Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blueberry Fluff

In my comments from yesterday's post Saintseester asks, "What on earth is blueberry fluff? I can see where it wouldn't be enough sustenance for a night out drinking."

In today's post Kat answers, "It's a little bit of fluffy heaven. Yum!"

It's also one of the two good things I took away from first marriage. The other being experience. HD is one lucky man.

So if you're so inclined to make it you can either go the easy route which is what I did on Thursday night or go the longer route which is what I normally do but it was late Thursday so I didn't do it that way. Heh

Wait, did I put this out there once before, hmmm, let me peruse my posts. Oh well, it'll take too long looks like. Apparently if I did this before I didn't label it so I'm not going to go searching for it the long way. It'll be easier just to redo it and label it this time.

CLARIFIER: I am wordy so the directions look worse than they are, honestly!

So you will need:

1 box of Graham cracker crumbs or 3 graham cracker premade pie crusts
margarine or butter (your preference)
a bunch of bananas
3 12oz tubs of cool whip
1 8oz whipped philly cream cheese
1 cup sugar (or splenda - it's what I use)
1 16 oz or larger can/jar of blueberries (I've been using a 20oz jar lately much better, sorry can't remember the brand)

While preparing the crust and cutting your bananas let the cool whip and cream cheese sit on the counter "thawing."

Yeah, as I'm typing this I'm almost positive I've done this before. Oh well, never hurts to do it again for all my new lurkers. Hi there!

So. If you're doing the crust yourself you'll also need a 13 x 9 glass cake pan. I've never used another type so for all I know another would work so if you don't have a glass one try it out, it couldn't hurt.

Get a microwave safe bowl and melt your margarine/butter. A goodly amount as you'll be dumping the graham cracker crumbs in to make your crust. Basically as soon as it's melted you do just that and you'll add and melt as needed to make a good enough crust to your liking for thickness and moistness/dryness. I've never used more than a box and usually even slightly less then a box for the whole bottom and up the sides of the pan. You won't want to go up the whole side but at least half of them. I don't do the whole box at once either. Do a little as you go, it makes it easier.

Once you have your crust done slice your bananas into a thin layer across the whole bottom and one layer across the sides. Not too thin but not too thick either, maybe about an 1/8 inch or so thick. Same thing of course if you're using the premade crusts

In a bowl spoon mix 1 1/2 containers of cool whip, 1 cup sugar and 1 80z cream cheese. Once mixed well spread evenly across pan or your 3 crusts.

Pour blueberries evenly across pan or throughout the 3 crusts.

Spoon whip the last of the cool whip together to get it light and fluffy and spread across the top. I try to spread without getting any of the blueberry mixed in so it remains nice and snowy white but it's your preference of course.

And that's it - Blueberry Fluff. Good stuff Maynard. It sounds heavy but it's really very light. I've heard many people say they'd like to try it with different things such as strawberries and bananas. I say go for it.

My brothers have told me I don't have to bring anything else to gatherings but this. Which is kind of nice considering it doesn't take very long to make. Oh, and you might get someone who says they don't like cream cheese (I don't) or bananas or blueberrys but tell them to try it anyway. More than likely they'll like this. Every single person I know who has said something like this has liked it. And most have not only liked it but have raved about it and gone back for seconds.

Media quote of the day: It's payback time... Blueberry style! - Dot - A Bug's Life


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that sounds like heaven.

Katrina said...

It is. Very much so. I haven't met one person yet who hasn't like it.