Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sabbatical - my impossible dream

We watched K-Ville last night. It was good, I enjoyed it so we can add that as another show to our "we watch too much tv" list. But it was sad to see how bad parts of the city still look. It's been two years, which is a long time but on the other hand it's a pretty short time too. So although I, amongst so many others, feel like it shouldn't be so bad still it does make sense since so many people have moved away. There's not many people left to build it back up. But it'll get there again, I have faith. It's nice to see the French Quarter though. I miss it. We haven't been there since before the hurricane hit and I really really want to go back. But with him going to Mexico this past summer and a new job for me we just won't be able to at all this year. So the soonest we'll get back will be fall of next year, if then even. We'll have to see how things go throughout the first 8 months.

H Ditty is cracking me up. He wants an iphone like nobody's business. He had wanted to get one before he went to Mexico but since we had to foot the bill for it we couldn't afford for him to get the phone. Besides, I told him to wait a few months so that way he could get feed back from all the users. Make sure it's worth the 500 or 600 dollars. Also, I figured in about 6 months the price would come down. Well, we haven't heard anything real negative about it so that's good. But sure enough, after only 3 months out the price was already knocked down by 200 bucks. So of course he started chomping at the bit again to get one. I've always had the policy that if he's willing to work the overtime to get the funds for his expensive toys then so be it. So we're at work yesterday and he Emails me saying he doesn't have to work that many more hours to be able to have the funds available to get one. So I say ok, and then he sends back that although he really wants one he'd like to pay some of our debt off too.

I'd of course prefer the debt to be paid but he did work long hours for the cash. He can be so wishy washy sometimes, it cracks me up. But it's a good thing when it comes to big ticket items such as this. He usually procrastinates so much that the price usually comes down some more. It's worked out for us a few times now.

I'm sick of working. I read an article yesterday giving tips on what you need to do to be able to go on sabbatical for a year. Yeah, there's no way in hell I'd be able to. It said to have your mortgage paid off, no more car payments, no more credit card payments and to have at least a minimum of three months worth of savings for a cushion. I have the first three and no where near the last one. There was a section that mentioned a working sabbatical, as in a part time job doing what you enjoy so that way you do have some extra money. But even still, there's no way I could do it. But believe me I'd love to.

Media quote of the day: Hey! I am not unemployed, I'm on sabbatical. - Ross - Friends

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