Monday, July 14, 2008

When it rains it pours

So now my air conditioning doesn't work. How much does that suck?! About a week or so before my tire blew I had my AC on, using the vent actually since it wasn't quite bad enough to use the actual AC. Anyway, using the air at any rate. When I got home I turned it off but when I turned the knob it actually sort of caught a little bit before turning. I thought it weird but it did turn, and the air did turn off so after that thought nothing of it.

The day that HDiTty took the truck in to get the tires changed he went to turn it off and the knob had got stuck on number 3. It wouldn't turn off or go any higher and was stuck that way for several days. We'd try turning it every now and then but nothing would ever happen until last week on my way into work. I decided to try again to turn it off and it actually turned. So I put it in the off position but the air stayed on just as strong as if it was still in the #3 position, all the way to work.

When I left work that evening I turned on the truck and it came right on. I backed up, still on, put it in drive, still on. But after I went about 3 or so car lengths it went off and it's been off ever since. But I can turn the knob all I want. Heh. So yeah, no AC, sucks. But I bought the extended warranty that all the experts tell you never to do so I'm sure it'll be covered. It's just taking the time to get taken in.

But HD needs to take his truck in because his wipers are still on the fritz. I think I mentioned it before, but I'm not positive. They had gone out quite a while ago. They only seem to work part time. Luckily we live real close to his work so even on rainy days it's usually not a big deal but still, he needs to at least find out what it would cost to get them fixed. If it's doable they need to be fixed. If it'll be outrageous then maybe, just maybe, I can agree to him getting rid of the truck and getting a new one. Well, used one anyway, new to us of course. I was so happy that this was the last month for a payment on his truck and now it looks like more than likely we'll be going right back into another payment. I really hope those damn things are fixable. But they're not the only thing wrong. There's other miscellaneous things and they all seem electrical and that certainly doesn't sound cheap.

I swear, that cliche of "when it rains it pours" certainly is true. It's a good thing he worked a shitload of overtime that's for sure.

Media quote of the day:

It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring - every single child around the globe


Natalie said...

The AC in my office doesn't work and a strange smell has been gathering in the hallway.

Katrina said...

That sounds ominous. I'm glad I don't have any smells going on.

Actually today on my way in I could feel a little bit of air actually coming out. It wasn't like it was actually working really but it was coming out a little bit

saintseester said...

The A/C in our house went on the fritz this week - naturally, its a 100 degrees outside! And, I don't have enough saved up to replace the darn thing. We need to.

Katrina said...

Ugh! I totally feel for ya. As bad as it is without A/C in a car it's 10 times worse in a house. Especially in Alabama!