Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So be it

So my birthday was nice and relaxing. That's because I didn't do anything at all but sit on my butt for it. HDitTy had to work and my family never does anything for them unless they're for kids. We had thought about going out for a good steak dinner tonight but circumstances negated that. And he has to work overtime tomorrow night and he works this weekend and, and, and so I'm gonna say it's not gonna happen and be ok with it.

Besides, we'll be having people over on Saturday the 15th to have game night for both our birthdays which is always fun. Also we'll be going to see REO Speedwagon on the 14th which I know is more for me than him so it's all good. We can have a good steak dinner any other time.

I have this feeling game night is gonna end up a bust though. I don't know why, I just do. I feel like no one is gonna show up except for Jim. We already know his sister (the older one) won't be able to make it because that's her weekend with her son and since he'll be with his dad the whole following week she really wants to be with him the whole weekend. Especially since she's been sick and in the hospital these last couple of days, hence the no steak dinner tonight among other reasons. Anyway, she's emotional now and wants to be with her son as much as possible and I don't blame her for that, that's for sure.

The one brother of mine that I invited was in a rush when I was telling him about it so I didn't get a commitment out of him so who knows. And I don't think HD has heard back from anyone else yet. Yeah, I'm not confident. I miss the days when it was a given every other Saturday night get together. So be it.

Media quote of the day: And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eatin' steak. - Jayne - Firefly

Man I miss this show. Another one cut too soon.

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