Friday, August 3, 2007

A short one where I talk about a few books, etc.

This is a nice guy. His name is Harry Potter and he resides in Florida. He'll actually talk to the kids who've convinced their parents to call him up. It's too cute.

For those of you who'd like a few more
answer's about the fictional Harry Potter.

Since I finished those books I went back to my
Earth's Children series. I'm in the 5th book which is the last one Jean Auel wrote. Supposedly she's working on the next one, she figures there'll be 7 in all. I'm liking them even though she can get a bit wordy in her descriptions of the land and all it provides.

After I'm done with that I'm going back to reread Robert R. McCammon's
Swan Song. I absolutely love this book and have read it a good many times. It's been several years since I did though and I've been thinking about doing it again for close to a year now. If you love a good looonnnggg book this is the one for you. It has several stories that are being told at once and he does a great job of doing it and then they all converge together near the end and he does an even better job of doing that. Love McCammon's work.

Well, I was gonna write more but my food just got here so I'm gonna go ahead and hit publish and go eat.

Media quote of the day, well not so much a quote as the synopsis from the dust jacket:

On the edge of a barren Kansas landscape, an ex-wrestler called Black Frankenstein hears the cry..."Protect the Child!"---In the wasteland of New York City, a bag lady clutches a strange glass ring and feels magic coursing through her---Within an Idaho mountain, a survivalist compound lies in ruins, and a young boy learns how to kill.

In a wasteland born of nuclear rage, in a world of mutant animals and marauding armies, the last people on earth are now the first. Three bands of survivors journey toward destiny---drawn into the final struggle between annihilation and life!

They have survived the unsurvivable. Now the ultimate terror begins


saintseester said...

Swan Song sounds like a book that I might like; I will have to look for it soon and give it a whirl. Always looking for new things to read.

Katrina said...

I absolutely love this book. I've read it enough times that I can skip a few places here and there and not feel like I've missed anything. It is a really long book though as I mentioned. It's 956 pages long (in paperback), but so worth it.