Thursday, August 3, 2006

Mmmm Denzel

I've read many blogs/journals out there where people have complained about getting forwards/joke e-mails. I have to say that for the most part it doesn't bother me. The ones I don't feel like reading I just delete but most of them I do read and actually enjoy. The really good ones I send on to the few people I know don't mind getting them, in other words the ones who send them to me. I guess what I'm saying is, if it really bugs you so much tell whoever it is that's sending them to cease and desist and be done with it. Why complain about it on your site? But then, who am I to say what someone should or shouldn't complain about. Look at me, I'm basically complaining about the people complaining. I'll shut up now.

Today was a pretty pleasant day at work. The boss is gone until Monday so I was able to surf the web with very little worry about getting caught. I went to all the sites I normally go to and enjoyed them all.

I love my husband (from here in out known as H Ditty) but damn sometimes I wish he'd get his shit together. I work days he works nights. When I get home for the day I change into my lounge around clothes which of course entails taking off the constraints they call a bra. Today was no exception. I'm kicking back, got the tv on in the background and checking my e-mail. I've been home for almost an hour, my laid back groove is grooving along. He calls me up. He needs me to bring him some money so he can chip in for an ice cream cake for a coworker who's last day it is. Plus some for his dinner from the place their all getting their food from. This is typical of him. He'll tell me as he's crawling into bed that, "Oh yeah, I forgot I'm supposed to bring the sodas, plates and plasticware tonight for (insert what ever party/dinner thing here)." So that means I have to drag my sorry ass to the store to get the shit and then I don't even get to partake. Rip off.

Or take last Sunday, I'm not planning on going anydamnwhere as I mentioned before. Mind you, he was up for about 4 hours after he got home from work, before going to bed. As he's finally going upstairs he asks, "Are you going anywhere today?"
"No, I told you I'm doing nothing today until tonight when I'm playing poker." "
"Well, I need you to do three things for me." Then proceeds to tell me that since we don't have any cash on us he needs me to go to the bank to get him money for some dinner that his coworkers are wanting to do. Something he could have done on his way home from work! Then, go to the store to get him Albacore tuna fish because he really likes it and I didn't get enough last time so he needs more. Go to the store your damn self dammit! And then go back to the camera store to take back the camera bag he bought for his camera and get a new one. Don't think so, you ended up not being happy with the one you picked out for yourself there's no way in hell I'm picking one out for you.

The only thing I did was get the money because I could go through a damn drive thru all skankafied and not give a shit. Don't worry, I put a bra, jeans and clean shirt on.

Shit that Denzel Washington is one HOT and BOOTYLICIOUS MAN. Turned around to look to see what was on tv and there was a closeup of him. He's been in my top five list on and off for many years now.

EDIT: So he wakes me up the next morning and tells me he has good and bad news. The good news, his share of the cake, etc was just over 2 bucks. The bad news, get this shit, he had 10 bucks in his wallet already. He thought he only had 5 and that wouldn't have been enough for his share plus food. But he didn't bother to look to make sure. MEN, gotta love 'em.

Media quote of the day: Will you have me, lady? - Denzel as Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing
Me - yes, yes I will.

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