Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Job - Finally

So, yeah, it's been a pretty long time since I posted last. Him, 9/11 to be exact and then I only reposted my entries on Brendan Dolan and Douglas Ketchum.My last real post was in August stating that it sucks to be me since I was out of work again.  I, along with at least one other girl, was laid off on June 3, 2011.  I didn't get another job until Jan. 4, 2012.  Yep, that sucked big time.  But I had unemployment and that helped at least.

In all that time I only got 2 other interviews.  One came fairly quickly after loosing my job but I knew it wouldn't be the place for me so was actually happy I didn't get a call back.  The next place I had to work at getting interviews, won't go into all the boring details here but it was a hassle.  But even still I would've liked to have worked there I think.  It was a tiny office which I like.  Would've just been me, the girl I'd be working for/with and two project managers.  It was a satellite office.  Unfortunately the VP of the company decided that rather than hiring someone to help with the work load the corporate office would just take over running some of the projects for them.

It was another couple months before I got the interview for the place I'm at now.  And so far so good.  It's not in construction so that's a bit weird.  Well, not "true" construction anyway.  I work for a company that installs and dismantles the "booths" at trade shows.  Yep, never knew that kind of place existed either.  Always thought that the company of the product just did it themselves.  Who knew? 

But I'm liking the position.  I've gotten back into helping out with accounts payable and payroll while still working in receivables.  Although we have an outside company doing the payroll we still have to audit what they do to make sure it's all completed correctly and we also distribute the checks.  And the receivables is a bit weird for me as well.  I don't actually do the billings like I used to do.  I only enter them in Quickbooks after someone else does the actual preparing and sending out of the invoice.  I also don't do collections, someone else handles that as well.  Also, when the checks come in she collects them, works up a spreadsheet and then hands them over to me to make the deposit and enter the payments into Quickbooks.  I'm liking all this.  For once it's not on me if an invoice goes out incorrectly and it's not on me to have to hound the company for payment.  Yep, much nicer.

It's also a small office, which I like as mentioned before.  We're split into two floors but only because the office I'm in doesn't fit everyone.  There are 8 of us upstairs and 4.5 in the basement.  The .5 is a part timer, she's only there four hours a day.  So that's all the office people but there are a ton of guys out in the field throughout the US working at all these trade shows.  We also set up retail stores for companies if they'd like.  But we're looking to relocate, luckily still in the same town we're in.  Right now I only drive about 8 miles (one way) straight down the highway.  We live just off the highway and the office is just off the highway on the same side.  Nice shot.  Not as nice as the last place only being 1.2 miles from door to door but still really nice.  But the new place won't be quite as straight a shot but it'll at least be close still.

So other than the new job everything else is still going as normal.  My brothers are still coming over for each UFC fight night.  HDiTty is still at his 911/Communications Officer job.  19 years this January.  As a matter of fact my first day of work was his 19th anniversary there.  I find that kinda geeky cool really.  The two kitties are still around, going strong for getting up there in years.  11 1/2 now.  And the puppy will be four this April. 

There are a couple other items I'll be writing about but I'll save them for another update.  I'm going to try to go back to a daily post or at least multiple times a week posts.  I'm also going to get back on my other site  theseweightlossgames and get back to playing those damn games.  UGH! 

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