Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So we haven't been doing a whole heck of lot lately.  Hence the no posting.

But one thing we did do was go to HDT's partner's house last Friday to hang out with her and her husband.  And by partner I mean his partner at work.

They've got a 3 year old and a couple dogs.  So we brought Poydras over to meet their dogs.  He of course was so excited to go for the car ride but when we got there and the dogs were so excited to see him he got scared.  He's not used to dogs at all.  He hasn't been around them much and it's almost always been on his home turf.  So not only is he already nervous around other dogs he's also possessive of his place.  We were hoping meeting dogs on their home turf would be different. 

It was to an extent.  He was still scared of course but wasn't as growley unless they really got up in his face and he felt trapped.  They have a big back yard with a fence surrounding it that we were able to let him be free of his leash while meeting them.  They both wanted to play and even tried to get him to play with them but he was having none of it.  He would either come by me or HDT for protection.  Other than letting him sit or stand next to us we didn't give him any.

I was really nervous for their son though.  He also was excited to meet Poydras and was petting him and also going in for kisses a lot.  I was so scared Poydras would snap at him in fear, especially the times that he was surrounded by the dogs while the little guy was so close.  But I have to give props to Poydras.  He never once even growled at him. 

Now kids he has been around ever since we got him.  Not only our own nieces and nephews and Jim's two girls but our neighbors kids as well.  And their extended families kids.  When Poydras was just 1-2 he'd growl at them if they got too close or he felt trapped but these last couple of years he's been so much better.  There was one day last year the he and I were sitting on the back stoop enjoying the weather when 5 of the little ones come running over to see him. He was surrounded on all sides except for behind him.  They were all reaching in at once to pet him and talking away at him and me in their high pitched voices so I thought for sure he'd get over it quick enough and growl at them.  Especially at one boy who kept reaching in with both hands to rub his face.  But he didn't once make a noise or even show his teeth. 

So remembering that incident although I was nervous at their house I did have high hopes for Poydras that he'd do ok with the little guy and he lived up to those hopes. 

Now the dogs were a different matter.  Those he did curl his lip at and when that didn't work he growled at them.  And once he even nipped at one.  Didn't get her, but still.  And the little guy was too damn cute, several times while he was petting Poydras and one of his dogs would come up to try to sniff noses he would try to push them away and he'd point his fingers at them telling them to stay away.  Very cute.

So although Poydras was never fully comfortable he did settle down enough that he didn't run away from them the whole time.  He'd lie down on a couch very close to them, albeit on top of HDT or I, but still.  And once during the time we were at the kitchen table playing cards he even hopped up on a couch for a well deserved rest for a little while.

We'll continue taking him over there, even if it's just for an hour or so some days, to keep getting him used to them.  They offered to watch him for us when we go on vacation so we definitely got to get him acclimated.

No media quote today, can't think of anything and don't feel like searching for something.

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