Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mardi Gras 2014 bound

So, as the title states we're Mardi Gras 2014 bound.  As long as HDT can get his vacation approved which as of right now he's thinking it shouldn't be a problem since it's March. 

The plan, as long as his work doesn't screw it up, is to leave Friday Feb 28th as soon as I get off of work.  We'll be down there by Saturday morning.  Enjoy the weekend parades through Fat Tuesday, I've never been to the Rex parade, then have a few days after to sort of recover before heading back home either late Friday night or early Saturday morning.  I'd like at least the full day of Sunday to be home and able to unwind before heading right back into work on Monday the 10th.

I'm excited, I can't even tell you how much.  I haven't been to Mardi Gras in years.  As a matter of fact 2014 would make 20 years since I've been back.  And HDT has never been.  I've been trying to convince him for years to go but he always tells me no; he's not a lover of crowds.  But it's one of those things that I believe everyone has to do at least once in their lifetime. 

Now, to get off my ass and lose some weight.  HAHAHA  I say this before every vacation and it's yet to happen but I'm always optimistic.

I think we'll try to get Jim to stay at the house with his girls to take care of the cats and dog.  If they can't stay there I'm sure they'll still be willing and able to come by in the evenings and we'll see about having HDT's stepmother or my mom, go by in the mornings.  Poydras will have to stay with one of our moms or a friends house.  Hmmm, something to think about.

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