Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got my hair did and other stuff

So I got my hair trimmed last night.  I gotta say I have a love/hate thing with getting my hair cut.  I hate having to get it done.  Mainly because I never know what I want to do with it so I keep the same style forEVER.  It's fine and fairly thin and has the very slightest of body to it so there's not a whole lot I can do with it without having to use a curling iron and I don't really like using them. 

But, when I actually make myself get it done I'm happy I do.  It's usually got split ends for days and is looking fairly raggedy.  So the end result is always so much better.  But, that's not the main reason.  The main reason is the pampering.  I love having someone else wash and rinse it.  Then when they're fixing it and the blow dryer is going and the brush is going through it and I'm not the one doing it, yeah that's nice.  The guy (and by the way that's the very first time I've ever had a guy do my hair in my 42 almost 43 years of life) last night would stick his fingers and swish it around while blow drying then run them through every so often.  He then actually did use a curling iron on it, which I can't remember the last time a hair stylist did that, maybe for my wedding in '05.  And it came out all curly and fluffy and I looked nothing like my self.  Which is also nice.

I told HDT not to expect to ever see it that way again since I'd never be able to it myself.  Heh

So I was looking forward to having several days to relax this holiday weekend.  I'm finally working for a company that takes Friday off.  Haven't had that for seven years or so.  So I figured we'd have three days to take it easy and recover from Thursday.  But since my FIL and StepMIL will be going to her families for Thursday they've decided to do Thanksgiving with us and HDT's sister and her family on Saturday. 

Friday we booked a movie marathon that starts 11:30ish and doesn't end until after 6:30ish.  Although it's still sitting on our asses it's still getting out of the house and not sitting on our asses there. 

So Sunday right now is looking like the only day that will truly be relaxing.  At least for now.  It is football day and the Saints are playing the 9ers.  So if they play like they did last night we're in for a fight which isn't relaxing.

Ah, but we'll still have to leave the house on Sunday anyway.  HDT's grandma is in a nursing home recovering from a fall in September.  And we need to go there in the evening to have her drink her protein shake and vitamin c drink that we're using to supplement her meals with to ensure she's getting all the vitamin's and protein she needs since she doesn't eat her meals very well.  Since HDT's mom is out of town through Sunday (at least) we're doing the evening drinks.  But that only takes about an hour or so since she drinks them so slowly and we do like to get some visiting time in while doing it.

Media quote of the day:  From Bones (2008) The Passenger in the Oven

[Seeing Bones wearing glasses] Right. What I want you to do is take off your glasses, shake out your hair and say "Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?" - Booth
Why?- Brennan
Never mind. - Booth

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