Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Karate Kid

My nephew Lee had his first karate tournament today. He had to do two rounds of Kata, which from what I can tell is a routine, and two rounds of basics.

The basics are just as it sounds. The middle judge (there's 3 of them) will call out something like a front kick or a block or something like that and the two kids have to do four of them and on the fourth they do their shout. There were 9 kids in his group (he was in the 10-11 year old boys, orange belt). Two go up at once and compete against each other. The 3 judges then hold up either a white or red flag of the kid they think did the best. The middle judge raised the red flag both times Lee was up but the other two raised white flags. His color was red so therefore he lost in basics, didn't place at all but of course, as far as I'm concerned he should've won. At least against the first kid he was up against. The second kid seemed to do slightly better.

In the Kata they did the same thing. Two kids up against each other. They could choose whatever routine they wanted and could do the same one more than once if they so chose to. I took pictures of his first time up so I didn't see the other kids at all. But apparently he kicked ass because all three judges chose him. Some thing on the second round. That time though I only took a couple pictures because I wanted to see the other kid.

I haven't downloaded the pictures yet. We're supposed to be going over to HD's grandma's house real soon. So maybe if we're not there too late or tomorrow I'll get them up.

Media quote of the day:

Wouldn't a fly swatter be easier? - Daniel
Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything. - Miyagi
Ever catch one? - Daniel
Not yet. - Miyagi

The Karate Kid

And you thought I'd the Wax on/Wax off, didn't you?

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