oz off of my half of the steak and gave it to him.  That way he got about 5oz and and I got 3oz., which with the shrimp was perfect.  Then we shared a desert of warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top.  It would've been over a hundred bucks if I would've gotten my own meal. 

So yeah, we won't be doing that again when we go.  No appetizer nor desert, although the only reason we got desert was because of celebrating my birthday.  We'll still split the steak and as long as the add on shrimp are still available I'll get those so he can have more of the steak; and we'll get our own 2 sides.  That'll work out really well.  Afterward we headed home and just vegged out on the couch until bedtime.  Or at least I did, he went on the computer and came to bed a couple/few hours after I did.

Saturday I got up before him and got myself presentable and headed out to the grocery store just before noon.  I woke him up before I left though to make sure he didn't oversleep.  When I got home he let me know that Jess was on her way over to start watching more Grey's Anatomy.  We cried and cried when George died, watched one more after that ep and then had to stop so she could go home to take a shower for later that night; HDT could take a shower and head out to get my cake and a few other things I forgot earlier; and I could vacuum and finish straightening up.

HDT also picked up Jim while he was out.  They made it back before Jess did.  At some point earlier I had been putting the twelve packs of pop in the fridge to get cold.  I also was transferring my Diet Mt. Dews from the case to the fridge pack, as I was doing so I dropped one of the cans right ON TOP of my left foot:

Look at that bruise!  And that tiny, tiny cut that bled like crazy!!  Yeah, it still hurts, maybe even more now that the bruise is starting to heal.

Anyway, Jess finally made it back over, Pat also came and Michelle - one of the girls that went to school in Mexico when HDT did several summers ago.  Love her!!  We had a great time playing games and eating good but bad for you food and having birthday cake and doing shot after shot of Jager.  Although some of them had other types of shots as well.

Jess and Pat left around the same time so the rest of us played another game before finally Michelle had to leave.  HDT, Jim and I watched a movie - Suck - that I had read about awhile ago in EW and their friend Clint had reminded me about when all the mutants were in town a few weeks back.  It was an absolutely ridiculous but fun movie - recommended!!

I went to bed after that, not sure when HDT finally took Jim home but he didn't make it into bed until after 7am.  Which was bad since we had to get up fairly early to go to his nephew's birthday party.  Since we lost an hour that didn't help and since we still needed to get his card and present and pick up grandma on the way he really couldn't/didn't get much sleep.

Jess got over just after 1pm and we headed to Target to get presents and cards.  We also got his mom her cards and present (her birthday was Feb 21st) and then headed over to grandma's to wrap everything up and sign the cards.  Got up to the party around 3pm and no sooner did we walk in the door than Gage started to open his gifts.  I guess they were just waiting on us to show up.  After the gift opening we sang happy birthday and had cake and that was that really.  Did some socializing for a little while and then made it out of there around 5:30 or so. 

Took grandma to the pharmacy to collect some of her medicine but they were closed for the day so just took her home.  Got home and Jess took off to go meet a couple friends for the rest of the evening.  HDT and I debated about heading out to our favorite Chinese place to pick up dinner but I told him since we spent so damn much money this weekend and it's such a long drive out there and it's not exactly cheap to get it he had to agree that it would be the last time this month that we ate out.  Oh yeah, he also had to drive because I was really too tired to keep driving.  So since he didn't like any of those things he decided we'd just stay home for dinner, as we should anyway.  He made tacos for himself and I had a couple hot dogs and chips.

We finally started watching Dexter Season 4 that we've had from Netflix for several weeks now.  Then around 11:00ish we finally made it into bed.

He had to go in at 5:00am instead of his usual 6:00.  When I woke up when his alarm went off I was met with a very bad headache.  But rather than take anything for it I figured I just needed more sleep.  Yeah, that didn't help.  For one it took me forever to fall back asleep because of how bad it was and I think thinking about it didn't help.  Then when my alarm went off a couple hours later and I moved to hit the snooze I got the sharpest fuckin knife pain all over my forehead.  UGH.  I got up to let the boy out to do his business, got him and the cats fed and went into the bathroom to try to get ready anyway. 

