Monday, June 9, 2008

Coworker's Bachelorette Party

A couple Saturdays ago I went to a bachelorette party; it was an all day event and I had a great time. I almost didn't go because I had the makings of another migraine. I was sitting on my couch with my eyes closed feeling the pain, weighing it, deciding on how bad it really was. There was pain in the back of my neck and the base of my skull and there was a tightening pain across my forehead from temple to temple but that was really it. So I decided "fuck it, I'm going" and I went.

It was for one of the girls I work with who sits on the other side of my cubicle wall who's in the payroll/accounts payable department. There were a few other coworkers invited and we along with a few of her outside friends were meeting up at one of those friend's houses at 1pm to catch the train at 1:50. We were going to train/bar hop for the whole day.

By the time I got to B's house they had already started but luckily she only lives like 10 blocks from the station (if that) and since my truck fits 7 and that's exactly how many of us there were I piled all of us in and drove us there. They were trying to figure out how many vehicles they should take and who would ride with who and I said nope, there's 7 total I'm taking everyone in mine. I didn't want to take any chances. I think everyone was still fine at that point but still.

At the station we met up with one more of her friends and headed to the first stop, well actually the last stop. We decided to go backwards and go to the last stop and work our way back home. That way as we got more tipsy (that's putting it nicely for some of them) we'd be closer to home rather than further away.

On our way down we got a little loud and these two cops who were sitting in the booth behind us told us to hush. That got a few of us talking to them and next thing you know we're asking for our bachelorette to have her photo taken with the "hot" cop. But she was a little embarrassed and didn't want to so she didn't. But one of the girls wasn't and asked to see his handcuffs and soon enough had them on her wrists behind her back. We got a few photos of that, with him in the picture of course. Sorry, none of them know about this site so I didn't get permission to use any of the photos so I'm not putting any up. But you can certainly imagine how funny it would look. Luckily these two cops weren't working the train but on their way to work security for some festival. I say this because many of the girls brought their drinks in to go coffee cups and you're not supposed to bring alcohol on the train and many of them were clearly tipsy already.

At the second stop we met up with one more girl and then we were complete. Bosslady was supposed to meet us but never showed up. We found out later that she just got so damn busy at her house she just never was able to make it.

We had a great time drinking and talking and flirting as the day wore into the evening. Many, many, many pictures were taken. One girl took over a hundred. I took two disposable camera's that could take 27 each. Apparently I dropped the ball because I didn't even finish off the second camera. I still need to finish taking them and get them in to be developed before she gets married in a couple weeks. Some of us stayed reasonable, we were feeling really good but in complete control, like me. And some of us were so drunk they don't remember parts of what happened or what they said that night.

One of the girls (the one who met us at the 2nd stop) who claims exactly that, caused a fight with the bachelorette when we were waiting on the train to take us back home. At least it was then and not at one of the previous stops. At first they were just yelling at each other so the rest of us just let them, including me. But once I saw the first push I got up (I was sitting down) because the bachelorette is a small girl and the other one isn't. There was no way I was going to let it get physical. A couple of the other girls and I were able to calm bachelorette down (to a point) before the train got there. And the other girl and her sister took off towards the front of the train away from us when we all started to board. But that was a good thing anyway. At the stop we all got off but those two. The sister was with us at the beginning though, apparently she decided to go to the next stop with the instigator which is their home town anyway.

From the station we walked to another bar but they were charging a 5 dollar cover charge since they had some band there. We said fuck that and walked out and went to a bar right next door that didn't charge. But we ended up only staying for one more drink. Two of the girls (the one who's home was just a short walk away) and another decided to walk there and start making up some food.

The last of us finished up our drinks and headed there after. Not the homeowner but the other girl had already passed out by the time we got there. A short while later one of the other girls decided to go home. The last of us four shot the shit for awhile longer and then I finally headed out. I had an hour drive home and by the time I got there and then ready for bed it was going on 3:30.

HD woke me up (which I hadn't really slept very well at all anyway) around 7:30 to spend some time with him for a few hours before he had to go to bed. Around 12:15 or so I finally started to feel exhausted and took a nap on the couch for about an hour and a half. Then for the rest of the day I sat on my ass reading.

Although it basically ended with a fight I still had a great time and would do it all again. Hell, before we even made it to the first stop a couple of us were already talking about trying to make it a monthly thing. Not necessarily the train/bar hopping every month but at least us getting together to do something every month, this just being one of the things we could do. We shall see if it actually ever happens.

Although this month would be shot because bachelorette and several of the friends and a couple of the coworkers are going to the Bahamas for her wedding. Damn lucky ducks.

Media quote of the day:
AC/DC - Have a Drink on Me

Whiskey, gin and brandy
With a glass I'm pretty handy
I'm trying to walk a straight line
On sour mash and cheap wine
So join me for a drink boys
We're gonna make a big noise

So don't worry about tomorrow
Take it today
Forget about the cheque
We'll get hell to pay

Have a drink on me

Dizzy, drunk and fightin'
On tequila white lightnin'
My glass is getting shorter
On whiskey, ice and water
So come on and have a good time
And get blinded out of your mind

So don't worry about tomorrow
Take it today
Forget about the cheque
We'll get hell to pay

Have a drink on me
(Get stoned)

Gonna roll around
Gonna hit the ground
Take another swing
Have another drink
Gonna drink it dry
Gonna get me high
Come on all the boys
Make a noise

Have a drink on me

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