Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sick again

I have been feeling like shit all week, it's sucking the big one hard. Tuesday we had a bad ice and rain day and the roads were crappy as all hell but I drove all the way out to work in it feeling horrible. I had been up since 2am sitting on the pot. Going back and forth between hot and cold too. Plus it didn't help that I had to get up earlier than normal because I had to take HDiTty to work because my truck was at the shop. Yeah, I finally, or I should say HD finally called the shop for me. We dropped it off Monday night for the bumper, back up sensors and right turn signal to be fixed. Anyway, I really didn't want to go in but I don't have anymore sick time plus I've already missed a day or two every month since August.

But as soon as I walked in Bosslady was telling me to go home. She could tell I didn't feel well just by looking at me. I kept trying to say I need to stay and she kept telling me to go home. So I clocked in for all of two minutes before I was on my way back home. But it was a good thing I went, my stomach was cramping and I could tell I was getting a fever. I stopped at a gas station on the way home and got a couple sprites, got home changed clothes then laid down and rested. Well, in between getting up and going to the bathroom that is. Finally around 12ish I was able to fall asleep for a pretty decent nap.

But around 1ish HD called and woke me up telling me I needed to get with Enterprise to get my rental car. I went about doing what needed doing for that but not getting the van yet because we were going to wait until he got off work to do that. Then I get a call from the shop saying they had to order my bumper and it won't be in until Friday so they won't be able to even start work on it until Monday. They said I should pick it up rather than leave it there until Friday because the guys insurance company won't pay for a rental for the days that it's just sitting there but drivable. So I had to call Enterprise back and put the van on hold until Saturday morning.

As a surprise Christmas gift HD deciding to have a remote starter put in my truck. But because of the price he decided it'd be best to tell me about it. So even though I knew about it before we went to pick it up it was still a surprise because the iphones were supposed to be our gifts to each other. So I'm a happy girl because they went ahead and put it in while they had it and then on Friday I'll drop it back off on my way home.

Yesterday I went to work and was ok for the most part until 3ish when I started to go down hill. But I stayed of course. Now today I'm feeling almost as bad as I did on Monday. I'm not running to the bathroom like then but I've gone back and forth between hot and cold. My face hurts, my eyes hurt and I'm completely drained of all energy. And this morning when I went to the bathroom my (this is gonna be gross - don't take a bite of anything) shit was green. GREEN people!!! So I looked it up and it says any green food, such as leafy greens can cause. Don't eat leafy green foods. It also says any foods with green food coloring such as Popsicles or green icing can do it. Haven't eaten anything like it. Then, the last thing says that diarrhea can cause it too. Well, I haven't had that since Tuesday afternoon and it wasn't green then so why the heck would it be now. But luckily I haven't done anything but pee since this morning so hopefully it's all done.

Media quote of the day: Yeah, cus sick people are hi-lar-ious. - Jayne - Firefly


saintseester said...

I know this is a hectic/busy time of year, but you have to take care of your health. Don't let yourself get even more run down. Rest, feel better!

Katrina said...

Thanks. Yeah, that's what Bosslady keeps saying. Plus she doesn't want me getting her sick but then, I don't think it's contagious. I'm still bad today too. Sucks.

Dan said...

If you're sick you should be OFF the computer. Don't you know you're spreading your germs all around the internet. Now my throat is beginning to feel stratchy!!


saintseester said...

LOL Dan that's funny.

Katrina said...

Dan, I've never heard that before. I'm so so sorry. :) I'm much better today so hopefully you'll catch that too and start to feel better real soon.