Yeah, that wasn't gonna work.  So I called and left a message for my boss, took one of my Maxalts, put a blanket over our east facing window, put on my eye mask and crawled right back into bed.  I woke up completely just before noon.  Still hurting but not quite as bad as earlier.  As the day wore on it kept easing up little by little.  Around 4:30 or so my head all of sudden started to tingle and get really cool and I could actually feel the pressure releasing.  That's only happened a handful of times.  I got really happy but then shortly after no pain it came back but this time only on the right side of my head.

That stayed, getting bad then easing up then getting bad then easing up over and over all the way until last night.  I went into work on Tuesday though because this time at least it was manageable.  Turns out my coworker also called in sick.  Except she's feeling all fluey, just no fever. 

She's still feels that way today and my head has decided to hurt again but this time on the left side but at least it's still manageable.

Media quote of the day:  From Suck (2009) 

It's not what it looks like.  - Jennifer

You drank the guy!  - Hugo

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The bugger of me

So, you know what bugs me?  No, well I'll tell you.  This bugs me:

That thing on the side of the cabinet is a towel holder.  My late, great stepfather made it himself in his wood shop.  All you have to do is stick the towel into it and it hangs there nice and handy for the next time you need it.  It holds it up and out of the way of everything and it's loose enough that it'll dry quickly.

My husband, for some reason I cannot fathom, refuses to put the towel in it.  Instead he hangs it on the handle of the cabinet.  Where it's all bunched up and takes longer to dry and it also hangs low enough that it's in the way of doing things on the counter.

I've asked nicely and, admittedly, bitchily for him to put it in the actual place it's supposed to go but nope he continues to hang it on the handle.  There are times that I think he does it just to bug me. 


No Media quote, can't think of anything that would go.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I don't wanna be a bum

So yesterday was Fat Tuesday and a few weeks ago I ordered two King Cakes from a bakery (which will go unnamed) in New Orleans to have shipped to me here in Illinois for delivery on Monday.  They came and I was very happy that I didn't have to do the frosting and the sugar as I have had to do with cakes in the past. 

I got into work and proceeded to make a nice set up on one of the tables in the kitchen.  Each of the cakes came with several beads, doubloons, a packet chicory coffee and a booklet about Mardi Gras. I decorated around both cakes with them all.  Angry with myself that I didn't take a picture of it; it looked really nice too.  Anyway, everyone who had a piece liked it so that was good.

But I was very disappointed because one of them was supposed to be filled with german chocolate filling.  It was even labeled as such so I know the bakery knew it was supposed to be.  But there wasn't one part of it that was filled.  Not. One. Bit.  The top was a little different than the other one.  It had some kind of topping with chopped nuts thrown in on it.  But no filling.  We of course still ate it and still enjoyed it but still.

So at the end of the work day yesterday I sent the bakery an email letting them know the situation.  I also sent them pictures to back it up.  It's been almost 24 hours since and I haven't received a reply.  I have a feeling I won't be getting one. 

I feel the same way that I did at Christmas time about the tree, I'm not expecting them to do anything about it but it sure would be nice to receive an apology at least.  But I'm not getting my hopes up, that's for sure.  At least it didn't cost more than the plain one.

But what actually bugs me even more than the mix up and not hearing back from them is that someone (and I believe I know who) threw the last few pieces of it away.  When I was writing the email I figured I should send a picture of the label showing that it should be a chocolate filled caked.  So I go into the kitchen and grab it and scan it in.  Then as I'm writing some more I think, well I'll send them a picture to show what I'm talking about.  So I go back to the kitchen to take the pictures (only about 4 minutes since the last time I was in there) and the table is cleared off.  No cake.  I open the fridge thinking this person wrapped the last few pieces up and put them away.  Nope, fridge is empty of cake.  I look around on the counter. Nope, counter is empty of cake.  The boxes they came in are still on top of the cabinets exactly where I had just put them minutes before.  So, I look in the garbage and there they are sitting as pretty as can be right on top.  I had to take the one piece out to get the pictures. 

It just pisses me off.  As mentioned they knew who brought them why the hell not come and ask me if I'd like to take the last bit home?  Hell, why not just wrap them up and put 'em in the fridge?  Why the hell ya gotta throw 'em away?  They were $45.00 a piece, not that they knew that but still!!!  As I told HDT, I could have taken them out and taken them home.  They were still on top of the cardboard that they were shipped on with nothing else surrounding them.  It's not like they were contaminated in any way.  But it's still knowing they were taken back out of the garbage can that would be bugging me about it all.  It'd be George Castanza all over again.  No thank you.

