Friday, October 18, 2013


So, I just got a call from the nurse navigator regarding my biopsies.  I recognized the number but was in the middle of something so let it go to voicemail.  I figured they were just calling to confirm my appointment at 3:00 today.  But she says she was calling to discuss the results.  When I heard that I took the phone away from my ear because I didn't want to hear bad news over the phone.  But then noticed she kept talking so I figured I better listen in case they wanted me to come in sooner.  So I went ahead and started it from the beginning and everything came back benign.  So yeah, total relief. 

She continued to say that she was trying to connect me with the doctor so he and I could discuss the results and also the sites on the breasts and determine if I actually need to go in at 3:00. 

I first called HDT to give him the good news then called the nurse back.  I got her voicemail this time so left her a message to call me back.  So far she hasn't so hopefully soon.


UPDATE:  So they called back and I spoke with both the nurse and the doctor.  The doc said again that everything came back benign.  I have a fibroadenoma in the right breast and a benign fibrocystic change in the left.  Both nothing to worry about and they're common.

I guess there is something else in one of them, can't remember which now and didn't write it down when he said it that they want me to come back in six months to take another look at.  But right now it's nothing to worry about.

So yay, cancer free!!!

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