Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hate, hate, hate migraines! That's all I'm gonna say about that.

So, this weekend went well. Friday after work I went home and got HDiTty up out of bed and we went over to his coworkers house to take over a blueberry fluff and visit him and his family. His mother had passed away the previous Saturday so we were paying our condolences. We hung out there for a good 2 1/2 hours or so and then headed out to a bar to meet another coworker of his for her birthday. Other than eating a slice of the blueberry fluff neither of us had eaten anything. So I was really hoping to get something to eat but by the time we got there she and the rest of the people were in a room where the band was going to be playing so there was no chance of me even finding out if there'd be food to eat or not. They had already eaten earlier so they were doing just fine. Oh well.

So HD and I ordered a couple drinks and proceeded to drink on empty stomachs. HEE! No one had any idea as to who the band was going to be so that was interesting. At least, that seems to be my memory as of right now anyway. I know HD didn't know anyway.

Turns out it was an 80's tribute band called
Sixteen Candles. Now I had mentioned in my post from awhile back that I don't feel like doing the linking of right now, that I wasn't a huge 80's music fan even while growing up then. At least, not of the pop music of the time unless it was of the hair band variety that is. There were some of course, I wasn't completely hopeless and snobby, but yeah, for the most part couldn't stand most anything that was on the top 40 list. And I'll admit I didn't even know of the punk/alternative/emo bands such as Erasure or The Cure. Actually I did learn of the The Cure my senior year when I met Sharon. Annnnywaaaay...

I was still looking forward to them though. I'd rather listen to music that I know from a band that I don't than music I don't from a band I know "of" even if it's music I don't care for, if that makes sense. I don't remember what they started with but I do know it was one I didn't care for and it seems to me the second song was the same way but the third song was one I liked - Radio Killed the Video Star - love that song. So that's when I started keeping count. I should've counted how many songs they played but I didn't. It was probably at least 12 to 15 though and out of those there were 6 I officially liked and 2 that I were ok with so I counted them as a total of 1. So it was close to half of the songs which really isn't bad really. Turns out I liked more than I thought I would.

And I have to give the singer credit in the fact that he didn't shy away from the female singer songs. And he did them justice too. The whole band did great. But I still couldn't get into songs I didn't care for though, sorry Duran Duran (don't hate just don't care for) and whoever sings Jenny Jenny 8675309 (hate, hate, HATE!).

I was glad when they did Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol rather than White Wedding or Rebel Yell. Although I like those two songs they're the more popular of the three so therefore it was more surprising and good to hear Dancing.

At midnight they took a break and HD and I decided to leave. We were pretty darn hungry by then and my legs were hurting from all the standing. I am an old lady dont'cha know. I told him more than once I was ok with staying since I knew he was enjoying more of the songs than I was but he was ok with going so we went. I'd definitely like to see their whole set though. There was no Bon Jovi or Def Leppard or Tears for Fears or, or, or so I can only imagine how many more songs they could've gotten into.

Saturday Jim came over. His birthday was the 21st so we had him come over for a good steak dinner (he has them even less than we do) and to hang out. We gave him a bottle of Rumplemintz (sp?) also. HD decided we should do a shot for each of our birthdays since we each just had one: he in February, me in March and Jim this month. HD likes Southern Comfort, I like Jagermeister (sp?) and Jim the Rumplemintz. So Jim and I were thinking we'd take one of the drink we like but HD says no, we take one of each in the order of the birthdays. So we took 3 shots all before eating. It was 7:30pm when we did this, I hadn't eaten since 10:30 that morning, my stomach was growling big time by this time let me tell you! I thought for sure I was gonna upchuck but luckily I didn't. Hell, as we're preparing everything he comes in from grilling the steaks and says it's time to do one more so we each do one of our favorite and I still kept it all down. Phew!

While eating we watched Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem since Jim hasn't seen it and we haven't since it was in the theaters. I had one more shot after dinner but HD said he was starting to get tired so he didn't want anymore 'cause it would just make him more so and Jim was starting to feel a bit off so he didn't want to. Bunch of fuddy duddies I say.

After the movie since the evening was for Jim we let him choose what we'd do next and he chose to play poker so we played Texas Hold'em. Winner would get to choose what we'd do next. I went out first and during their heads up Jim started to get a migraine. He took some of my Excedrin Migraine and whenever he was waiting on HD to play he'd lean back on the couch and relax. Luckily he took the medicine early enough that it started to work right away. It never went away fully so after the game was over (HD won) we packed it up for the night and decided the next time we got together HD would make the decision on what we'd do.

Sunday we slept in. Then HD had to go in to work for four hours overtime. I mostly read and watched a little tv. Then paid some bills. In the evening one of the chicks that went to Mexico and is in his most recent Spanish class with him came over. They're doing an extra credit assignment together. While they worked on that I finished up paying the bills and then read some more while also chit chatting.

So that was our busy but very fun weekend. Too bad the start of my week had to be ruined by the damn migraine. HATE I tell you. HATE!

Media quote of the day:
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself

I'm dancing with myself
When theres no-one else in sight
In the crowded lonely night


Natalie said...

Dancin With Myself is a karaoke staple. Sweat Sweat Sweat Sweat Sweat

Katrina said...

Oh yeah, I could totally see that. If I were a dancer I'd be sweating too. As it was I was jumping up and down with it.

saintseester said...

What on earth is blueberry fluff? I can see where it wouldn't be enough sustenance for a night out drinking.