Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Damn snooze alarm

Here's the down side of having a husband/significant other that works nights. And not only works nights but works over time. Monday and Tuesday were supposed to be his two nights off but he had to work over time both of them. Last night he went in at 10pm and worked until 6am. But Monday he went in at 2am. That's 2:00 in the morning. The middle of the friggen night people. When I should be sleeping peaceful.

So when I was sleeping peaceful his alarm goes off at 1am. And he's one of those people that have to have it very loud or he won't hear it. Luckily this night he decides to only go with one snooze so I only had to hear it one more time before he got up. But I was just dozing off when BAM there's the sound of some 80's song in my ear.

But last night since he went in at 10 there was no problem. Except I went to bed late. Because I was watching
Bride and Prejudice. Silly movie but I couldn't help but like it. And my God but Aishwarya Rai is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have her eyes. Anyway. After that it was about 10:40 and I should've just gone to bed but I didn't feel like it so I decided to take a bath. Now as long time readers know, I can't take quick baths, I take long ones because I read while in them.

Which is what I did last night. So sure enough I didn't get in to bed until close to midnight. And by now I'm sure you've already guessed what happened to me. Yep, that's right. His DAMN ALARM WENT OFF! At 1:00. In the am. In the middle of the night. When I was sleeping peaceful. When my eyes where shut and I was dreaming. When I had been asleep for less than only one hour, yes because of my own stupidity but still that's beside the point.

Does he not know he's supposed to TURN OFF THE ALARM? Not just RESET it? I mean really. COME ON!

Hi honey, love you. Mwah

Media quote of the day: I'm a hopeless dancer, but this looks like you just screw in a light bulb with one hand and pat the dog with the other. - Will Darcy - Bride and Prejudice


Natalie said...

I loved Bride and Prejudice. I think Tony would understand your pain. He doesn't work nights but usually gets home between 10 and 1. Then I have to get up for work at seven and like to push snooze.

saintseester said...

My husband doesn't work nights, but he will do the same thing. He'll leave his alarm set for 5am and forget it when he gets up and leaves earlier sometimes.

Katrina said...

It was very painful. It set the tone for the rest of the week too. All the way until today even. I've very bad sleep every night since. I've been tired all day today. But since he works tonight I should be able to get into bed at a decent time tonight and hopefully be able to sleep the night through.