Monday, December 17, 2012

Is it ok to not like a 12 year old girl? One I don't remember even?

So, I will forever hate Thursday December 20, 2012.  Well, at least for two years anyway.  HA!

And here's why.  Way back when I was 12 years old and in the 6th grade during gym glass one day we were playing floor hockey.  Some bitch girl high sticked and hit me square in the front of my mouth.  She knocked out, shattered really, one of my front bottom teeth.  There was just a little jagged piece left sticking out.

I went to an oral surgeon who did a root canal and put a crown on it.  I continued to see him for my dental needs for the next several years.  Until we moved to Louisiana and I got a new dentist that is.

That dentist took a whole new set of x-rays as the ones that were transferred to his office were outdated.  When he came back into the exam room (I'm 16 at this time by the way) he asked me if I had been having any pain in my chin/jaw area.  I told him no.  He asked me if I had any strange tastes in my mouth, that had nothing to do with food.  Again I told him no.  He then put my x-ray up into the light thingy and pointed at a large black spot.  He then told my mom and me that I have had an infection for who knows how long going on inside my gums that has been slowly eating it away.  That since I hadn't had any pain or tasted anything odd that it had been draining into my system internally.  And I was lucky I had no pain.

So, I had yet another root canal done along with a root canal for the teeth on either side of it.  A new crown, this time permanent (he was completely amazed that the crown I had on hadn't fallen off at any time because apparently it was a temporary one) was put on and that's what's been there ever since.

Now several years later I actually did start to feel pressure every now and then.  No pain, just pressure on the teeth.  And then a little puss pocket would show up on the outside of the gum under that tooth. I'd pop it like a pimple, soak up the puss and go about my way.  Because, as you all know, I'm the Queen of Procrastination.

This has gone off and on now for several years.  Last December during a routine cleaning my dentist says it's time, that tooth has got to go.  She gave me a referral to an oral surgeon and an orthodontist.  She says my bottom row of teeth are so close together that once the tooth is gone that she believes the spot will be small enough that I could do braces to slowly bring the remaining teeth together to fill the gap rather than put another crown in.  This should alleviate any lingering problems that are causing the infections to happen.

So, my husband puts aside money in a Flex account and we haven't used any of it fully planning on it going towards this whole tooth issue.  A year later and we're about to lose the money if I don't go in.  So the Queen of Procrastination has made her appointment for Thursday at 10:00am to have braces put in on her top row of teeth.

Top row?  What, wait, isn't it the bottom tooth I've been talking about this whole time you ask.  Yep, sure is.  But I have a major overbite.  I don't have buck teeth but I do have a major overbite when I close my mouth all the way.  Any braces the orthodontist would put on the bottom my top teeth would destroy. So I have to correct the overbite which means braces on the top to move my teeth back enough that he then could put braces on the bottom. 

That's going to take about four months.  Then once he's satisfied I'll make the appointment to have the tooth extracted and then get the braces on the bottom right away.  Over all I'll have to wear braces for up to two years.  TWO. YEARS.

Hence why I will forever hate December 20, 2012, or at least for two years anyway.

I'm going to be 43 in just over two months.  43 - 45 wearing braces!!!  UGH!!!!!

And I've heard it's going to hurt like hell.  That for adults to get them hurts worse than kids because our mouths are done growing/changing.  And I already am prone to getting mouth ulcers.  Now I'm guaranteed to have them all the fucking time.  Yep, so not looking forward to this.

Media quote of the day:  The Goonies.  Ah, I love this movie.

[Andy has accidentally kissed Mikey] OK, you kissed. Now tell. - Stef
There's something weird. - Andy
What? What is it? - Stef
Does Brand wear braces? - Andy
[Stef bursts into laughter] Why are you laughing? Stef, it was beautiful. - Andy
Next time you kiss him, do it with your eyes open. It's a whole different experience. - Stef

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