Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On Reading

So, while playing catch up on Saintseester's site I came across the following meme and decided I'd do it myself for an easy post. So here goes:

1. Who are your favorite authors? This is an easy one. Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Anne Rice, Robert McCammon and for the old and dead English Royals it would be Alison Weir

2. What are your favorite books? My all time favorite would be Swan Song. I've read it at least 10 times and never get tired of it. The others would be: The Dark Tower series by King, IT, the Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice) and The Life of Elizabeth I

3. What kind of books do you tend to read? The non bodice ripper romance kind. And I guess they're considered horror - all those King, McCammon and Rice books that is.

4. Do you prefer to borrow books from the library or buy them? Definitely buy. I like to reread my books. If I happen across one I won't reread I'll sell it in a garage sale or give to someone else.

5. Do you prefer hardcover or paperback? It really doesn't matter to me. I know the hardcover looks much better sitting on the shelves and last a whole lot longer but paperbacks are easier to hold and cart around. For books I'm going to keep forever I definitely prefer hardcover though, such as The Dark Tower series by King and all the Harry Potter books.

6. Do you read every day? I try but it doesn't always work out that way. Especially on HD's nights off, I try to spend as much time with him which doesn't leave much reading time on those nights.

7. On average how many books do you read per year? Well, nowhere near what I used to, that's for sure. Hmmm, let me think about this.... In the last month I've read four and I started a fifth which is about average I'd say. So if I read four a month that would be 48 a year. Yeah, that sounds pretty close to accurate.

8. Do you belong to any book clubs? Nope, never have, probably never will.

9. Recommend a good book. Swan Song, go read it right now!! I just loaned my copy to a chick that I've become Email buddies with at work. She's my contact at a general contractor's office and she loaned me three books to read herself and when I sent them back I threw in this one. I'm really hoping she'll like it. The Dark Tower series, those are some terrifically engrossing books. Anything by Alison Weir if you're at all interested in royal history: fascinating stuff.

Media quote of the day: The Man in Black fled across the Desert, and the Gunslinger followed - first line of The Gunslinger

Better beggar woman and single than Queen and married. - Elizabeth I

Here we go 'round the Mulberry Bush - the devil in Swan Song


saintseester said...

I still have Swan Song on my wish list. Perhaps, if I stay unemployed for a while, I will have time to read more.

Katrina said...

Yes, definitely get it, you'll not be disappointed at all!! It's huge so it's certainly one that will take up some of your off time, that's for sure.