Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas gifts - What to do?

This is my 200th post. Seems weird that I've done that many posts. And other times it seems weird that that's all I've done. But then, when I go a whole week without writing anything it makes sense. Anyway.

So Christmas is upon us and we haven't even begun to do our shopping. We have one gift bought and that's because it came from Tupperware and one of the chicks at work was having a book party. I got HDiTty's niece the Shape-O Toy. I remember loving that toy as a kid. Never knew it was a Tupperware item until I saw it in the book and new immediately I had to buy it for her. So other than that toy nothing has been bought for anyone. We have 8 more nieces and nephews to get for.; 4 brothers and sisters; 5 parents and one grandma. Oh yeah, one cousin who's only 12 so since she's a kid we still get her a gift. And then two kids who are HD's best friend's kids. And other than one niece who provided a list a couple weeks ago for her birthday, we have no idea what to get for anyone.

My brothers and I, since we were kids, trade names. This also includes in laws. HD and I have one of the brothers and his wife. We had them last year too. The exact same way even, I had my brother and HD had the wife. We got them gift certificates to a local theater which they used to see Peter Frampton I believe. They liked the gifts but I'm not sure it'd be a good idea to do the same thing again. So now I have no clue what to do. He's not an easy guy to buy for. And she never gives any ideas either. I just don't know.

I've been wanting to get a tree for the past week but we haven't done that yet. I really wanted to go today but unless we go this evening it doesn't look like it'll happen. If it doesn't I might stop on my way home from work tomorrow. I pass three places that sell 'em. Two are nurseries so you know they're fresh trees. I had a fake one last year but that's because I wasn't working then and we couldn't afford to buy one and my mom gave me an extra one that she had. It was ok but I much prefer real ones to fake ones.

I love this holiday the most but for the last couple of years it's been more depressing than not. Last year because I wasn't working I couldn't give gifts the way I normally have. Because we don't have kids ourselves I tend to spoil all the kids in our lives. We couldn't do that last year, we were only able to give one gift to each kid when normally we would give 3 or 4 to each. They wouldn't be very expensive, probably totaling 40-50 dollars a kid but last year we only spent 20 bucks on each which resulted in one gift bought. Each one got a Nintendo game. I know it sounds like it's about the money, how much I spend and all but it's not. It's that I want them to have a bunch of items to open not just one from us. I think I'm gonna send an Email to the parents and try to get lists out of the kids. I should do that now, the sooner the better.

See ya.

Media quote of the day: Christmas is awesome. First of all you get to spend time with people you love. Secondly, you can get drunk and no one can say anything. Third, you give presents. What's better than giving presents? And fourth, getting presents. So four things. Not bad for one day. It's really the greatest day of all time. - Michael from The Office


Dan said...

I love that quote from Michael of "The Office", basically the only show I watch on TV these days.

And yes, presents are fun. But only because of who we're giving them to. :)

Katrina said...

The Office is one of the best shows ever! Both the british version and this one.

Palm Springs Savant said...

congrats on the 200th post. amazing how time flies huh?

Katrina said...

Thank you. It is a trip. I just realized there's only two weeks until Christmas, it's coming way to damn fast.