Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pretty Boy's trip to the vet and Whiskers gives me a scratch

So the other day I mentioned how Whiskers was sick. This is Whiskers. She couldn't keep her right eye open because of the sickness but you can see why her nickname is Whiskers, look at those long ass things.

She had a cold or upper respiratory infection. We thought she was getting better so we didn't take her to the vet. And of course all the others have gotten sick and she's still sick. Pretty Boy was pretty bad off so H Ditty took him in. HD called me on my cell when he was taking him in. Pretty Boy CANNOT stand riding in the carrier, let alone the car. He gets quite upset over it. Listen to the clip to hear them talking to each other. You'll have to have your sound up, maybe all the way to hear, I did.

He is so damn pretty. Too pretty to be a boy kitty.

Gabcast! Pretty Boy's trip to the vet #1

Oh yeah, in it you hear his real name, Pretty Boy is just his nickname.

The vet gave a large bottle of antibiotics, enough to give to all four. Technically she couldn't give a prescription for the others since she didn't see them, but for the dose needed per poundage of cat the bottle is definitely large enough to give all of them enough medicine for a week. All but The Brat Prince seem to be doing better. They're still wheezing and sneezing some and their eyes are draining but nowhere near as badly as BP's. He wasn't as sick as Pretty Boy when he was taken in but then BP seems to have gotten it last. Plus he's the smallest out of them all so I think it hit him harder when he finally did get it. Also, I think because he's not sneezing the snot out of his nose it's staying longer with him. All the others sit and sneeze over and over blowing snot all over the damn place, including on me and in my face a few times. Talk about GROSS!! But BP isn't doing that, he's just laying there wheezing, sometimes breathing out of his mouth.

And of course none like taking their medicine but Pretty Boy and Cry Baby take it the best. Whiskers and The Brat Prince fight like crazy. They fight hard enough that we have to wrap a towel around them to hold their crazy ass strong legs down. Friday morning I got a treat. I was standing there in my sleep shirt, bare legged, holding Whiskers in the towel. HD goes to grab her head to put the syringe in her mouth and she immediately starts to squirm. She wiggled right out of the bottom of that damn towel and right down my legs. Scratched the ever loving shit out of me. See. This one is on my left thigh. It's about 3 inches across, with a tiny little one to go along with.

And these two are on my right leg. The smaller is almost healed but the longer one isn't and it's a full inch longer than the one on my left leg.

They hurt like no body's business. But I couldn't scream because I didn't want to freak them out.

Then, Friday evening while giving them their night time dose I get another scratch. I think it was Whiskers again but it could've been The Brat Prince. This time it's across my chest. I tried to get a picture of it but none came out good enough so I deleted them. But it looks like the scratch on my left leg. Just as hurtful and just as angry of a scratch. I can't wear most of my shirts to work because they'll show it off.

But that's ok, I planned on going clothes shopping this weekend anyway. I got 6 new tops that you can't see it at all, so it's all good now.

Media quote of the day: 'Tis but a scratch. - Black Knight
A scratch? Your arm's off. - King Arthur

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I was going to use the lyrics from Ted Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever but they're pretty boring so I scratched that idea. HA! "scratched that idea" did you get it? Hmm? Did ya? Yeah, it was pretty lame I know. Sorry.

EDIT: Fair warning, I don't know when I'll get on next, it might not be until Wed. or even Thursday. I will try to make it sooner though. I still have catching up on my blog reading to do also. Don't know when that's gonna happen. I started it yesterday but I have a feeling it'll get backlogged again. Anyway, I'll get back as soon as I can. Thanks for sticking around.


Dan said...

LOL! This was hilarious! I hope you're all healed! :)

That recording was awesome. That poor kitty is like a broken record ... the same exact EEERRRRR after every one of your hubby's questions!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a cat that looks exactly like yours. It's unreal. My cat is 11 now and is the light of my life. Can I send you a snap of him?

Katrina said...

Sure, I'd love to see him. Use: katspeanuthead @ yahoo . com