Media quote of the day: From the Seinfeld Episode: The Gymnast

So let me get this straight. You find yourself in the kitchen. You see an ├ęclair in the receptacle... and you think to yourself: "What the hell, I'll just eat some trash."  - Jerry

No, no, no. It was not trash. - George
Was it in the trash? - Jerry
Yes. - George
Then it was trash. - Jerry
It wasn't down in. It was sort of on top. - George
But it was in the cylinder.  - Jerry
Above the rim. - George
Adjacent to refuse is refuse. - Jerry
It was on a magazine, and it still had the doily on. - George
Was it eaten? - Jerry
One little bite. - George
Well, that's garbage. - Jerry
But I know who took the bite. It was her aunt. - George
You, my friend, have crossed the line that divides man and bum. You are now a bum. - Jerry

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update 3/4-6/11

So, it was my birthday weekend and it was pretty damn uneventful.  Mainly because HDiTty had to work.

Friday I was hoping to go out for a really nice steak dinner but he made a good point.  Since he had to work Saturday morning we wouldn't be able to just go out and enjoy ourselves with good food and a good drink or two.  He wouldn't be able to have a drink, not really anyway, and we'd be watching the clock to make sure we were back early enough for him to go to bed at a decent hour.  So we decided we'd do it this coming Friday.

So instead I asked him for Chili's.  And to compromise on not going there to eat but bringing it home instead he had to be on the couch with me rather than going back on the computer.  Which he did, for the most part.  He still played Words with Friends on his iphone with one of his coworkers.

But we started in on the Ally McBeal dvds and that made me happy.  We watched all four episodes on disc one before he had to go up to bed.  I went with since I was pretty tired myself.

Saturday he had to work his full day, no getting off at 2:00.  I was pretty damn lazy all day.  The only thing I did was a couple loads of laundry.  Basically I parked my ass on the couch and watched a marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 on Netflix.

When he got home from work he asked how sore I was from working out and doing the scorpion flip, I told him pretty darn sore still.  So he took me upstairs and proceeded to give me a really terrific massage.  Complete with low light and pretty music in the background.  Afterword we did, well, what adults do together.  Heh

We made dinner (fish filets & tots baked in the oven) and headed downstairs for him to give me card and gifts.  He got me a couple boxes of thin mints (yummmm) and the sixth season of Grey's Anatomy (Yay!).  But since we're watching that with his sister Jess, I just turned the Buffy shows back on and we watched those until he had to go to bed.

Sunday I did the same thing, just turned on the Buffy's and continued watching those all day.  I broke at about 3:00 to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things we were needing but then started right back in them until he got home. 

This time I gave him a massage.  Not as good as the one he gave me but still good and we again did things adults do with each other afterward. 

Put a pizza in the oven for dinner and he went on his computer while I resumed the Buffy's until I had to go to bed.  He stayed up until a little after 1:00.

So that was my wild birthday weekend.

Media quote of the day: From Season 2 - Phases

Several animal carcasses were found mutilated. - Giles
You mean like bunnies and stuff? No, don't tell me. - Willow
Oh, don't worry. I mean, they might not look it, but bunnies can really take care of themselves. - Oz

Friday, March 4, 2011

I say it's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!!

I'm 41 today.  Does that mean I'm on the hill down or is that at 51?  I say it's at 51 and at 51 I'm gonna say it's at 61 and so on and so forth.

Our accounting manager's birthday is today as well.  2/3 of our accounting department is birthdaying it today.  Heh

So our boss took our department and the admin department out to lunch.  We decided to go to TGI Fridays.  Good choice, haven't been there in years.

HDT is supposed to be taking me out for a nice steak dinner tonight, we shall see if that happens.  He has to work this weekend so we're not doing more than that.  But next weekend we plan on having a game night on Saturday so we'll see if that ends up happening or not.

No media quote again today.  Man am I slacking in my old age or what?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gettin old now, can't deny it.

