Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moving teeth

So it's been a month and 11 days since I got my braces.  The teeth have definitely moved.  I can now see the bottom of the bottom teeth where as before - nothing. 

I also started to develop a gap between the two front teeth so he put a band to bring them together.  Which has worked so well that they're now touching.  I don't go back again until the 15th so hopefully they won't start to overlap before then.

He worried me when he put a new wire on saying this one I'd feel but other than the two front teeth I really haven't had much pain.  Just a little in one of the ones on the right side. 

But... I can feel when they're getting lose and "moving" into position.  I can't help but play with them.  Which of course for the more sensitive ones it certainly doesn't help because that just makes eating painful. 

Ah well. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snuggle time

So, since the kittens were fixed there does seem to be some calming down happening.  Oh, they're still getting into things they shouldn't but that's as much our fault as theirs for leaving things where they can get to them.  Meaning food of course.  But the good thing is I haven't seen or woken up to either of them chasing Pogo and being aggressive towards him.  So that's a good thing.  It's what finally made us get off our asses and get them taken care of.  It was stressing Pogo out to where he'd hiss at them when they just walked in his general direction. 

Although they'd chase him during the day and sometimes in the middle of the night they'd still all end up on my pillow at some point basically pushing me off it.  And since the neutering the snuggling as gotten even better. 

This happened the other night.

Look how much Pippin covers Pogo.  And Pip is not a light cat, in fact he weighs 12.3 pounds.  Where as Pogo is probably only around 8 or 9.  Haven't weighed him in awhile but the kittens were just weighed at the vets.  Pip is 12.3 and Merry is 10 even.  And Pogo definitely doesn't weigh as much Merry does.  Size wise they're about the same but Merry is a very solid 10 pounds.  Pogo isn't.

They don't ever seem to snuggle with Pogo any other time but when it comes to my sleep time they're all over each other trying to get the best spot on the pillows.

Media quote of the day:  Monty Python's The Holy Grail

I fart in your general direction - John Cleese (can't recall which character said it though)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Finally neutered

So, yesterday the kittens went to the vet to FINALLY get neutered.  HDT dropped them off a little after 8am.  They had told him last week when they went in for their initial checkup and shots, when he made yesterday's appointment, that he needs to drop them off between 8 and 8:30 and then he could pick them up late afternoon, close to 5. 

So he drops them off then goes and does some errands.  Just a couple hours later he gets a phone call from the vet and for those first few initial seconds between seeing their number on the screen and having the person talk to him he got really scared.  We had a cat, Alanis, that passed away after being taken in for a tooth pulling.  We came in to pick her up but she wasn't quite ready yet.  She was only just coming out of the anesthesia.  They said that it would probably be at least an hour before she'd be ready.  They asked us if we'd like to see her, we did so we did.  She was awake but barely, we each gave her some love and told her we'd be back in a little while.  We had plans to see a movie and were gonna do that but then decided not to because that'd be longer than the hour they were saying so we went home.  Good thing we did, pretty much right after we walked in the door they called to say she passed away.  Very very sad.  I'm glad we were able to see her and give her some love before it happened though.  So anyway, at that moment he couldn't remember if it was for that or for fixing, he thought fixing though.  So yeah, for about 10 seconds he was really worried that he was getting a call to say one or both passed away.  Because it just seemed too soon for them to be calling.

But luckily that's all it was.  They were doing just fine and he could come by and pick them up any time.  So he got there shortly after the call.  In between doing his other errands he was home and said they pretty much were just sleeping the whole time, when they would get up they moved slowly.  Which is what I observed when I got home.  Normally they're sitting at the back door when I walk in at 5:30 ready for their dinner.  Yesterday only Merry and Pogo were there.  And I was there for a good two minutes before Pippin showed up.  Coming slowly up the stairs from the basement. 

After eating they kind of wondered around a little bit while I made dinner and HDT unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.  But nothing like normal that's for sure.  I picked Pippin up a couple times and he just sort of laid in my arms blinking slowly.  Too cute really.

