Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gandolf is gone, I'm sad

So we did actually take back the silver/grey kitty, took him back early last week. We did debate for several days on whether we'd keep him or not but in the end we took him back to my MIL.  She says she won't keep him either, that he'll go to the no kill shelter, which I then told HDT that if that's the case we should take him back. Don't think he'll agree to that though. But there's always the possibility she'll keep him.  She's getting pretty attached to him. 

My SIL still hasn't picked up the momma kitty yet, at least as far as I know.  As of last Friday she hadn't anyway.  She was given until yesterday to come pick her up.  I wonder if that happened.  I don't know what the outcome will be if she hasn't.

This is him nursing.  Ridiculous.  He's almost as big as she is.

When we first brought him over I told HDT that there will be hissing going on before they're ok with each other.  He didn't really think that would happen.  Told him it definitely would.  We had him for about 3 weeks, just long enough for the memory of each other to start to fade.  Also, even if she did remember him right away she'll let him know there won't be any nursing going on.  Ha!  So yeah, when we first brought him and I set him down near her she arched her back, fluffed her tail and hissed.  For the next 15-20 minutes she would hiss at him when he'd get too near.  But at the same time she was very curious.  As he started to roam around the house she'd follow him.  Within 30-40 minutes the hissing had stopped unless he came up on her without her realizing it.  But by the time we left, just over an hour later, they were already starting to chase each other around having fun.

The next day we went back, can't remember why now, but there they were all curled up together in the bed.  At some point he woke up and started to nurse.  There's no way she had any milk left, not after being fixed and not nursing for 3 weeks.  But she let him do it so he would.  Silly momma.

I don't think the brothers even realized he was gone.  They're still running around having fun with each other without a care in the world.  And getting big.  I keep telling them to quit growing but they're not listening to me.  And I just realized I haven't taken any pictures of them since before their brother was taken back.  I'll have to do that.

Poydras is finally getting better with 'em.  He's actually even tried playing with Pippin.  He'd hop around Pip and lower down in the front with his butt up in the air wagging his little stump of a tail.  But then as soon as Pip would actually reach for his muzzle he'd go under the couch and then whine/whimper.  As soon as Pip would back off he'd come back out and start all over again.  It was too funny.  I kept trying to get a video of it but every time I'd start the video he'd go under the couch.  Oh well.

And they've taken to Pogo.  Although they have no issues with Bander, nor he with them, they seem to like Pogo more.  At least for the sleeping together part.  Pogo likes to sleep on a corner of our bed and quite often I'll find a kitten or two (and three before) sleeping very near him if not right up against him.  Gandolf really liked to sleep with him there.  While Merry and Pippin will sleep up on my pillow with me, Gandolf would be at the foot of the bed with Pogo.  But yeah, when I'm not there they're sleeping with Pogo quite a bit. 

And Pogo is finally playing with them.  Seems to be more with Merry than Pippin, at least that I've seen anyway.  There are times that it seems Pogo is really biting down hard on Merry's back but he doesn't cry out at all so I guess it can't be that bad.  And he comes back for more so....

I haven't seen Bander playing, but then he was never a real big player anyway.  Once he and Pogo grew out of the kitten stage he pretty much quit playing unless it was chasing a laser or jumping up for a feather toy.

So that's the update since the last entry.  Nothing much has gone on really, pretty dull lives we lead. 

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