So my birthday is tomorrow, the big 41, ugh!  Anyway, because I kept getting headaches within an hour or so of putting the perfume on or as Monday went - not putting on but sitting with my snuggie pulled up to my neck and smelling the perfume that had gotten on it from the last two days - I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to get the stuff.

But today when I went home for lunch HDiTty asked if I had a headache.  I told him no and he says for me to put a little of the stuff on and see how it goes.  So far it's been an hour and no headache but we shall see.  Anyway he says he really really likes the stuff and would hate not to be able to get it so since my powers of scientific study weren't so great we had to try it one more time on purpose. 

If it comes down to me not being able to get it I don't know what we'll do for a gift.  Probably Grey's Anatomy Season 6.  Lame I know but it'll make me happy and that's all that matters right?  I could go for some books too. 

Decisions, decisions....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Update 2/25-27/11

So let's see.  It was a pretty busy weekend overall really.  HDiTty has a group of friends from his junior high and high school days, they call themselves The Mutants because they were pretty geeky.  Hell, to a point they all still are.  Anyway, some of them got together during the day on Friday and went to lunch then hung out until I got home.

I changed pretty quickly and we headed out to dinner.  We decided to go to BWW but when we got there they were packed with a 30 minute wait.  So I called over to Chili's (just up the street) and they didn't have a wait so we headed over there.  One of the guys brought his wife along as well with their 5 year son.  He and I played the games sheet that restaurants always have to occupy kids with.  We did word search and tic tac toe. I of course let him win those.  We started in on an ad libs type thing but the food came and we never got back to it.

After dinner we headed over to the bowling alley to have some fun there.  HDT and I barely made it over 110.  I beat him by 3 pins though, at least I think that's what it was.  After the first game was over Kevin and his family had to leave and one of the other guys decided to sit out the next game since his hand was hurting.  HDT and I did so much better.  I marked every frame but one and then it was absolutely horrendous.  I guttered my 1st ball and only got one with my 2nd.  And HDT decided I couldn't beat him and he stepped up what he was doing and finished strong.  Because of that one frame though he beat me by 3 pins.  Damn!

We headed back to our house so they could finish watching Fright Night which I guess they were watching while waiting for me to get off of work.  We had talked about different shows or webisodes we had all been watching so we decided to show them a couple of them after the movie.  We played the first season of The Guild and then the first show of The IT Crowd.  I believe they'll be checking those out when they get the chance. 

Everyone but Jim left after that, it was pretty late and one of them had to get home to his family.  Jim stayed behind as usual.  We watched some of our recorded shows but with so many of them pixalized (this is why we want to get rid of Directv) we gave up.  I went to bed, not sure what those two did.  Actually, I think Jim went home then as well.

Saturday we both got up about the same time.  We were debating on what to have for breakfast when he noticed that Jess left a message saying she needed a ride to her dentist.  So we agreed to do that, we only had time for a sandwich (me) and hot dogs (him) before we had to get ready to go.  Collected her just before 1:00 and made it to her appointment with 15 minutes to spare.  Since we weren't too far from the Apple store we headed over there after dropping her off.  HDT has been needing a battery for his laptop for quite awhile now.

Right next to the Apple store is a Sephora store.  Kate Walsh (Dr Addison Montgomery on Private Practice) has created her own perfume called Boyfriend.  She's been hawking it herself, especially on twitter and I've been wanting to test it out but we don't have any Sephora stores near our town.  So we head in the store after he got his battery and we were bombarded by two sales ladies from the moment we walked in.  But that was ok, they were both really nice if a little over enthusiastic. 

I sprayed a little on my left wrist and found that I did indeed like it.  But with my birthday coming up on Friday we decided we wouldn't get it now.  When discussing my birthday one of the sales ladies heard us and told me to sign up for the beauty insider thing they got going on and I'd get a free birthday gift.  So I signed up and did get a free gift.  I received a bottle of birthday cake shampoo, body wash, bubble bath all in one.  I used it on Sunday as the bubble bath and wash (not the shampoo), it was pretty nice. 

Jess called while we were getting ready to leave to say she was ready for pick up.  We collected her and decided she'd come over to continue watching Grey's Anatomy season 5 with us. We also picked up some lunch - pizza and bread sticks.  We watched that until just before 8:00 when the brothers would start to head over to watch the UFC prelims.  Jim also came over.

