Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hmmm, not sure about this anymore

So, yeah, I came back to start posting again and sure enough it only lasted that one entry. The job and life just wasn't conducive to blogging anymore. But I quit that job and the new one is a lot more favorable. I only work 8 hours instead of 9 1/2 and I only drive 1.2 miles from home instead of 27. Yeah, definitely much better. Oh yeah, the people are much better too. The bosses leave you alone to do your work, I haven't had that since three companies ago. Boy did I miss that.

So let's see if I can recall anything that's happened since the last post.


Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm several months behind in posting that but hey, it's still a pretty damn big deal. HDiTty and I are going to try to get down to the opening game in Sept. With the new job and all not sure if it'll happen but we're definitely gonna try.

Ok, what else. It's been over a year, geesh, didn't realize it's been that long. WOW. So anyway, in my last post Whiskers wasn't doing so well and we brought her home so we could have a little more time with her and that's all we had. She let us know it was time so we let her go. So now we're down to the two brothers - Pretty Boy and Cry Baby and the dog Poydras. Poydras and Pretty Boy still have their UFC fights almost every day. We keep saying we're going to film them and use the commentary from the fights and make a video but we just haven't done it yet.

Last year I finally did something about my weight and lost 18 pounds by eating less and better and exercising. The way you're supposed to do it. Then I tapered off on the exercise for whatever reason but still was slowly losing to a total of 23 pounds lost. Then I quit the job from hell and let it all go to pot. Gained almost all of it back, I'm so angry with myself over it. Last night HDiTty and I went to his work and used their workout room. I'm pretty darn sore today but happy. We've agreed we're going to keep going. We'd been talking about doing that for some time now but just never did. When I got home last night I just started to doing different things and when he came home and saw me in the workout gear he said let's go back to his work and I was all gung ho for it. I wasn't doing anything structured enough, I never do when I use weights and not a machine. We just worked on legs, we plan on going back this evening to do the upper body. And from there doing a Mon/Wed/Fri routine. I still plan on doing cardio on the other days. We need to get our elliptical back out of the laundry room so I can use it as well.

Well, that's about all I can think of right now. I'll sign off for now, if I think of anything else I'll add it in or just hit post.

It's the next day now. I never did get back on to post yesterday's entry so figure I'll write a little more then post.

We didn't get back to the workout room last night. Both of us are still sore, he more so than I. So we're going to go back tonight and start next week on the Mon/Wed/Fri routine.

So pretty big news from last night. Both the Cubs and Sox won their games. But something else pretty big happened, I can't remember what, oh yeah:


It's been 49 years since they won it last. Woo to the Hoo! It was a great game too, each team answering the other in points until they finally won in overtime with a goal that no one knew even happened except for the guy who shot it in. He was celebrating and almost to the other side of the rink before the rest of the team even knew what was happening. It was golden.

And I kinda knew they'd give the MVP trophy to the captain of the team but I wanted Niemi, the goalkeeper, to get it. He saved some pretty damn good shots and for a rookie he held his own. When they were all passing around the Stanley Cup I kept saying, "Where's Niemi, where's Niemi?" Finally he got it, was great to see him holding it up.

Media quote of the day:

"I was very confident at the end of the game and I felt very good that they weren't going to score,'' Niemi said. "I wasn't worried. I was just doing my job."

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