Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One of these years I'm gonna go there. I swear it!!

Last Saturday I went to a cousin's wedding. She married a guy whose family came over here several years ago from Scotland. Where I want to go so badly!! Apparently his father is the head of the Scotland bank in New York. WOW! I have no idea why he and some of his siblings live here in Illinois though. But I was told that his mom divides her time between New York and here. She will literally fly into Chicago to go babysit for his sister and brother-in-law. Must be nice.

Anyway, the whole reason I brought it up is that he went traditional and wore a kilt. So did several of the other men including his ushers and a couple of the groomsmen. But to top it off so did the two ring bearers. One was 2ish and the other was 4, maybe 5. They were the absolute cutest things running around in their little kilts. I tried to get a photo with my phone but they wouldn't stay still. I so regret not taking our camera. My mom was able to get a few photos of the older one during the reception though.

And the flower girl. Oh my goodness, talk about adorable. She was old enough to walk but not talk yet. She was the absolute cutest thing in her white dress. She actually went down the aisle all by herself but when she got to the front she went straight to her daddy who was one of the groomsmen in a kilt. The cuteness of those three was almost just too much.

I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow and it looks like we'll be going to Door County, WI. I can't wait!! First I have a doctor's appointment at 8:30. It's a follow up with my neurologist to go over my preventative. I'm telling him we need to change my medicine. I still get migraines way too often. In fact, it seems I get them more often than not. Most are just annoying as all hell. As in I can still function; lights, sounds, smells, etc. don't bother me, I just walk around with a pain in my head. But about once a month they're bad enough that I don't want to do anything for at least a day.

Also I noticed around the end of June or so that some foods taste different. And it's not good. It seems to do with salt. It's very hard to explain the taste because it's not similar to anything I've ever had, but it's kind of a bitter taste. It's mostly with food that has salt in it as an ingredient. Like table salt doesn't seem to have it, or at least it's very, very faint. But like all chips, no matter the type, has the same exact underlying taste. Fritos are the worst. And how bad is it that Fritos, Cheetos and Doritos all taste the same!?! All because of this weird flavor.

So, yeah, I want to change medicines. Hopefully something different will work better and not change the flavor of my food.

Anyway, after the dr's appointment we'll be dropping off my truck to see about the air conditioning. And hopefully not long after that we'll be hopping in his truck and heading north. By the way, he had his electrical system checked out on his truck and they didn't find anything at all wrong. So he took it to another place and had them install a new wiper motor and so far so good they work. YAY! But I digress.

I so need a vacation. I haven't gone anywhere in a couple years and I'm going through withdrawals! I think the last place I went for a weekend was to Ohio when we went to see New Orleans play Cleveland. So although we did go somewhere for a weekend it still was completely centered around football. This will have nothing to do with it and the vacation we're planning for the first week of October will having nothing to do with football either. I'm really very excited about it all.

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to write about after the weekend. We shall see.

Media quote of the day: It won't last. Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like Englishmen and Scots! Or Welshmen and Scots! Or Japanese and Scots! Or Scots and other Scots! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland! - Groundskeeper Willie - The Simpsons

In the Year of our Lord 1314, patriots of Scotland - starving and outnumbered - charged the fields of Bannockburn. They fought like warrior poets; they fought like Scotsmen, and won their freedom. - William Wallace - Braveheart

We had the most delightful girl at our table. Carrie, apparently her fiancé's terribly grand and owns half of Scotland. How about you? - Gareth - Four Weddings and a Funeral


saintseester said...

Have fun on your vacation and good luck with the doctor's visit. Some medicines can mess with your sense of taste.

Katrina said...

yeah, that one certainly did. There were times it was down right nasty, especially when I could smell it too. It made it 10 times worse.