Scott and all but one of his kids were there first, as usual.  Wayne couldn't make it but the other two, Roy and Jason, made it.  Early even, they usually don't show up until the actual fights are about to start or actually did start.  There were two fights that the decisions were total bullshit but whatever.  And Bisbing - Oh My God I can't stand that cheating motherfucker!  There's no way this win should count.  I agree with HDT, that it'll always have an asterisk next to it.  CHEATER!

Anyway, after the fights everyone headed out but Jim and Jess.  She wanted to watch the last show on the disc of Grey's so we did that.  Just a little ways into it HDT went to bed because he ended up with 4 hours overtime in the morning starting at 6:00am.  After the Grey's show Jim and I watched the last part of one of the comedy shows we had been trying to watch the night before and gave up on.  After that he headed home and I took Jess home.

Sunday when I got up I finally started to make the Amish friendship bread I was supposed to make back on Thursday but didn't.  I had pretty much just put them in the oven when HDT got home.  He was talking to Jess when he came and they decided that if she got enough of her apartment cleaned she'd come over later in the afternoon to watch the last 4 shows of season 5.

He and I watched some comedy shows while having breakfast but shortly after eating he started to fall asleep so I made him go take a nap for a couple hours.  Shortly after he laid down I decided to take a bath and read.  After I got him up I made the other batch of Amish bread using chocolate pudding instead of vanilla. 

A little after putting them in the oven Jess called to say she was ready to come over if we were still willing to have her.  So we hopped in the car to pick her up along with some Chinese for dinner.  Got home and I set up the Oscars to record and then proceeded to watch the last eps of Grey's. 

Near the end of the 2nd to last show she mentioned something about wanting to take her computer home that he was supposed to be working on for the last couple of weeks.  They got into a little tiff and she decided she was going home with the computer regardless of what he thought.  So we packed her up and I took her home.

Came home and proceeded to watch the Oscars.  They were pretty boring for the most part.  I agree with everyone that says Franco was out of it and Hathaway was very bubbly.  But I was ok with that, that's what she is most of the time anyway it seems.  No real surprises with wins but that's ok too.  It was a good year for the front runners to actually win because they were all really good.  I would rather have had Rush win for supporting actor than Bale but that's probably only because we haven't seen The Fighter yet.

Anyway, after the show was over we headed up to bed and that was that for the weekend.

Media quote of the day:  From Here Comes the Flood - 2nd show of Season 5

Bones break. Organs burst. Flesh tears. We can sew the flesh, repair the damage, ease the pain. But when life breaks down. When we break down. There's no science, no hard and fast rules. We just have to feel our way through, and to a surgeon, there's nothing worse, and there's nothing better. - Dr. Meredith Grey

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Ain't gonna say it anymore

So I'm laying in bed last night ready to go to sleep and for some reason I cannot fathom this thought came into my head.  I wonder if anyone says ain't anymore.  I don't seem to say it all anymore and I used to say it all the time.  I couldn't tell you when I quit though.  It wasn't a conscious decision on my part, I just for some reason quit saying it apparently. 

And I don't recall hearing any of my nieces or nephews saying it at all or any of our friends kids either.

Oh my God this is too damn funny.  I set this aside to do some work then decided to go to MSN and there's a link about Charlie Sheen and new Major League movie.  I loved the original, felt a little let down but not completely with #2 and I don't recall there being a #3 at all but apparently there is one out there.

Anyway, I click on the link to see what he has to say and the last line of the article he says ain't.  Isn't that just the way.  I bet I'll be seeing it or hearing it all the time now.  Or at least it'll seem like I am.

Media quote of the day:   Major League

What the hell league you been playing in? - Willie Mays Hayes
California Penal... - Rick Vaughn
Never heard of it. How'd you end up playing there? - Willie Mays Hayes
Stole a car. - Rick Vaughn

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update 2/18-20/11

So another boring weekend basically.  Friday right after work I went and did the grocery shopping so I wouldn't have to do it over the weekend.  HDT was supposed to work his normal weekend 6am to 6pm but one of his coworkers had been in a single car accident a few days ago and was pretty sore so she called in Friday night.  So they sent him home early so he could go back at 10pm.

