Friday, December 21, 2007

Why oh why won't the pains go away?

I swear, am I ever going to feel 100% again? It's really pissing me off. Every day this week I've had something going on. Monday I was finally feeling better, as my title and post said but within an hour of posting I started to feel like shit again. It just got worse as the day went on. During the football game I was half out of it but stayed up instead of going to bed to be a cheerleader for the Bears because my Saints depended on it. Didn't help though, that's for sure. Tuesday I felt better than Monday but still wasn't so good. Wednesday was feeling a little better again but by the afternoon had sinus issues. Then yesterday I was almost back to normal until around 3ish when sinus issues started up again. Just the pressure at the top of the nose and in between the eyes was horrendous.

Then I went and got my hair cut by HDiTty's sister but she wasn't able to start on it until almost 9:00 because she was doing their mom's hair. Afterward we all went to dinner so I didn't get home until 11:30. Today at work we're doing a "snack day" and I was going to make some cookie type things but because I wasn't home all evening I never got a chance to. The good thing though is that we also did it yesterday and I had made my beloved Blueberry Fluff. So I did contribute but I still felt bad about not bringing anything. I also was hoping to get a few things for some coworkers and never did. And this morning I couldn't find my key for work. The accounting dept is in a locked office you see and that's the key I couldn't find. So I was stressing a little bit and now have a friggen headache that's of migraine material. BUT, I took some Excedrin Migraine and I'm hoping it'll kick in real soon. My stomach is finally better though. About 30 minutes after taking the pills my stomach started to feel upset, I'm thinking it was the pills and the diet coke I used to take them. But it's mostly settled now.

I counted up how many people we have left to buy for it's 13. THIRTEEN, and 7 of them are in my family. We only have this evening and tomorrow to get the presents and then wrap everything up. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

And my damn tree still isn't decorated yet!! It might get some lights on by tomorrow sometime. Maybe. Hopefully. We'll see.

Yeah, I'm stressing a little bit over here. But we have continuous Christmas music going to get me through the day. HAH! It's been going since the 4th. So I've been hearing the same songs over and over every day multiple times a day. On the 5th I actually kept track. By noon out of the 32 songs played 10 of them were played 2 or more times. Out of those about 4 of them were played 3 times. One of them was played 4 times. 3 and 4 TIMES BEFORE NOON people. That's just crazy. Be very happy if your place of employment doesn't play your local Holiday station.

OK, here it's several hours later I still have the damn headache. I think it's not gonna go away until I'm able to relax at home tonight.

Media quote of the day:

Silver Bells, Silver Bells
It's Christmas time in the City
Ring a'ling, here them ring
Soon it will be Christmas Day


saintseester said...

Sinus headaches are so awful, because almost nothing makes them better! I sure hope you feel better soon.

Katrina said...

Thanks. I ended up having to take one of my migraine pills in the evening. But it's gone and that's the important thing.