Thursday, October 31, 2013

I had some trouble with the scissors

Happy Halloween!!!

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I got a rock - Charlie Brown

Friday, October 18, 2013


So, I just got a call from the nurse navigator regarding my biopsies.  I recognized the number but was in the middle of something so let it go to voicemail.  I figured they were just calling to confirm my appointment at 3:00 today.  But she says she was calling to discuss the results.  When I heard that I took the phone away from my ear because I didn't want to hear bad news over the phone.  But then noticed she kept talking so I figured I better listen in case they wanted me to come in sooner.  So I went ahead and started it from the beginning and everything came back benign.  So yeah, total relief. 

She continued to say that she was trying to connect me with the doctor so he and I could discuss the results and also the sites on the breasts and determine if I actually need to go in at 3:00. 

I first called HDT to give him the good news then called the nurse back.  I got her voicemail this time so left her a message to call me back.  So far she hasn't so hopefully soon.


UPDATE:  So they called back and I spoke with both the nurse and the doctor.  The doc said again that everything came back benign.  I have a fibroadenoma in the right breast and a benign fibrocystic change in the left.  Both nothing to worry about and they're common.

I guess there is something else in one of them, can't remember which now and didn't write it down when he said it that they want me to come back in six months to take another look at.  But right now it's nothing to worry about.

So yay, cancer free!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick update on biopsies

So I had my biopsies yesterday.  A stereotactic one on the right breast for the calcifications and an ultrasound for the dense mass on the left.  I'll get my results on Friday at 3:00.  Ugh, I hate having to wait.

The right breast was pretty darn easy.  No issues while doing the procedure and little to no bruising.  My left on the other hand is a different story.  The needle used was different and I don't know if it was that or what but the first sample he took he must have just nicked a vein.  Apparently it happens because there are so many in the breasts.  Anyway, it bled and he started applying major pressure right away to stop it.  I had no idea that had happened yet, just that he was mashing down my breast and it was NOT pleasant.  But eventually the bleeding stopped and he was able to continue.  Took about four more samples then had the nurse apply pressure with an ice pack again to make sure I didn't get a hematoma.  It's very bruised and a little warm now but no hematomo at least. 

Besides going to the grocery store to get a few things we did a bunch of nothing for the rest of the day.  I sat on my ass resting watching tv.  They didn't want me to do anything at all that could cause an issue and I wasn't to lift anything over 10lbs.  HDT was very good about not letting me do that. 

I had my neurology appointment this morning to discuss my abdominal pain with him to see if it could be abdominal migraines.  It's not.  The doc says that those are mostly nausea with some pain but not real bad.  Mine are very bad pain with nausea.  And also I had some episodes while on a preventive for the head migraines so it's very unlikely they would've occurred then.

So they're still a mystery and we'll go from here and just monitor them as they occur.

Good times.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bad stuff and ending with good stuff

So, what's been happening in peanutheadville?  Well let me tell you.

A month ago on Sept. 7th I had one of my stomach pain episodes.  Since about '07/'08 I'll get real bad stomach pains over on the left side.  I get nauseated and almost always vomit.  Within minutes the pain starts to dissipate and then next thing I know it's completely gone and it's like nothing ever happened.  It was just about a year between the first and second time and around 6 months or a little more until the third time.  After that it would happen several months apart, usually 5 - 7 months or so.  But so far this year it's happened four times.  Early part of the year, May, end of July (27th actually) and then last month. 

On the 27th I started getting the pains in the middle of the afternoon and it continued to slowly get worse as the day wore on.  By night it was real bad and I finally started to feel sick although I didn't vomit until I finally forced myself to in hopes it would get better.  Took just over an hour for it to.  But sure enough as usual by the time it was gone and the next day for sure it was like it never happened. But I decided that if it was that bad again I'd finally go to the ER.  On 9/7 it got that bad.

Actually it was worse.  Although the pain didn't take a long time to get worse, it got worse right away.  And the nausea was even worse.  This time I vomited a lot, mostly on it's own but a few times I helped it along. Instead of getting better it only got worse.  So I went to the ER.  They did blood and urine tests.  All came out just fine.  Then they did a CT scan.  Nothing was shown but gall stones in the gall bladder.  But the bladder itself was not inflamed.  They put me on pain meds and nausea medicine then when it finally got a little better sent me home with prescriptions for both.  The pain and nausea lasted well into the night.  But I was slightly better by the next day.  Only had to take a pain pill once and no nausea medicine at all.

But that started the ball rolling to find out what's going on.  Had another CT scan with and without contrast.  It showed more stones than the original scan and some fluid around the gall bladder by the liver.  It also showed cysts in the ovaries.  So then I had an abdominal ultrasound and a pelvic one. The abdominal showed that the gall bladder wasn't that bad really.  It isn't the cause of my pain.  My doctor says we'll just monitor it when it happens.  If the pain ever moves to the right side or even to the middle of the stomach area then we'll take another look at the gall bladder but otherwise we have no knowledge for the pain.

The pelvic ultrasound shows the cysts are simple and of no concern.  But apparently I have a fibroid tissue but it's of little to no concern.  It's quite small and benign right now.  But apparently I have a 1cm "something" right in the middle of my pelvis area.  The ultrasound can't tell what it is.  So I have to have that looked into.  Yay.

The abdominal also found a small "spot" in my left breast.  Luckily I already had my mammogram appointment scheduled.  So I did that last Monday the 30th.  They called me back for more images this past Monday the 7th.  So I did more pictures from different angles then they did an ultrasound of each breast.  They found I have a calcification cluster in my right breast.  Normally calcifications aren't anything to worry about if they're spread throughout the breast but when they're clustered together they need to take another look.  They need to see if it's cancerous and if it is is it benign or not.  In my left breast there is a dense mass that they can't tell what it is. 

So I'm having a biopsy on each breast next Wednesday.  Scary but at the same time I'm very optimistic that it all will turn out just fine.  Having read the pamphlets they gave for each kind of biopsy I'm having has reassured me that in 80% of the cases it's benign.  Those are extremely good odds.  But I took the whole day off from work anyway cause it's gonna be stressful despite those odds.

The other big thing that happened since the last time I updated....

On October 6th I had my 18/8 anniversary with my hubby HDiTty.  We got married on our 10th anniversary so hence the 18/8. 

We went to the Saints/Bears game in Chicago.  It was a beautiful day with a beautiful win by our team the Saints!  Afterward we went out to dinner at the restaurant where he proposed.  Then we went home to watch "our" movie The Princess Bride.  We watch it every year on our anniversary or as close to it as possible if for some reason we miss it on the actual day.

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As you wish - Wesley
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Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father, prepare to die - Inigo Montoya
My way isn't very sportsman like - Fezzik
Inconceivable - Vizzini