When we settled on the couch to eat dinner and watch tv Merry jumped up and settled down next to my legs on my blanket.  After awhile Pippin showed up and nestled in with him.  And that's where they stayed for the rest of the night.  Even through me getting up a couple times.  They just sort of looked up at me when I disturbed them with these sad eyes.  But once I came back they did the slow blink at me and then went back to sleep.

When I went to bed they came up and settled on my pillow with Pogo as usual. I'm lucky if I get just enough of the pillow for my head. I can't even think about moving because if I do at least one of them, usually Merry, will slide right in where my head was because he's usually leaning on me. Love those little monsters.

Media quote of the day:  Shrek 2

I say we take the sword and neuter him right here! Give him the Bob Barker treatment! - Donkey - he's saying it to Shrek about Puss-n-Boots.  Heh

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

So our Christmases went pretty well.  My family got together on Sunday the 23rd.  Everyone brought a little something for the food and desserts.  I brought the usual carrot cookies and blueberry fluff. 

Yeah, the cookies.  I made approximately 310 of them.

This is the the majority of them
This is the last couple of batches
This is now all of them frosted
HDiTty had a few before they were frosted and a couple more afterward.  I didn't want to try any because my teeth were still hurting with every bite I took.  So it wasn't until we were putting them away into the fridge to keep away from the cats, who had been locked up all day, that I finally broke down and had one.  They were good as usual.
I'd fill up one of those circle plates and take it to each house and one to work.  Actually I took two to my mom's knowing the boys would take some home as well.  Also gave a couple dozen to Jim and his girls.  We luckily only had about 25 or so left for ourselves.  I was worried we'd have a lot more but nope.  Although it took me all day to do them, I started around 2ish and didn't finish until almost 1am I believe it was worth it.
Anyway.  Christmas at mom's went well this year, no drama as we had last year.  Scott's stepkids (ex I guess I should say) came back so we were all very happy to be able to spend the holiday with them.  I believe all the kids were very happy with all their gifts.  From what I could see they all pretty much got what they asked for.  We adults didn't exchange as we gave that up last year.  But mom had a game that she did that included the kids as well.  We all ended up with 30 bucks.  It was fun and nice.
Monday, Christmas Eve, HDT and I were sitting at the kitchen table playing cribbage making a couple jugs of iced tea waiting for an update from his mom on how his youngest sister was doing.  He got a call in the morning that she was doing badly and his mom was taking her to the ER to get checked out.  Around 2pm we got the call that they're back home and both Jess and her daughter are sick, running fevers.  So HDT made calls to his other sister and uncle who both have kids and let them decide not to go over to keep from getting sick.  We decided we're hearty stock and packed up the gifts, the pulled italian beef that had been warming in the two crockpots all day and Poydras and head over.
The niece was feeling better by the time we made it over there, no fever but his sister was still feeling down.  But well enough to eat a little bit and play a board game, so that was nice.  In between her turns my MIL was wrapping gifts.  Finally when she was done we went into the front room and opened presents.  The niece got a karaoke machine from grandma so we all had a blast singing songs with it.  Unfortunately for the niece there weren't any songs she new but she still had fun with it.  When we realized it was getting late we called it a night and headed home.
Christmas morning we made it up to his other sister's house by 8:15am to see Santa come in for the youngest nephew.  Then he left and grandpa finally made it.  Heh  We opened gifts, ate some more italian beef that we brought with, hung out for a little while then headed out around noon.  HDT had to work from 2 - 6 for overtime. 
So on our way home we bought tickets for Monsters, Inc. 3D to go see after he got off work.  We made it up there to meet his dad, stepmom, sister and her two boys.  Her husband ended up not coming.  Very happy to see Monsters, Inc. in the theater again.  Love, love, love that movie.  So much so that I actually have a Boo doll.
After the movie we went home and watched a little tv then I went to bed since I had work the next day.
Wednesday I had an eye appointment after work and by the time I made it home Jim and his girls were walking in the door to get their Christmas gifts.  We got them a kinect to go with the Xbox they already have.  Since we have the same game that came with it we put it in and had them try it out.  The younger was having a blast, the older who's 15 was a little more shy about it but she still had fun.
So yeah, all the Christmases ended up ok, not as planned completely but still ok and fun for the most part.
Media quote of the day:
Have yourself a Merry little Christmas