Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Longer Weekend Update

So, let's see.

As I mentioned yesterday, Friday we stayed home because of the weather. Where my work is and the 1st street that takes me home it's about a mile. That mile took me 10 minutes to get through. Where it usually takes me about 40-45 minutes to get home it took me an hour and 15 minutes. And it wasn't snowing or at least not really snowing. The snow that was falling was barely snow. It was that the wind was so strong and fast that it was picking up the really, really light snow on the ground and buildings and blowing it horizontally. Many times you couldn't see more than 5 car lengths in front you. It was also blowing drifts onto the streets. In many places you couldn't see where the street and the curb connected. So yeah, no friends over and no going out.

Saturday morning we cleaned the basement (which for those of you who don't know, it's basically our living room). Then he went with a friend of ours to go buy another friend's Jeep while I laid back in the tub and read for awhile. After he got home we hung out catching up on the shows until it was time to get ready to head out for dinner and the show. We went to Outback and waited for an hour for a table By the time we got seated and our food ordered it was 8:30. We stayed local instead of heading into the city to eat so we had to leave and be on the road no later than 9 to make it to the show with time to spare. If we left after 9 then it'd be really pushing it. We let our waitress know that we had to rush and she was a great help. We got out of there at 9:03. I had H Ditty drive because he never gets tickets. For one he hardly ever gets stopped even when he's flying down the road. For two because of where he works he gets out of any stops that do happen. He tells me all the time to say who/where my husband is/works in case I ever get stopped. Don't know if I ever will. But then, I haven't been stopped for anything in a very long time.

Aaanyway, he drove and got to Caged Dames in record time. We used the valet service to expedite things rather than try to find a parking spot ourselves. I figured the theater was going to be small but was completely surprised on how small it turned out to be. Made me think of Friends when we walked in. But unlike Joey's plays, the place was sold out and this one was good. We both enjoyed ourselves. I'm not sure which song was my favorite. The one that comes to mind though is Little Limping Rat. I also loved I'm Typist/Guard, especially the very end.

I loved Warden Hope, Blondie and mostly Schnitzy. Then Trixie and Big Lorraine. There were a some times when we couldn't hear the words because the music got loud but that's ok, that only happened a few times. They're trying to get to New York and had a donation basket so we tossed some money in to help 'em out.

Afterward the cast and audience sang happy birthday to their trumpet player who just turned 21. We had a great time.

Sunday we slept in some, watched some shows then he left to go get my cake and cards. I straightened up upstairs in case two people needed the bathroom at the same time one could use the one upstairs. We ended up staying up there the whole time anyway. My parents, his mom, his littlest sister, his other sister, her son, her boyfriend, his stepmom (his dad hurt his back so didn't come), Jim, Amy and their two kids and our other friend, Caryn all came over. We hung out while waiting for the pizzas. Then I opened my cards and gifts. Jim and Amy gave us a $25 gift card and their oldest daughter painted some figurines for each of us. She painted me an orange kitty that represents my most favorite of kitties ever who is no longer with us. And she painted H Ditty a bulldog. Got me some money from his dad and stepmom and some jewelry from Caryn. She gave me a bracelet, ear rings and necklace set. My parents don't do money or gifts, they have way too many family members to do that for anyone but the grandchildren. His sisters and mom are dirt poor right now so no gifts from them. His nephew also painted us some figurines. He painted me a purple snake, although he thinks it's a snail, and he painted a pink crab for HD. I think I'll take a picture and post it one of these days.

We played Pictionary. I was a captain and Jim's oldest daughter was the other captain. Her team won. But that's ok, we had all had a great time.

Everyone was out of the house by 8:45 except for his mom and youngest sister who came together. They finally left around 10ish. He had his homework for his Spanish class to take care of and I realized I needed to do laundry for this week. We got into bed close to midnight.

Last night the youngest sister came over and he cooked up some steaks for dinner. We watched the UFC fight from Saturday. There were some pretty good moves here and there but for the most part the fights were pretty boring compared to normal.

So that was my birthday weekend into Monday night recap. Told you I'd elaborate.

Media quote of the day: You wanna play games? - Dionne - Clueless


Dan said...

Well Happy belated Birthday!

How many of those presents are you going to put on ebay? Just joking! Just joking! :)

Natalie said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Katrina said...

Dan - Thank you. Well, none but the bracelet did turn my write a little brownish/green.

Natalie - It was, too bad more of them aren't that way.