Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Weekend Update

Natalie - Whiskers came through her surgery just fine. Thanks for asking. We did get a little concerned though. I called HDiTty at 4:30 to make sure he was up and to see what they had said and they hadn't yet called. But all was well. For an extra $100.00 they would have done a biopsy on it to see if it were cancerous but we were satisfied with what they had told us be before that it was a cyst. We figured if it happened again then we'd worry about it then. But so far she hasn't had any other growths. And luckily they only had to take one tooth. They took her left eye tooth, the gum was a little red and pussy around the edge. But the back teeth which we thought would have been the worst weren't. So they just cleaned 'em up.

They sent her home with several syringes of pain medicine and amoxicillin in pill form. Silly, silly people. I can't believe they didn't give us the liquid form of the amoxicillin. But so far HD is doing a pretty damn good job of making her take the pill. Thank God they clipped her nails or we'd be all scratched up.

The wedding was nice. Apparently they worked at the same place but they met online. I don't know if I got that right but I think so. At any rate they seem very, very happy. They had a harpist and man was that chick really good! I wanted to clap after each song but of course it wasn't appropriate. She went to the reception to play there as well and when she was done she did get a rounding applause then. I had gotten a migraine before we had even left for the wedding, luckily not a real bad one, and I was very glad that the harp was the only music played the whole time.

And they did what I had wanted to do, forgo the receiving line and just walk around and thank everyone for coming at the reception. I hate receiving lines, they're too formal for one and for two as a guest unless you're family you don't know anyone but the couple (usually) and it's really awkward. And as the couple it's tiring having to hug and kiss person after person without a break. HATE.

Saturday morning we got up to watch a friend's kid tae kwan do tournament and also so HD could take some photos with his cool camera. Neo (the kid's nickname by his coach) won two of his four competitions and ended up in third place. He won a medal and a wooden plaque to hang it on. It was a lot of fun to watch these young kids throwing each other around. Some of them were as young as five. But it was also pretty sad. They'd get so intense and when they'd lose they couldn't help but cry. It was pretty hard to watch those times.

Saturday evening we went bowling with his dad and played four games. FOUR! I haven't bowled in months and I'm not the most active person around. The insides of my thighs are still paying for it. But we had a great time and that's what counts. I broke a hundred each game so I'm happy about that, I did better than I thought I would. Got a strike or two in each game so I was happy about that. In one of the games HD got four in a row. In one game his dad marked in every frame until HD mentioned it, that of course jinxed him in the very next frame.

On Saturday both of us had noticed this humming noise but we both thought it was coming from the train yard not too far away from our house. But at the same time realized we could only hear it in certain areas of the house and barely outside where it should've been louder. By Sunday morning I figured it out. It was our sump pump. I was standing in our kitchen and realized the noise was loudest in that room and that was directly above the pump. So I go downstairs to check it out and it's pumping out water continuously and has been since Friday. Which is really when I had noticed the sound when I got home from work but didn't give it any thought. So I unplug it and watch the water start to fill up the hole and when it got about half way up I plugged it back in and it pumped it back out. I unplugged it again and set a timer for 13 minutes.

Yep, every 13 minutes I went back in and plugged it and then unplugged until HD got up. Actually even after he got up because he didn't fix it right away of course. It was actually several hours before it finally got fixed but that was ok. It's fixed for now but we'll need a new one eventually along with an ace-in-the-hole. Especially having all our electronic stuff in the basement. Silly, silly people we are.

So that was our exciting weekend. Can you stand it? Aren't you jealous? Thought you would be.

Media quote of the day: What's classier than bowling? - Xander - Buffy the Vampier Slayer


Natalie said...

It sounds jam packed! I haven't been bowling in a while but it is good stuff, and classy!

Katrina said...

It was pretty busy. I'm glad Sunday we were able to sit and relax for most of it. Other than having to plug and unplug the pump that is. :)