Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend update 5/20-22/11

So this was a pretty boring weekend overall really.  Friday night after getting home from work HDT and I had a long back and forth about what we would do for dinner and whether we'd be going over to his grandma's for dinner with her and his mom.  And also to go see a movie or not.  The only movie we'd be able to make after eating would be a late one and we were both pretty tired and just didn't feel like doing that.  And finally we decided we'd just hang out at home rather than going out anywhere.  So he texted his mom to let her know we were staying home.

So we just made some dinner and watched recorded shows that we've been behind on because of watching Doctor Who and Ally McBeal so much.  Since he had a dentist appointment at 9am the next day we went to bed at a decent hour.

When he left for his appointment in the morning I went to the grocery store and he made it home just before I did.  We were both starving so I threw a frozen pizza in the oven for our brunch and then watched one of the recorded Mentalist shows.  After it was done I asked him if he was ready to go do the shopping/returning of items he was wanting to do, he wasn't and wouldn't be any time soon.  So I decided to go out and mow the lawn. 

By the time I got to the back yard it started to misty rain but I figured since it's not such a big yard I decided to just continue on.  By the time I was half way through it started to actually rain but I continued on still.  At one point I had to ask HDT to come out and help me to empty the bagger into the bag.  I had used up all the garbage cans and now had to use bags.  The first one I used the first time dumping into it half of the grass fell out.  So with the second bag I decided to have his help. 

He ended up staying out with me while I finished up which was a good thing because we filled a few more bags.  The rain kept going between misty and actual rain so as the grass kept getting wetter and wetter it was obviously getting heavier and heavier.  It got to where I could only do two swipes before I had to empty the bagger.

After I was done mowing he got out the hose and hosed it all off and made it nice and clean for me.  Then he hosed and I swept off the concrete/deck like area.  After all that I was pretty well worn but took a shower since we had those plans to do the shopping. 

But he decided he didn't really want to go do any shopping/returning of items so we just ended up hanging out for the rest of the day/evening doing a bunch of nothing.  Oh wait, I had my dentist appointment at 3:00 so I did that.  That lasted just under an hour so I got home just after 4:00.  Then we did nothing much for the rest of the day.

Sunday I made us breakfast: eggs, bacon and biscuits.  After I let that settle for a bit I got on the elliptical for 15 minutes then did some weight lifting for a few reps then got back on the elliptical for another 25 minutes.

Hopped in the tub and after a little while he decided he wanted to finally go do the shopping/returning.  So I finished reading my chapter and then we got ready and headed out.  We returned his ear piece that just wouldn't sit quite right on his ear.  He also has been wanting to get another electric toothbrush so we looked at those.  We ended up going to three stores but couldn't find the one we wanted for the price we wanted. 

I was so worn out and hungry by the 3rd store that I put my throbbing foot down and said I couldn't go anywhere else.  Although we did end up going to Dairy Queen to pick up a couple blizzards and then to a local burger joint to pick up an order of fries (they're pretty damn good) and went home and heated up a couple burgers that I had cooked up on Saturday along with the left over bacon from the morning for dinner.

We again watched some recorded shows and then a couple Buffy's until it was time for bed.  So it was a good weekend for me for my workouts that I've been wanting to get back into (I include mowing the lawn as a workout) but a pretty typical boring one overall.  Although the eating of the food wasn't the best I didn't eat a lot so I believe I was still pretty much in the calorie range needed.

Media quote of the day:  From Dinosaurs - The Son Also Rises.  My goodness how I loved this show, we even bought the DVD's but haven't watched them yet.  Shame on us, we should do that soon.

I thought I told you to mow the lawn. - Earl Sinclair

I told you, the lawn mower is broken. - Robbie Sinclair
Scissors. Cut it with scissors. - Earl
Oh come on. - Robbie
Geez you kids have it too easy. When I was your age we didn't have lawn mowers, we didn't have scissors, we had to get down on all fours and graze like a cow. - Earl
Dad. - Robbie
Mooooo - Earl

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