So he was sleeping when I got home from shopping.  I put the groceries away and made myself some dinner.  Got him up at 9:00 and saw him off to work.  I crawled into bed to do some reading but didn't last very long, was pretty damn tired so turned out the light around 10:30 or so.

Because of that I actually woke up at 7:30 and was pretty much wide awake.  I had bought the makings for a stew the night before so I threw all that in the crock pot to cook all day.

HDT got home a little around 8:30 or so and we made some breakfast and watched a show or two then I put him to him bed.  I sat in bed with him reading while he slept.  Eventually I decided to get up and take a bath and read some more.  Exciting!  Then watched some tv until it was time to get him up at 6:00.  The stew was ready bu 4:00 and I was pretty darn hungry then so after dishing it out in individual serving sizes I had some for a late lunch/early dinner.  HDT had some when he got up as well. 

We were pretty much out of our recorded shows and I had been telling him about the kid from About a Boy being all grown up and looking really good - compared to how he did in the movie.  Not that he was bad, he was just a bit goofy, all big teeth and weird, weired left eyebrow.  I know he's seen the movie but he swears he never has so I went to grab it from our DVD's to put in to show him.  But, along with several other movies, it's disappeared.  Have no frickin clue where it could be.  So damn frustrating.  So I turned on the Netflix instant queue and turned it on.  I fast forwarded to a few scenes with the boy and he still swore he had never seen the movie.  So, since he was leaving the couch and going on to the computer to play WOW I rewound the movie to start it from the beginning.  He enjoyed it but still swore he'd never seen it.  Whatever, I know better.

After that I put on the next Buffy the Vampire Slayer show from season one that was ready to go.  He called the coworker that had gotten in the accident at 8:30 to make sure she was going into work since she hadn't called in to say she wasn't going.  She was going in so he didn't have to, which was really nice.  He told her to give him a call if she found that she had bit off more than she could chew and needed to go home though.  But she never did.

So we continued to watch Buffy until I got so darn tired I had to go to bed a little after 1am.  He showed up about 2:30 and then had to get up to go to work for his regular 6am to 6pm time slot at 5:00.  I slept until 9:30, it was nice and dark when I got up still because of all the rain.  Good day to stay in bed but I couldn't so I got up.

While watching tv throughout the day I did some laundry and dishes.  Just after 12:00 HDT called to say he forgot his phone and asked me to bring it to him, so I did that as well.  Then he calls me a little while later to say Jim would be coming by after he (HDT) got off of work to bring the girls by to drop ofour girl scout cookies and collect their money.  I can be really antisocial, especially when it comes to kids, so I wasn't particularly happy about it.  But I made myself decent for company anyway.

When 6:45 hit and none of them were there yet, including HDT, I started to get my hopes up that they weren't coming.  But a little after 7:00 Poydras starts barking and growling like crazy.  He had been up on our bed sleeping the afternoon away and the driveway is right next to our bedroom.  So when he heard them he reacted.  They were there for about 10 minutes or so when HDT called to say he was on his way home. 

I cooked a pizza for us for dinner, the others had already eaten and were snacking on some pretzels.  The tv was on but the sound was on mute but when it switched to NBC and the SNL backstage moments show we turned the sound on and watched it.  The youngest started getting really sleeping just after 9:00 so they were out of there by 9:30.  HDT and I finished watching the show and a little of the news and then watched the 48 Hours Mystery that recorded the night before.  When it was done it was close to midnight so I headed up to bed.  He showed up about 3:30 or so.

Yep, we live a pretty boring life really.

Media quote of the day: 

Not sure which show this is from but it's definitely from the tv show Buffy the Vampire Hunter

I just get messed sometimes. I wish we were regular kids. - Buffy Summers

I'll never be a kid. - Angel
All right, a regular kid and her cradle-robbing, creature-of-the-night boyfriend.- Buffy Summers

And this is from About A Boy

I got the letter. Thanks. - Marcus

Oh my God. I'd forgotten. - Fiona
You forgot? You forgot a suicide letter? - Marcus
Well I didn't think I'd have to remember it, did I? Did you read the part where I said I'd always love you? - Fiona
It's a bit hard for you to love me when you're dead, isn't it? - Marcus