Monday, July 31, 2006

Well that sucked. I was out right at the 30 minute mark. I played well though, I don't think I did anything wrong with the two hands that ultimately put me out. I had trip 10's and the person I went up against had a straight, both on the flop. So I lost half my chips on that hand. Then I had to make a move, blinds were 50 and 100 and I only had 500 left. I had a A5, 66A flopped so I went all in. One person called, they had A7. So they already had me beat then to put the nail in the coffin they got a 7 on the river. Oh well, I wouldn't have played either hand differently. The only one I should have played differently was the hand just before the A5. I had pocket Ks and I went all in before the flop. No one called so I won the blinds. I mean, that helped with the next hand, gave me money for the next blinds but I should've only called so someone else might have too. But with the luck I was having two As would've flopped and someone would've had one.

Oh well, on to the next round as soon as they're up.

In better news. I did much of nothing this weekend. Every weekend this month there was something going on so I decided this one I'd do nothing. I rewatched some of my favorite movies again: Braveheart, The Others and Gladiator. I read and took a nap. Very nice and relaxing weekend.

This is what I would've liked to have done with the game -

Media quote of the day: Take the money and run - The Steve Miller Band

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