Monday, June 2, 2008

My boring life

I feel like I could hurl right now. And it's not from my stomach but from my head. I am so fucking sick of my fucking head. And my left arm. Well, more precisely it's my left wrist but that makes my whole arm feel like it hurts, all the way up to my shoulder. But back to my head. This whole month has been a study in pain for the fucking thing. Today is bad enough that I actually should be home in bed but since I left early last Tuesday because of having a migraine and family issues there's no way in hell I'm leaving early today. I keep spacing out too which is not good.

And what's really bad is that I'm supposed to be keeping a diary of all these damn headaches and I haven't done it at all. Hell, since I haven't even been keeping up with this lately I can't even come on here to use this as a reference. But since I've had some form of a headache just about every single day it'll actually be pretty easy to tell the doc the next time I see him. The only thing I'll really have to do is figure out the days that I took an Imitrex. (EDIT: These two paragraphs were written on Wednesday the 28th)

So now it's Thursday and I still feel like shit. But today my stomach doesn't feel very well either. I'm just a walking crapfest this month. Sux big time!

So now it Friday and I still don't feel my best. But at least my stomach is back to normal. Actually that was fine by late yesterday afternoon.

This is how my weeks have been going. During the day I've been at work feeling like crap but making it through. I get home and just want to do nothing so that's what I've been doing. Our lives have been pretty damn boring lately. He's been working overtime and I've been feeling like shit so we've been doing a whole lot of nothing.

Hell, even the long weekend we didn't do much. Well not really. Saturday we went over to mow his grandma's lawn. Her whole lot is 3/4 acres. Her house & driveway takes up a small portion of it but the rest is lawn. I was going to start on the front with the push mower and he was going to start on the back with the riding mower. I had been working on the front for a good 20/30 minutes when he got a call from his grandma that she was ready to be picked up from his uncles house from Milwaukee. Since he was still trying to get the riding mower started and I was all hot and sweaty I told him to go ahead and go pick her up and I would continue mowing until they got back.

I took a break for about a half hour to eat a piece of chicken and drink a coke but then got right back out there. Yeah, 15 lawn bags and a couple hours later they finally showed up. I continued to mow and filled up two more lawn bags when HD said the last portion we should just mulch. I did two more swipes while he finished collecting the last of the bags and then he came and took over finishing the mowing for me. The worst part was it turns out the town she lives in doesn't even collect lawn clippings so there was no reason to even bag at all which what took so long to begin with. If could have just mulched I could've have cruised along. UGH!! Oh well, so be it.

Let me tell you I was exhausted. But really it was my feet hurting more than anything that was bothersome, mainly my toes. The next day my feet still hurt but my shoulders and neck were sore and I had a killer migraine. I ended up having to take an Imitrex to try to get rid of it but it didn't. I really should've taken another one but didn't.

Especially since Jim came over and we three went to see Indiana Jones and then Iron Man right after. I liked both movies. As far as Indiana went the story line was so so really but the acting was good. Harrison is still sexy as far as I'm concerned. And Shia is a real cutey pie and I think he'll do very well taking over the role. I really enjoyed Iron Man. I'm glad I know nothing about the comic book so I have no idea whether the movie did it justice or not. I'm just hoping Samuel L. Jackson does better in the sequel than he's been doing. Because the last few movies I've seen him he's been pretty flat.

Monday I had to take another Imitrex. Bad weather came through along with hormones coming in deciding to take their toll too.

So yeah, all the rest of the week was crap as you can see by the fact that I couldn't even finish an update.

Phew so that was last week and it's now Monday June 2nd. I think I'll just go ahead and post this sucker and do a whole other post for what I did on Saturday. But since I have to go mow the lawn and pay bills now it'll have to wait for another day.

Media quote of the day: You know, for an old man you ain't bad in a fight. What are you, like 80? - Mutt Williams - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Have you ever lost an hour of sleep your whole life? - Christine Everheart
I'd be prepared to lose a few with you. - Tony Start Iron Man


Natalie said...

Haven't seen Indy yet but I loved Iron Man. From what my dad said it was pretty true to the comic except that depending on whatever time they are talking about the war in which Stark gets jacked up changes.

Katrina said...

That would make sense since the comics been around for however long it's been around. Glad to hear it was pretty true to it. That always makes me happy whether I know what it's all about or not.