Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moving teeth

So it's been a month and 11 days since I got my braces.  The teeth have definitely moved.  I can now see the bottom of the bottom teeth where as before - nothing. 

I also started to develop a gap between the two front teeth so he put a band to bring them together.  Which has worked so well that they're now touching.  I don't go back again until the 15th so hopefully they won't start to overlap before then.

He worried me when he put a new wire on saying this one I'd feel but other than the two front teeth I really haven't had much pain.  Just a little in one of the ones on the right side. 

But... I can feel when they're getting lose and "moving" into position.  I can't help but play with them.  Which of course for the more sensitive ones it certainly doesn't help because that just makes eating painful. 

Ah well. 


Melanie Alger said...

Does getting braces hurt? I have to get them soon, and I'm kind of scared... :P

Katrina said...

Sorry, I just saw your comment. Hopefully this isn't too late getting to you.

They do hurt, not gonna lie about that. Let's see, when they were first put on I think it took just about two weeks for the teeth to finally not hurt so much. I actually lost a few pounds because I couldn't eat much more than soup and potatoes without it hurting. Although it didn't stop me from some things such as pizza. Heh

Since then with the adjustments every month it usually just hurts for a couple days. Until this last time because he "doubled up" on the wire. Hurt almost as bad as the very first time. But it only lasted about half the time so that was nice.

I just keep telling myself that when it's all over I'll be a happier person. It helps, sometimes.