Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I'm pissed at myself right now. When I fix my hair in the morning I'll take my wedding rings off while hair spraying so it doesn't get coated with the stuff. Normally I put them on the back of the toilet but today I put them in the pocket of my t-shirt I was wearing. Sure enough I forgot to take 'em back out and put 'em on. Luckily I have two rings I wear on my right hand that I switched over so I won't feel naked throughout the day. I bet no one will even notice just like they didn't notice I had my hair colored last Thursday.

My SIL, H Ditty's youngest sister, does hair. After she cut it in July I mentioned maybe getting some color put in but never got around to it until last week. Even then I wasn't sure about doing it but said screw and had her put in copperish colored hi lights. Not one person said anything at work. The people I only see rarely or don't talk to at all I certainly didn't expect them to say anything. But the people in my accounting department and in the service/project management department I figured would say something, at least a couple of the girls. But nope. Now bosslady I can excuse, she wasn't feeling well on Friday so wasn't really concentrating on much of anything throughout the day. She still wasn't feeling her best yesterday morning but she noticed it within the first 10 minutes after walking in the door. And it's not like it's subtle either, oh well, so be it.

The draw back to it is that on mornings that I don't feel like fixing it or I get up late I'll wash it and let it air dry then hold it back in a headband. The coloring on the bangs start about a half inch from the scalp and then it's only some of the hair. There's these quarter inch strips of color so it looks like zebra stripes almost. So I have to make a point of getting up on time every morning and whether I want to fix it or not I'm going to have to. Sucks big time.

My period has decided to come early, by a full week and a half. This is the drawback of working with so many women. Normally I'll have at least a few signs that it's going to happen. My face may breakout, my legs almost always hurt along with my breasts. I usually get the munchies too, I crave starchy crunchy foods. And certain bathroom functions change. I'm not going to go into how they change, you're welcome. But a few days ago, Sunday I think it was, I noticed that my breasts felt heavy. That's it, just heavy and I told H Ditty that it seemed odd since it's so early but it's one of the rare signs that happen. But when it does happen it's always with at least one of the others, usually more though. No others occurred but sure enough last night it started right up. I'm hoping that means it'll be one of those months where it comes in quickly, doesn't cause problems and then goes away just as quickly. Those months are rare but when they happen I'm very happy and relieved. Ok, enough of that.

So let's see, what else is going on. Oh yeah, football starts tomorrow, can't wait. It's the match up that should have been in the Superbowl in February. H Ditty has invited several people over but I'm sure only a few will actually show up. But that's fine with me, I like it when it's just the two of us watching a game. Oh crap, I need to find my hat again. I have a "Saints Girl" hat that I wear for every game and I don't remember where I put it at the end of the season. This happened to me last year and the season was almost half over before I finally found it. But I have a few ideas so I'll try to remember to look for it tonight.

We started watching The X Files and Sportsnight again. Those were such great shows. It's a shame Sportsnight didn't make it. But then Sorkins shows, besides West Wing, are never appreciated the way they should be. Everyone looks so young, especially David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson since X Files started in what, '93, I think it was. They look like such younguns it took a little getting used to again.

Alright, I'm done for now, I'm once again beginning to bore myself with the randomness of this entry. Apparently I really had nothing much to say today.

Media quote of the day:
Mulder, there something out there. - Scully
I know. I've been saying that for years. - Mulder
The X Files


saintseester said...

LOL! I had to come check out your boredom. Is there something about the time of year? I want to skip work, but then I would still have nothing much to do at home.

Katrina said...

Must be. Summer's ending, we're bored with what it brought or didn't and we're looking forward to the fall and what it'll bring. It's that whole cabin fever thing but at the end of summer.

I'd love to skip work right now, that's for sure.

Dan said...

The draw back to it is that on mornings that I don't feel like fixing it or I get up late I'll wash it and let it air dry then hold it back in a headband.

And one of the only good things about being a guy who is losing a few more hairs every day, is that one day I won't have to contend with this! :)

Katrina said...

Then all you'll have to worry is having to put sunscreen on your head before you go out. Or throw a hat on. Yep, guys are lucky. Hee

Paper Fan Club said...

What woman can't relate to that post??

It's quite a predicament we put ourselves in: you want to get your hair coloured in a way that people notice the difference, yet you want it to be subtle enough so that it looks natural! :)

saintseester said...

sniffle... sob....

Katrina said...

PFC - It's awful isn't it? But I'm ok with it now. HD likes it and that's what matters the most anyway.

SS - Come sit with me and HD on the misery couch and share our kleenex. There's plenty to go around.