Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're all booked

So we finally booked a place the other day. Just an hour later we finally received an email from one of the other places that accepts pets and they're available with the last Saturday also. But the deposit for the 1st place in nonrefundable.

As it turns out the chick that said she'd watch Poydras has an issue with the fact that he's not fully house trained yet. She has her house up for sale and is worried he'll have an accident that won't get cleaned up and then potential buyers will come in. From what it sounds like she has an adversion to him being in a crate also while her dogs are out and about. She doesn't think it's fair or something of the like. Yet he's in his crate for several hours at a time while our cats are roaming free, what's the difference. She didn't say she wouldn't do it, just that she has these issues. Well we don't want to impose on anyone that has misgivings. We're not worried she'd be cruel or anything of the like towards him, nothing like that. But if she's not willing to crate him when he should be (i.e. when she's gone or sleeping) then she's taking a chance on him having an accident. And we certainly don't want that, for either one of them.

So HD was going to be calling another friend of his who has a lot more free time (out of work with an injury) who has another dog and a couple kids. And also isn't adverse to the crate. He'll see if he'll take him: either just take him for us or if the place we're going isn't willing to make an exception for us (with a deposit of course). We shall see. If we can't find a place for him then we'll have to eat the deposit we've already put down and try and see if the 2nd and only other place that contacted us is still available. It's more money all the way around but we really don't want to leave him at a boarding place.

We shall see.

Media quote of the day: It's a responsibility to take care of somebody's pet like that. Do you know what responsibility means? It's a big word. But the first part of it, response, is like "answer". You know, when someone says hello to you, you answer that person and you say hello back to them. But when you're taking care of a dog, you need to answer, or respond when the dog is hungry and needs to go pee-pee or poo-poo. It's your responsibility to answer to the dog's needs. I like Barney, but before I said I'd take care of him, I had to think about the responsibility. And I wanna ask Mrs. Rogers if she thinks it's all right too. - Mr. Rogers - Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

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