Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend update 5/27-30/11

So I just realized I didn't do my weekend update for Memorial Day weekend.  It was pretty good over all.

It was HDT's weekend to work so Friday night we didn't do much as usual.  Just hung out around the house.  Saturday while he was at work I did some grocery shopping and cleaned the house, did some dishes and a couple loads of laundry.

The brothers and Scott's kids came over to watch the UFC fights.  HDT's sister Renee was planning on coming over but ended up not.  She's newly sober so I told all the guys that in honor of that and to help her out we wanted a dry house.  Scott brought a couple beers and Roy did too but they left them in their coolers/car and drank pop and water instead.  When we found out she wasn't coming we let them know they could crack 'em open if they wanted to.  I also let Wayne know his rum was up in the kitchen.  But no one did.  I think mainly because it was already late in the evening and there was only about an hour left anyway of the fights.  And all was well.  So now we know if she decides she wants to come again we know it won't be a big deal.

Sunday I literally sat on my ass the whole day watching a marathon of Lost.  Other than getting up to go to the bathroom, let Poydras out to do so and feed us all I didn't do anything and it felt wonderful.  And even after he got home I continued to do the same thing.

Monday I got up and met mom at the cemetery for a Memorial Day service that lasted about 20 minutes.  Then we visited Les' grave and her parent's grave.  Did a little bit of walking around while she'd point out different markers of people that had been in Les' life. 

Then I headed home to start preparing for her and Jim and his kids to come over for a cookout.  Jim's oldest brought a friend along and mom ended up bringing her brother along as well.

Had a good time with lots of food: burgers, brats, hot dogs, watermelon, pineapple, red grapes, cherries, pasta salad and chips.  Our neighbors came over for a visit as well.  When they saw that we'd be in only half shade they loaned us their canopy.  And it being close to 90 degrees boy did that help a whole helluva lot.  After finding out it only cost about a hundred bucks we decided we'd have to get one for ourselves.

Around 4:30 we started cleaning up.  The neighbors had already gone home and mom and Dale decided to head out as well.  Jim and the girls hung out for about another 15 minutes or so but then left because the friend had to be home by 6:00. 

After they left HDT and I relaxed watching a show or two and then The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  We both really liked it.  Very cute movie and the kid was absolutely awesome.

Since then we've done our normal weeknight nothingness.  After work we sit around watching tv while he's playing on his computer as usual.  Although last night he worked a couple hours extra and I mowed the lawn. 

Media quotes of the day:

These two are from The Switch - from two very different scenes

 I - - um, hijacked your pregnancy. - Wally Mar

Would you please stop having sex with your food? - Kassie Larson
From Lost - many, many episodes throughtout all the seasons
Son of a Bitch! - Sawyer

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